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Technophobe needs a new smartphone

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lilypollen Wed 10-Apr-19 23:33:56

My trusty Galaxy Note 2 of the past 5 years is dead. Contrary to family pressure I don't want iPhone. Need a relatively simple Android smartphone with a good package, any help really gratefully received.

Gymstagran Wed 10-Apr-19 23:51:03

I've recently gone for the galaxy note 9 after having a note 3 for a number of years. Love the screen size and all the features. Dont think I could go for any other sort now

tanith Thu 11-Apr-19 07:24:36

Samsungs are very popular I find mine easy to use and does everything I need.

Grammaretto Thu 11-Apr-19 08:01:11

I use my Samsung galaxy for everything now. Photos, phone, email, texts, torch, alarm, diary, internet, social media, shopping, it holds my bus pass in its cover so its a wallet too.
What doesn't it do?
Friends say I should have an ipad but since my laptop died I've managed ok.
If I need to print anything I post it to DH or the local printer. It's called delegating.
It doesn't make tea. It does need recharging every night but don't we all.

sodapop Thu 11-Apr-19 08:15:52

Yes I'm a Samsung fan as well, I find it easy to manage, not too complicated and does everything I need.

ninathenana Thu 11-Apr-19 12:34:21

Another vote for Samsung. I too use mine for everything and it's so easy to navigate.

MiniMoon Thu 11-Apr-19 16:18:37

My DH and son clubbed together to buy me a new phone a year past Christmas. It's a British made smartphone, the Wiley Fox swift 2. I added it to our phone package from talktalk. It does everything you need a smartphone to do. So far it's been very reliable, and I've had no trouble with it at all.

craftyone Fri 12-Apr-19 07:19:34

I have been dithering, ever since I set myself on the track to buying a new house. My house here does not get mobile signal so I just have a basic no-nonsense phone for emergencies out and in the car. 9 years with no smartphone and now I must learn from scratch

My sister has a samsung note 7 and loves it, I saw your posts and found samsung note 9 at a discount, have bought it. I told son and dd last night and sonil and son both have the note 8 or 9 and both love them and one in particular works in IT and is very knowledgeable. They say I should look at tutorials, so I will but no point setting anything up while living here. Won`t be long before I join the phone generation

midgey Fri 12-Apr-19 08:42:42

I have a Samsung given to me by my son, I love it. As a family we all use Giffgaff which means calls between us are free, my package is five pounds a month which caters for every thing I need.

Mamar2 Fri 12-Apr-19 10:48:35

I replace one Samsung Galaxy with another when needed. I'd much rather have it over an IPhone. Good luck.

dysongirl Fri 12-Apr-19 11:06:35

Go for the Samsung Galaxy A5
Loads of memory and so easy to use.

Lupatria Fri 12-Apr-19 11:22:03

it's the samsung galaxy series for me too. i've had three or four in the past few years and i'm currently using a galaxy 8. it's due for renewal in October and, if the tariff is right, i'll go for the galaxy 9. I know the galaxy 10 is supposed to be the "phone to have" right now but the adverts seem to emphasise what the camera does - why can't the makers see that a camera is not the be all and end all.
I use my phone for so many things that I use my laptop for at home and wouldn't be without it.
i've no need for an iPhone or ipad - my samsung galaxy and my samsung tablet are good enough for me.

Borrheid55 Fri 12-Apr-19 11:25:17

I’ve just bought a Wileyfox Swift 2 from their website. I saw them a while ago on Ideal World. My last iPhone cost £300 about four years ago. New phone cost £99.99 and free delivery within two days! I’ve had iPhones for about ten years so was a bit apprehensive about changing to Android. So far, it does everything the IPhone does, just in a slightly different way. My Ip5 had 16Gb storage, new phone has 32G! Would definitely recommend Wileyfox.

grannytotwins Fri 12-Apr-19 11:50:26

I really don’t like androids. I find them confusing to use. The iPhone is so easy.

nannypiano Fri 12-Apr-19 11:53:13

I have the Samsung galaxy j3. Very pleased with it and on contract with Tesco who are just down the road in case of problems. But so far very good, 10/10.

keffie Fri 12-Apr-19 12:38:15

I've got the Samsung 10 a month ago as an upgrade from the 7. I am loving it. The battery actually lasts all day too. Its features are simple and set up will be easy for you and you already have an S 2

Charleygirl5 Fri 12-Apr-19 12:38:42

I bought a new Samsung Galaxy J6 on Ebay very cheaply this week- I just have to find out how it works now!

I had a Doro before which I hated.

Hazeld Fri 12-Apr-19 12:41:24

I'll put my four penneth in as well and say Samsung every time. Easy to use and I keep my Over 60's free travel card in there. Mine is an A6 and I use it for everything.

Patticake123 Fri 12-Apr-19 12:47:49

Having dropped my Motorola down the loo on two occasions it couldn’t be mended and the insurance company couldn’t replace like with like. They have given me a Huawei and it is brilliant.

Riggie Fri 12-Apr-19 13:56:00

Ooh Keffie good to hear. I have been offered an early upgrade to an S10 and as my current one has a cracked screen I am tempted

leemw711 Fri 12-Apr-19 14:19:29

Don’t choose anything other that an iPhone. They are simply the best and most reliable to own.

tanith Fri 12-Apr-19 14:29:26

Charleygirl5 I think mine is the J6 or 7 so I can give you a lesson lol.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 12-Apr-19 14:57:37

I would have anything other than a Huawei after watching the documentary on the company last week.

My preference is an iPhone, simple to use and the staff in the apple shops are so helpful.

notgoneyet Fri 12-Apr-19 15:14:25

Shame you don't want an iPhone - they're the easiest and most intutive phone to learn to use.

Lewie Fri 12-Apr-19 15:28:05

Love my iPhone, and it is so easy swapping photos, etc. with other iPhone users.