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Cruises - CDC says avoid cruises

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Esspee Sat 01-Jan-22 17:19:46

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its travel warning for cruise ships to the highest level regardless of vaccination status.
Do you have a cruise booked?
Would you consider going on one?

Shelflife Sat 01-Jan-22 17:42:48

We have enjoyed a few cruises , but NO!! I would most definitely not cruise at the moment. Perfect breeding ground for spreading Covid.

Blondiescot Sat 01-Jan-22 17:45:40

Wild horses wouldn't get me on a cruise at the best of times, but certainly not now. You only have to look at how quickly something like food poisoning spreads in the confines of a cruise ship to see the folly of going on one in the midst of a pandemic.

Harris27 Sat 01-Jan-22 17:46:55

No I wouldn’t be going. Desperate for a holiday but desperate to be alive as well so no don’t go. We both love our cruises as well.

BlueBelle Sat 01-Jan-22 17:47:37

I m with you blondie the idea has never ever appealed to me in the least but the thought of being stuck unwell or with others unwell would be my idea of hell

25Avalon Sat 01-Jan-22 17:59:27

A while back there was a series on disasters on cruise ships which put me off them for life. With various viruses and food poisoning risks and now Covid no way.

Pepper59 Sat 01-Jan-22 18:33:30

I really enjoyed cruises but no. Im not going abroad at all as I have a fear of getting stranded far from home. I do enjoy holidays within the UK, so I think this will be it for me, for the forseeable. Unless a miracle happens and Covid-19 becomes less concerning to health.

kittylester Sat 01-Jan-22 18:50:32

We really enjoy River Cruises but won't be going on another one anytime soon.

karmalady Sat 01-Jan-22 19:00:31

never, the only time I had a chest infection was at the end of a cruise. I could hear people coughing very badly in the next cabins. Never ever would cruise again

ginny Sat 01-Jan-22 19:17:27

We have loved the cruises and the tours we have done over the years.
Would love to do more but things will have to change radically before we even think about going abroad again.

DillytheGardener Sat 01-Jan-22 19:37:51

Never had any appeal to me. Pre covid there were always reports in the news of whole ships going down with Norovirus etc. Also I can’t bear being around other English people on holidays, I used to select holiday destinations on the basis they were as free of the English as possible.

Oldbat1 Sat 01-Jan-22 20:03:32

We’ve been on some wonderful cruises to Iceland, the Norwegian fjords and I would love to go back to the Baltic again but no way for the foreseeable future.

cornergran Sat 01-Jan-22 23:04:23

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed cruises in all seasons, managing to avoid chest infections, norovirus and all other ailments. Would we go again? No, wouldn't consider one now or in the foreseeable future.

NotTooOld Sat 01-Jan-22 23:09:20

Never been on a cruise and certainly would not go at the moment.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-Jan-22 23:10:08

Cruises on those big ships have never appealed, so no, I wouldn’t go on one. However, I wouldn’t contemplate going on an aircraft just yet, either.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-Jan-22 23:12:00

The only cruise I would consider would be to the Norwegian fjiords; but even that will not be any time soon.

Mapleleaf Sat 01-Jan-22 23:13:23

Fjord, not fjiord

BigBertha1 Sun 02-Jan-22 07:52:59

No we wouldn't for any number of reasons. We have a weeks holiday booked in May in the Algarve deferred from last year but are still uncertain about it.

Lucca Sun 02-Jan-22 08:00:58


No we wouldn't for any number of reasons. We have a weeks holiday booked in May in the Algarve deferred from last year but are still uncertain about it.

May ? Not being rude at all but why uncertain?

Hetty58 Sun 02-Jan-22 08:22:31

Might as well just book into the nearest Covid ward!

Hetty58 Sun 02-Jan-22 08:23:09

(if only there was room)

TerriBull Sun 02-Jan-22 08:44:31

I quite fancied a cruise but my husband was sick crossing the Channel, when we went to France every year he was ecstatic one the tunnel opened. When Covid hit we both thought cruising would be a complete no no. Before that there had been some well publicised Novovirus outbreaks that seem to run threw most of the passengers. We did contemplate a river cruise those being non tidal but again probably not wise to do so since the advent of Covid all travel has to be given careful consideration.

Aveline Sun 02-Jan-22 09:51:14

Cruising is wonderful especially if you choose the right sort of cruise to suit you. Naturally, there is no publicity for all the hundreds of cruises that are absolutely fine and go well. We are only told the bad news stories as those are the ones that people seem to want to know.
We are booked for a French river cruise in April. Not sure if it will be going ahead but, if not, we'll happily transfer the booking to another cruise later on in the year.

ginny Sun 02-Jan-22 10:11:43

Three friends have recently been in cruises. Two to Norway and one S America. No problems for any of them.
Still won’t be going myself or flying. Apart from anything else can’t be doing with all the faffing with tests .

henetha Sun 02-Jan-22 10:36:34

I really fancy a cruise, especially to Norway, but I don't think it's a good idea right now. If covid, or something else, breaks out there's nowhere to escape to!