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To put in the car.

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Noola Wed 21-Dec-22 13:47:20

I've just got a smaller car, nice, second hand.

When I emptied the old one I realised how much junk was in it.

What do you consider a) Essential and b) Desireable to put in your car? smile

And, if I may just how do you keep your car tidy and rubbish free confused


tanith Wed 21-Dec-22 14:05:43

Not much in mine, a map book in case my phone fails, I have a bag of first aid stuff in the boot (left over from my working days) a plug in tyre inflater, a blanket on the back seat, my phone holder and dash cam. Tissues, coin for shopping trolley, condensation thing, ice scraper, microfibres cloth.

Actually more than I realised, I keep it clear of stuff by never leaving anything in there that shouldn’t be there especially rubbish.

nadateturbe Wed 21-Dec-22 14:13:46

CDs, spare masks, car manual, pens, comb, air freshener, tissues, carrier bags.
I don't worry too much about it being tidy.

Margiknot Wed 21-Dec-22 14:17:37

I’m afraid I like to have items to cover most eventualities in the car! Basic car tools with spare bulbs etc, car handbook, and basic first aid kit, cloth and windscreen pad, of course, but also spare medication, pen, wipes, paper towels, tissues, hand gel, shopping bag, all purpose moisturiser ( I sometimes forget to put face cream before rushing out) spare coat (for son but fits us all) umbrella, water and sun cream in summer ( but left to me it would stay there all year) water bottle, torch, windscreen cover, blanket and small spade in winter. My husband prefers to only take in what is needed for that particular journey so removes things I’ve left in there-so I’ve resorted to a grab bag ( in the house) containing the lesser car essentials so I can select what is needed quickly - or put the whole bag back in the boot

Jaxjacky Wed 21-Dec-22 14:30:52

First aid kit, hi vis; one for each passenger, red triangle (all in the boot). Water bottle, masks, phone charger lead, car manual, notepad and pen.

Jaxjacky Wed 21-Dec-22 14:31:53

Forgot, torch, in boot.

Casdon Wed 21-Dec-22 14:36:27

iPhone charger, dog harness and poo bags, AA card, waterproof jacket and sensible shoes. Vehicle instruction manual so that if a light flashes on the dashboard I know what’s wrong. If there’s a risk of snow I put a shovel and blanket in too.

BigBertha1 Wed 21-Dec-22 15:06:57

Not much in mine map deicer, scraper, my specs, some sweeties and a bottle of water in summer. DH puts useful things in the boot like tools, jump leads I don't know what else. I like the inside nice and tidy - no litter spare clothes etc.

Ziplok Wed 21-Dec-22 15:21:29

A blanket, umbrella, first aid kit, torch, tyre inflator, de-icer, duster, scraper, map book, phone charger, emergency triangle, water (just in case the washers need topping up), small bottle of oil, crook lock, pen, tissues and some mints. Oh, and my shopping bags for the supermarket.
I keep everything tidy by putting most of the above in a zip up bag in the boot, the blanket, brolly and map book live on the back seat, the scraper, torch, duster, tissues, mints & pen in the glove compartment or side holder in the door.
I may still have a pair of wellies in the boot, too.

Ziplok Wed 21-Dec-22 15:22:07

Oh, forgot the high vis jacket thingy 😁

Noola Wed 21-Dec-22 15:40:00

Great - I am finding this so helpgul, and will make my list soon.

trouble is I have new things now to list too!

Lexisgranny Wed 21-Dec-22 16:00:17

Car manual; AA details; tool to remove tyres; thin plastic hooded Mac that folds down into its own small bag, in case of breakdown in rainstorm; small box with coins for parking; trolley tokens; car rug, small box kept full of mints; first aid kit; pen and notebook; tissues; sunglasses, de-icer; three collapsible bags that fit supermarket trolleys; umbrella, small comb and lipstick and a torch.

I have listed them randomly, but they are kept either in glove compartments or a special part of the boot.

LOUISA1523 Wed 21-Dec-22 18:30:33

Warning triangle, blanket, high visibility arm bands, wipes, pen, bottle of water, torch, tissues, face masks, de-icer, trolley token, sunglasses, umbrella, shopping bags

HowVeryDareYou Wed 21-Dec-22 19:39:15

I've got a plastic box in my car, with the following in -
insurance details
notepad and pen
first aid box
microfibre cloth
de-icer spray
mobile 'phone charger
carrier bag

I've got a coat, gloves and scarf in the boot

MerylStreep Wed 21-Dec-22 19:49:05

Am I the only one who carries a femail urinal. I’ve used it 3 times, OH, once.

One of them was in a horrific traffic jam at the Dartford Crossing. 😄

Hetty58 Wed 21-Dec-22 19:53:53

My daughter has a boot - and footwells - packed with rubbish and everything that might possibly come in useful, one day. I'm sure that the weight of it all must mean using more petrol!

JackyB Wed 21-Dec-22 23:45:19

Here in Germany it is mandatory to carry hi-vis jackets, a first aid kit (which has to meet certain specs and which has to be replaced regularly as they have an expiry date) and a warning triangle. Also the blue parking disc which is still required in some towns.

It is also recommended to carry a fire extinguisher or at least a thick blanket for fires.

Apart from that, we only have shopping bags in the boot and an ice scraper in the side pocket.

In the glove compartment there are some sweets, pens, tissues, a few coins, charging cables for phones.

A pair of wellies and a torch (which works) would be a good idea but we haven't got them.

As for keeping it clean, once I have lugged the vacuum cleaner out and plugged it in, I quite enjoy it. As my Dad used to say: "A job begun is half done".

If the car is going in for an inspection, I empty everything (apart from the legally required items mentioned above) into a large washing basket the night before and only replace the necessary stuff when it comes back. What's left in the basket gets thrown out.

JackyB Wed 21-Dec-22 23:47:43

I meant to add that in France, which is just down the road from us, it is also compulsory to carry a breathalyser and enough hi-vis jackets for all occupants. The breathalyser has to comply with their regulations and as far as I know, these are only available in France.

MayBee70 Thu 22-Dec-22 01:11:38


Am I the only one who carries a femail urinal. I’ve used it 3 times, OH, once.

One of them was in a horrific traffic jam at the Dartford Crossing. 😄

I keep a pee Bol in the car after, during the course of just a few weeks, I kept finding myself stuck in traffic jams and I was having awful bladder problems. Haven’t had to use it but it would be tempting fate to travel anywhere without it!

lixy Thu 22-Dec-22 03:16:45

In the boot: rug, oil, umbrella, tarpaulin, shopping bag
In the car: glasses, OH clip-on sunglasses, handcream,
de-mister cloth, bottle of water
Glove compartment: maps, CD's first aid kit foil emergency blankets, Kendle mint cake
I hadn't thought about hi-viz jackets - great tip, thankyou

Grantanow Tue 14-Feb-23 15:05:37

I like to be prepared so there's a box with oils and fluids, 5l of water with antifreeze, spare bulbs, paper towel, basic tools, plug-in tyre inflator, triangle, hi-vis jackets, spare petrol can, Haynes guide, spanner for wheel nuts with extension, torch. In the car a first aid kit, shopping bags and a steering wheel lock. 1 Euro coins for supermarket trollies in France. Various maps. Two rain coats in their own pockets.

Serendipity22 Tue 14-Feb-23 15:12:06

Regarding rubbish, i have a plastic bag wrapped around the gear stick ( the handle ) and alllll rubbish goes in there.

In the front are sunglasses, sponge, c.d's, phone charger.

In the boot are bags for charity shop unless they have been taken and then there is nothing, tidy, tidy, tidy.

timetogo2016 Tue 14-Feb-23 15:19:01

High viz,umbrella,pen,pad,wet wipes,tissues,blanket,crow bar,
mobile chargers,bottles of water.first aid kit.handbook,shopping bags a spare pair of shoes,tyre pressure device,crook lock,change for parking.

sodapop Tue 14-Feb-23 17:01:53

JackyB the breathalyser thing in France has gone by the board now.

JackyB Tue 14-Feb-23 19:30:52

Oh, thank you, sodapop. It did seem rather impracticable and I hadn't heard anything about it recently.

What the French have introduced recently are new vignettes giving the emission category of the car. We have those in Germany, too - you are not allowed to enter a town or city without one. But they are not valid in France - you have to have special ones for there. Strasbourg which is our nearest French agglomeration enforces this. I think we'll take the train in future!