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Phone running out of storage space.

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Nadateturbe Thu 03-Dec-20 08:53:12

I'm not sure if anyone can help with this but here goes.
I have a Samsung J3 2016. Great little phone, but it's running out of memory. I have an SD card and I save photos and videos to that and also transferred messenger. Phone keeps telling me to delete unused applications to free up space. But how do I know which ones to delete? When I try to do so I get a message that this may affect operation of some functions.
My OH has the same problem and now his Whatsapp won't work as he can't download the update.
Has anyone else had this problem and what did you do? Would it be easier just to get a new phone.
Thanks for reading. I hope I've explained it clearly.

travelsafar Thu 03-Dec-20 08:55:43

You sound like me!!! I am never sure what to delete or not. Take yourself to the nearest shop that deals with your make of phone and i am sure they will help you. My local EE branch are sick to death of me always going in for help i am sure, but they are lovely. Pick a day when they are not too busy so can take time to explain things properly to you. Good luck. smile

Esspee Thu 03-Dec-20 08:56:47

Sorry I can’t help as I have exactly the same problem. I go through all my videos and photos removing lots of them but it still fills up really quickly.

Marydoll Thu 03-Dec-20 09:01:59

I have a Samsung phone and am always having this problem.
Forgive me if you have already done this, but have you deleted all your Whats App sent items, including photos? That can take up a lot of storage.
Any photos on Whatsapp have to be taken off and stored on another device. Also, I go through my gallery and delete any rubbish that's on it. For example, my daughter is always sending me images of things she thinks I may like and friends keep sending my amusing not Covid videos, which fill up my phone.
Once you get rid of all the clutter, your phone should work fine.

Missfoodlove Thu 03-Dec-20 09:21:44

Firstly go to your settings and see what is using the most memory.
You can delete all your What’s app chats to free up memory.
Photos often take up a lot of space, delete what you don’t want and find a storage app such as Amazon photos off the rest.

SpringyChicken Thu 03-Dec-20 09:25:41

Do you have a lot of apps on your phone? Eg shops’ own apps, news apps, sports apps, travel apps and so on? Every time you download and install one, it tells you how much memory is uses. Uninstall some of those. That’s what the phone is telling you to do when it says delete some apps.

nadateturbei Thu 03-Dec-20 10:45:27

Thanks everyone. I'll try some of these later. Deleting WhatsApp messages sounds like a good start. Will let you know if I solve it. Photos are already on SD card.

Katek Thu 03-Dec-20 11:14:04

There are several apps for Android phones which allow storage to the cloud, pretty much like iPhone.. There’s Dropbox, AmazonDrive, GoogleDrive amongst others. No idea as to cost of storage but might be worth investigating if this is a recurring problem.

Katek Thu 03-Dec-20 11:17:54

Just had quick Google - you should be able to get some free storage - check Martin Lewis’ site.

B9exchange Thu 03-Dec-20 11:20:31

Perhaps a greater capacity SD card?

Grannynannywanny Thu 03-Dec-20 11:34:05

I’m a terrible hoarder on my phone. I currently have over 4,000 photos and video clips. I enjoy browsing through them. I do have them all backed up so there is no need for them all to be on the phone but I don’t delete till I’m almost out of storage.

I recently noticed that my text messages amounted to 3GB and I deleted them. WhatsApp messages and photos creep up at an alarming rate. I’ve currently got 14gb lurking there so I’m overdue a clear out.

MissAdventure Thu 03-Dec-20 11:51:42

There are apps you can get, such as 'cleanmaster' which will clean out anything not needed, alert you to photos which are almost identical, and allow you to do a 'quick boost' by just pressing an icon.

Also, you can move things to your storage card, rather than the phone's internal storage. I have ebay installed and it's on my SD, but when it updates automatically, it reverts to being stored in the phone.

It may be worth checking out what is stored where.

Nadateturbe Thu 03-Dec-20 16:02:53

Deleting whatsapp messages and photos has helped a lot. I will try texts now. It all takes time and energy. And is tiring on the eyes.
I have an SD card but my phone doesn't let me transfer much, probably because its 2016.
I solved the Whatsapp problem on OH phone by uninstalling Facebook, which allowed me to update WhatsApp, and then reinstalled it. My OH is on a guitar group on FB which is important to him.
There are lots of good helpful ideas here to explore,. So thank you everyone. Very much appreciated. 😊

Grannynannywanny Thu 03-Dec-20 16:07:36

Another point worth checking in phone settings is whether it’s set to save every WhatsApp photo and video clip to the phone. I was doing that for months before I realised I had the normal photo album plus a WhatsApp photo album. Every photo and clip I received was being duplicated to there. I adjusted the WhatsApp settings and it no longer happens.

MissAdventure Thu 03-Dec-20 16:11:16

You can also uninstall updates on apps that you don't use much.

chelseababy Thu 03-Dec-20 16:47:41

Also you can delete the cache. I think on the Samsung you have to go into each app to do it but it frees up some memory

nadateturbei Thu 03-Dec-20 17:28:55

Thanks again!

Gardenersdelight2 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:45:28

You can delete all messages/ pictures in one go if you go to the three white dots at the top right corner of a chat then click on more, then clear chat.
If you want to keep some messages or pictures in a chat hold don on particular ones to highlight and across top of screen a bar will appear with different symbols if you tap the star the items will be saved until you unsafe them
Hope that helps🙂

Nadateturbe Thu 03-Dec-20 19:14:28

Gardenersdelight2 ( what a lovely name) thanks. I wish I had read that half an hour ago. I had a chain of long messages with a friend goung back to 2016 But will be useful for others.

Luckygirl Thu 03-Dec-20 19:46:26

You can save the photos (which take up lots of space) in the cloud or download to your computer and save them there or write to disc or other backup from there.

diygran Thu 03-Dec-20 20:01:27

Am having same problem on my Samsung J5. Have SD card and photos on cloud but still have little storage.
Today husband and I were shopping for update phone for him. He bought samsung A21s which has 32gb storage plus 32gb card. My J5 only has 8gb.
Dearer phones now have 128gb or more.

MissAdventure Thu 03-Dec-20 21:06:37

I had the same problem with my j5, even though I have always had Samsung phones.
The j5 was the worst for getting bogged down with 'stuff'.

Each model seems to improve one bad feature and lose two good ones.

Nadateturbe Fri 04-Dec-20 14:19:49

Making headway with deleting stuff especially whatsapp. Have now 850mb free! Still haven't worked out how to safely choose apps to delete or transferring to my SD card. I have transferred messenger. I had already transferred photos videos documents. Getting there. Thanks for encouragement

Tallyann1 Sat 05-Dec-20 10:10:54

Yes had my old iPhone for about seven years and eventually ran out of storage despite deleting what I could.. I then paid 79p a month for more but that soon filled up and in the end just had to buy a new phone with loads more storage .. it’s really annoying because it really was all the updates that filled up the phone...

Jillybird Sat 05-Dec-20 10:53:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.