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Premier Inn v Travelodge?

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eddiecat78 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:28:31

I haven't stayed in either. Is there much difference? I'm thinking of the Plymouth area. We would need 2 rooms preferably close to each other

Shelflife Wed 06-Sep-23 09:33:15

Premier Inn every time !

Smileless2012 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:34:23

Same here Shelflife, no comparison.

lemsip Wed 06-Sep-23 09:43:49

1summer Wed 06-Sep-23 09:44:23

I prefer Premier Inns but if I am looking at Premier Inns or Travelodges it’s usually when looking for a cheap hotel for one or two nights.
Travelodges are OK and if they are much cheaper I go with them.

rosie1959 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:49:08

I would choose Premier Inn over Travelodge but it depends on the nights you are staying and pricing.
I tend to also check out surrounding hotels as some can be a better deal.

eddiecat78 Wed 06-Sep-23 10:04:41

Thanks. Re Premier Inn - do you have to vacate the room by a set time?

rosie1959 Wed 06-Sep-23 10:09:24


Thanks. Re Premier Inn - do you have to vacate the room by a set time?

Premier Inn checkout is usually 12 noon

BlueBelle Wed 06-Sep-23 10:13:18

I ve had some great visits to Travellodge not sure what the difference is
The rooms are lovely its clean, big rooms and wonderful breakfasts never had a problem

Ashcombe Wed 06-Sep-23 10:25:38

We use Travelodge in various places, particularly Portsmouth (before/after ferry crossings) and we find them to be very acceptable with clean, comfortable beds and decent ensuite facilities. Basic yes, but we only go there to sleep. Some provide a cooked breakfast which is good value.

All of them have been upgraded in recent years to enable the brand to compete with other budget hotels. Prices vary but Sunday nights are usually cheap. The staff are invariably friendly and helpful, which I greatly appreciate if I'm travelling alone.

TerriBull Wed 06-Sep-23 10:34:54

I've very occasionally stayed in both, my perception is that Premier Inn is better than Travelodge, the latter provided one really tiny bar of soap and one bath towel for 2 people in one we stayed at hmm think we asked for another one.

Ailidh Wed 06-Sep-23 10:38:20

I prefer Premier Inn, because I know what I'm getting and I like that reassurance. Never had a problem with Travelodge (or Holiday Inn), and if the location and the deal were very good, I wouldn't hesitate.

kittylester Wed 06-Sep-23 10:50:57

Stayed in one Travel Lodge - never again.

MiniMoon Wed 06-Sep-23 11:06:20

We stayed in a Travel lodge in London in December. The carpets were so stained I didn't want to walk in bare feet. Fortunately it was just for one night.
We've never had any complaints with Premier Inn.

Ashcombe Wed 06-Sep-23 11:16:04

I havent seen soap in a Travelodge for many years as there are soap dispensers in the shower/bath and over the washbasin in the ones I've visited in various places.

glammanana Wed 06-Sep-23 11:18:21

I have just returned from a 2 x night stay at Premier Inn in Birmingham where I stayed with 4 friends and the rooms where very nice good beds and linen comfortable pillows all spotlessly clean.
Breakfast was extra but can be done as a "meal deal" evening meal & breakfast for £24 the breakfast was very good masses to choose from and 2 x courses for dinner very reasonable.
Staff so helpful and pleasant .

rockgran Wed 06-Sep-23 12:15:34

I recently stayed in Premier Inn and I think it is more luxurious than Travelodge but it is also more expensive.

Katie59 Wed 06-Sep-23 16:25:04

Premier Inn every time

shoppinggirl Wed 06-Sep-23 16:36:23

Premier Inn every time. Although when we stayed near London in July for three nights, they didn't touch the room. They told us that because of Covid you now have to request in advance for the room to be cleaned/replenished. Just an excuse to save on costs. It wasn't a cheap stay either!

Louella12 Wed 06-Sep-23 16:39:10

Got to agree. Premier Inn every time 😀

Attlee Wed 06-Sep-23 16:41:35

We haven't stayed at a Travelodge, so can't compare the two.
We have stayed in several Premier Inns for one or two nights and they have all been very clean.
They really do live up to their promise of a good night's sleep or your money back. Whilst staying at the one close to Liverpool airport, as we had an early flight, when asked if we had slept well we said we had, apart from the fire alarm which had gone off through the night as a kind of joke. We got a full refund !

Grantanow Wed 06-Sep-23 17:17:59

Premier Inn opposite the British Library in London is very good.

Galaxy Wed 06-Sep-23 18:30:20

Premier Inn is better, the one on Liverpool Albert Dock is great. But generally there is nothing wrong with a travelodge, except one time in the London central one (I think that's what its called) when the temperature was equivalent to the Sun, we thought the night would never end grin

Kim19 Wed 06-Sep-23 18:45:03

Travelodge for me. Cheaper for a start and I've always found them clean with an abundance of hot water. I only ever do one night convenient stopovers and have never used their eating facilities.

pinkprincess Wed 06-Sep-23 21:00:55

Premiere Inn every time.
If you pay extra for a premiere plus room you get 24 hour free WiFi and air conditioned room.
I have stayed in the one in Leicester next to the station and it is very good.