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Disappearing Gransnet.

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chaffinch Mon 30-Nov-20 07:43:44

Can anyone help? For the last day or two, having a real job getting onto and keeping on Gransnet, Facebook etc. Just disappears, saying there is a problem.

Am awaiting a new router, as ours is pretty old. Also with Lockdown, DS has not been round for months, and he usually sorts out any tech issues, as I am fine as long as things are working, but useless if not!

Can my I pad be too full of stuff?

Sorry to sound thick, but any advice appreciated.

Marydoll Mon 30-Nov-20 08:38:46

chaffinch, it sounds as if you are having a problem with your internet connection, since more than one site is disappearing. This is reinforced by the fact that you are awaiting delivery of a new router.
What you can try in the meantime is rebooting your existing router.
However, before doing so, it would be wise to have your WiFi password handy before beginning, just in case.

Steps to Reboot a Router
Unplug the router
Wait at least 30 seconds. ...
Plug the router back in.

Or you could switch off the router at the back of i You must wait at least 30 secs before rebooting.
It might be worth chasing up deliver of your new router.

As for too many files on your I pad, its worth doing a bit of housekeeping every so often and getting rid of clutter.
Delete files and photos you no longer need, as they will be slowing down your device.

Good luck!

Oldtimer60 Mon 30-Nov-20 08:40:35

chaffinch, many people are having problems with the internet at this time. With employees working from home, many retail stores closed making online shopping "hit the roof", internet services at times cannot cope it would seem.

We are with Virgin media which is normally an excellent service, but in the last few weeks it often " drops out" for a couple of seconds sometimes losing what you are watching or typing. Last night was by far the worst with it dropping out so often at around 9:30pm it became unusable for about one hour.

We have just had an email from Amazon saying that items we have ordered for delivery today will be delayed due to "external problems" so they too must have been affected yesterday by broadband problems.

So, chaffinch I would say do not change any of your equipment at this time as your internet problems like so many are outside your home. All we can do is grin and bear it.

BlueBelle Mon 30-Nov-20 08:45:31

You can find out if you have overfilled your iPad by looking in settings it will tell you how much space you have left
I used all mine up and pay 79p ( what a strange figure) a month for more space than I ll ever use
But I think marydoll has given you the perfect advice it’s sounds like your router and if there’s new ones on the way that will be your answer

Davidhs Mon 30-Nov-20 08:50:29

Do you have Windows 10, if so there is a sleep setting that disconnects to save power, if you can find it let others know, mine is a nightmare.

Davidhs Mon 30-Nov-20 08:52:10

No iPad problems just this stupid laptop.

Marydoll Mon 30-Nov-20 08:55:05

I didn't advise chaffinch to change any equipment, she said she is awaiting delivery of a new router, I may be mistaken, but is an indication that she may have had previous problems.

Cleaning up old files is a sensible way of keeping your device operating smoothly and should be done on a regular basis.

I too am with Virginia Media and am well aware of difficulties with it and other online companies at the moment. Broadband connection also depends on where you live, your device, the age and condition of your router and who your provider is. There are so many variables

However, sometimes rebooting the router helps to resolve issues in the short term. The OP can decide how to act based on all the advice given.

Oldtimer60 Mon 30-Nov-20 09:33:42

Marydoll in my post at 8:40 today I did not state that you had advised Chaffinch to change her equipment. I merely pointed out the problems that many of us are experiencing at this point in time with broadband internet which you had not done in your post. Many media channels are reporting this morning on the problems of "internet crashes" over the weekend and especially yesterday.

As for routers, it is very rare in my experience that they completely break down. Upgrading to a new one normally just improves the speed and resolution that online streaming of films etc can be viewed at, which is the case with the latest Virgin routers and V6 media boxes.

Although, rebooting even those routers boxes is still a good idea.

dragonfly46 Mon 30-Nov-20 09:37:26

I could just be that your Ipad needs a reset to clear the rubbish you will have accumulated. Press the button at the top and the one in the middle bottom simultaneously for a few seconds. That should speed things up.

Marydoll Mon 30-Nov-20 09:45:11

Everyone of us have different experiences. We had to replace two routers which were faulty. At least we are pretty savvy and if all else fails, we just delegate to DS2 , who is highly skilled and works in IT. It makes it so much easier, when phoning our provider, as he gives us a script and we can then miss out all the initial faffing about stage! grin Others are not so fortunate.

chaffinch, I do hope you manage to reolve your problem.

Callistemon Mon 30-Nov-20 10:23:10

Our internet keeps dropping out then I have to reconnect which seems to be happening more frequently.

You could try a cleanup and a defragmentation on your device; delete history and cookies etc which may help.

The Gransnet site has had a few problems, too, we were down to about five threads the other day so it's not just you, chaffinch.

Teacheranne Mon 30-Nov-20 10:57:09

My old iPad was doing exactly the same even though I regularly deleted unused files and I was not near the max storage limit. It would not longer support the upgrades so I was not able to download some apps.

I bit the bullet and bought a new iPad last week and all the problems disappeared! So it might well be your iPad if it is an old one.

There are two things you need to do frequently to delete stored files, your iPad will keep every website that you have looked at until you clear them. Two things to do - click on the double square icon at the top right hand side and you will get a screen full of all the websites, clear them by clicking on the cross on each one. Secondly, click the home button a few times quickly and you will see the stored files overlaid on each other an the screen, delete them by swiping upwards on each one. These actions do not delete the icons on the home page.

Apologies if you do this already but many of my friends were not aware of these things. I found that after I did this, my old iPad speeded up for a short time.

chaffinch Mon 30-Nov-20 11:16:06

Thanks to you all for your advice, much appreciated.

My i pad is only a couple of years old, but as for the router, it’s the same one we’ve always had, and DS said a while ago to get a new one. So when I spoke to my broadband provider recently, ( review time) I requested a new one, should be here any day, but might have to chase as I felt the chap on the other end was a bit new, and hope he got it sorted.

Am sure also that I need to de-clutter, as DH’s I pad seems ok.

Thanks again, will let you know how it goes.