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Premier Inn v Travelodge?

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eddiecat78 Wed 06-Sep-23 09:28:31

I haven't stayed in either. Is there much difference? I'm thinking of the Plymouth area. We would need 2 rooms preferably close to each other

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Sep-23 21:04:34

Have a look at Ibis Hotels, the one in Nottingham City Centre we stayed in was clean, friendly with free Wi-Fi and good breakfast included.

Scribbles Wed 06-Sep-23 21:23:33

I hope I never have to stay in another Travelodge! Dreadful places.
I haven't stayed in a Premier Inn for some years; from memory, they're basic but okay.
I prefer Holiday Inn Express, if there's one available where I need accommodation and, as someone else has said, Ibis is worth a look - certainly better than Travelodge!

cornergran Wed 06-Sep-23 23:06:11

In our experience if a Travelodge has been renovated it is excellent. Premier Inn good but more expensive. We’ve had some comfortable stays in Holiday Inn Express. Staff helpful in all of them. One Travelodge receptionist got cover and came outside with us to make sure we found a bus stop. Check reviews and if the hotel has been updated in the fairly recent past. We go by price and convenience of location for a one night stop over, if more than one night we’d go for amenities and menu choice as I’m often too weary in the evening to go far for food.

NanKate Thu 07-Sep-23 08:14:55

We have just spent 5 days at a Premier Inn in west Bournemouth. It was great, admittedly we paid for one of their upgraded rooms with air conditioning and a small fridge and a coffee machine. The breakfasts were excellent, but that can’t be said for the one evening meal we had. We will definitely return.

Bea65 Thu 07-Sep-23 10:13:05

PREMIER INN ...stayed in a few all over the UK...their beds are spacious and good mattress and pillows.. very fussy about my pillows..the accessible rooms are huge and the bathrooms - you could have a party in them...grin never had a bad nights sleep!

halfpint1 Thu 07-Sep-23 10:23:06

Stayed in the Harrogate Premier Inn. Found it good value and easy walk to town centre

SynchroSwimmer Thu 07-Sep-23 11:17:15

Premier Inn first choice every time.
For a modest shareholding you can also have free breakfasts included for up to 4 people.
Travelodge - recently paid premium £££ for a poor experience, also no hairdryer in rooms

Hammo Fri 08-Sep-23 11:43:00

Premier Inn every time. Stayed at a Travel Lodge once … never again! Truly, always found Premier Inn excellent. Only our opinion, though.

caci Fri 08-Sep-23 11:46:59

We tend to pick whichever offers free/cheapest car parking. Check the details carefully as it can add £10 a night (or more !) to your stay if you have to pay extra for parking.

DamaskRose Fri 08-Sep-23 12:00:21

Have stayed in two Travel Lodges (no choice) and would always choose Premier Inn …

Sawsage2 Fri 08-Sep-23 12:17:02

I use a mobility scooter and can drive it from car into premier inn room.

Alison333 Fri 08-Sep-23 12:19:50

Definitely Premier Inn, lovely comfy beds, nice staff, air conditioning, clean and reliable. OK, you might not get a lovely view but I've actually found them better than hotels that cost twice as much!

Seagull72 Fri 08-Sep-23 12:31:37

Premier Inn tends to be more standardized in terms of rooms etc. and I have found that a Travelodge may be cheaper but not of a uniform standard. If I know a Travelodge in a convenient location and it is cheaper, I may stay there but would stay in a Premier Inn if there wasn't a big price difference.

Milliedog Fri 08-Sep-23 13:10:45

Premier Inns are better. The carpet was sticky underfoot at the last Travel Lodge we stayed at....And my son and daughter in law stayed at one once (no other option as short notice trip) and the previous occupant had peed up the wall. The child's bed they had asked for wasn't there and they slept 3 in a bed. Usually they go to expensive hotels, so it's an experience they'll never forget grin

rubysong Fri 08-Sep-23 13:22:48

We usually choose Premier Inns but last month we spent a night in a Travelodge as the position of it was better for us. It was absolutely fine and had free parking. We commented how similar to Premier Inn it was.

MaggsMcG Fri 08-Sep-23 13:37:57

If all you need is a bed for the night then Travel Lodge used to be the cheapest. Lately I've found local B&B are often better depending if there's parking.

CrazyGrandma2 Fri 08-Sep-23 13:47:38

Had a one night stay in a Travelodge last week. Absolutely fine.

SachaMac Fri 08-Sep-23 13:50:29

I have only stayed in a Travel Lodge once, that was in York to break up the journey to Edinburgh on the train. It was fine and only a very short walk into the centre of York. Premier Inns are ok, the last one I stayed in was Brighton, again a great location & room ok but long queues to check in & it was crazy at breakfast. Holiday Inns are also ok for a short stay.

JAS Fri 08-Sep-23 13:57:46

Just returned from a weekend stay in a Travelodge in Leeds. Excellent. Great rooms, one super double and one super family. Breakfast very good and staff very friendly. Would definately use again.

Helenlouise3 Fri 08-Sep-23 14:01:43

There's no comparison. Premier Inn are excellent hotels

Graygirl Fri 08-Sep-23 14:07:07

We use Premier Inn have a accessible room as need walk in shower and with seat and grab bars. We share but if needed there is all ways a connecting room. Never used travel lodge for accessible room have used normal rooms they were OK

Nicksmrs46 Fri 08-Sep-23 14:26:14

Premier Inn every time.
We always book an assistance room , two types available, one is the shower over lowered bath , the other is a wet room ideal for wheelchair users , Baylis & Harding toiletries are lovely.
The rooms are very comfortable
and spotlessly clean.
I have rheumatoid arthritis and getting in and out of a normal height bath is very difficult..
also a kettle and tea/ coffee , milk sachets supplied..
Our next trip will be to Evesham, guess where we will stay!!

Desdemona Fri 08-Sep-23 14:36:06

Premier Inns are nicer than Travelodge by a long way.

Nannashirlz Fri 08-Sep-23 14:44:06

I tend to book a lot of mine from so I can read reviews but if those two are your only options premium inn every time. Or try looking on the bnbs website I actually found a lovely one near my oldest who gives a lovely home cooked breakfast and the rooms are brilliant. Last time I stopped in a 4 star hotel which I’ve used regularly in may we weren’t only guests. Government had put a few of their in too. We paid 180 a night and won’t be using them again

charliebb Fri 08-Sep-23 14:49:59

Premier Inn every time. Travel lodge I stayed did not even provide a hairdryer and the whole experience was far less comfortable than Premier Inn.