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Premier Inn v Travelodge?

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eddiecat78 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:28:31

I haven't stayed in either. Is there much difference? I'm thinking of the Plymouth area. We would need 2 rooms preferably close to each other

kwest Tue 12-Sep-23 16:56:16

We break our journey to the West Country by staying at the Premier Inn in Cirencester. The service is excellent. The meal deal which you have to book when you arrive at the hotel is excellent value for money. You get a 2 course dinner, a drink alcoholic or otherwise and as much breakfast as you like. The surrounding area has an Aldi, Tesco Superstore and a McDonalds virtually on the doorstep. Ideal to stock up if you are staying in a self-catering cottage and perfect for food shopping on the journey home again. My daughter used to travel around the country with her work a lot and said that Premier Inns won hands down against Travelodge. Occasionally she would treat herself to somewhere slightly more special but generally it was Premier Inns. The one we stay in tends to cost just over £100.00 per night plus the meal deal.