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Cruises - CDC says avoid cruises

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Esspee Sat 01-Jan-22 17:19:46

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its travel warning for cruise ships to the highest level regardless of vaccination status.
Do you have a cruise booked?
Would you consider going on one?

humptydumpty Thu 02-Jun-22 13:24:15

Isn't it true though, Aveline, cruise ships have big carbon footprints?

M0nica Thu 02-Jun-22 13:53:05

Saggi What sort of cruise do you have in ind when you say never been on a cruiser.... niver will?

The cruise experience is immensly varied, and can vary from a motor cruiser on the Norfolk Broads, through a small boat (converted fishing boat) with perhaps 10-15 passengers, touring the Scottish islands, to river cruisers and every other permutatation and combination of ships, to humungous great ships, which house 10,000 passengers.

Some probably are floating hotels, the majority aren't.

Personally, a holiday sitting by a lovely pool, no matter how good or bad the hotel, holds no appeal.

BlueSapphire Thu 02-Jun-22 14:13:22

Well, I have two cruises booked - one in August this year, and another July next year. I'm not worried as I know I will be well looked after and infection control is excellent on this cruise line.

Aveline Thu 02-Jun-22 17:11:19

Of course we could stay at home. DH and I could drive our cars, consume electricity and gas and foul the environment with our rubbish etc. Scale that up to the thousands of passengers potentially on some cruise ships if they stayed at home too I suspect it would be about the same pollution as a cruise ship.
Messy creatures humans.

Fleurpepper Sat 15-Oct-22 09:20:16

Friends have just been on a Cruise and both came back with Covid.

As I said before, I have never been on a cruise, and truly don't fancy it at all. Visiting Split and Dubrovnik last week confirmed this. Seeing all these monsters stacked up against one another in the harbour, blocking the view of the Islands to all the other tourists, made me quite annoyed.

Our Tour guides said they just hate them, but that the locals have no choice but to accept them for the money they bring in.