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Barcelona or Prague?

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Chrisks Fri 20-Oct-23 21:02:52

I have a big birthday coming up next year (70) and I just want to know which would be the best and most interesting city to visit. Thank you.

TwiceAsNice Fri 20-Oct-23 21:16:01

Apparently Barcelona is good but I have to say it’s a city I’ve not been too. However I have been to Prague and it’s lovely . Nice food and sightseeing. Concerts of all kinds which are not expensive. You can buy beautiful jewellery ( amber and garnet) and gorgeous glass . I loved it

Chardy Fri 20-Oct-23 21:18:41

I love Barcelona, especially Gaudi's work. But a city by the sea always gives people choice.
Having said that I always wanted to visit Prague. (Travelling by train Vienna, Budapest (lovely city), Prague always sounded wonderful)
Sorry, I'm not much help!

Grandmabatty Fri 20-Oct-23 21:24:58

I have been to Prague and loved it. There's so much to do.

MerylStreep Fri 20-Oct-23 21:26:38

I love Barcelona. We’ve visited practically every year since 2010.
I always have to visit one of my favourite shoe shops.
This photo is just a fraction of the stock.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 20-Oct-23 21:33:16

Having been to both, it depends what you want.
Prague is a city break, the walking tour is really good and educational, good restaurants , we found a couple of micro breweries which DH liked. The Palace is really interesting.

Barcelona, has Gaudi, Las Rampas, one of the best food markets/tapas and a beach.

NotSpaghetti Fri 20-Oct-23 21:47:12


I love Barcelona. We’ve visited practically every year since 2010.
I always have to visit one of my favourite shoe shops.
This photo is just a fraction of the stock.

Just look at the colours!

MerylStreep Fri 20-Oct-23 21:57:37



I love Barcelona. We’ve visited practically every year since 2010.
I always have to visit one of my favourite shoe shops.
This photo is just a fraction of the stock.

Just look at the colours!

And there more & more 😍

Casdon Fri 20-Oct-23 22:18:46

Both are lovely, but I’d go for Barcelona because it’s just a bit more exciting and vibrant, a good place to celebrate a big birthday.

BlueBelle Fri 20-Oct-23 22:36:53

Barcelona is fantastic was there only a couple of months back
The Gaudi stuff is wonderful It’s a very vibrant and lively city
Fantastic market

Georgesgran Fri 20-Oct-23 23:08:22

I’ve never been to Prague, but I love Barcelona. Pre book tickets to visit The Sagrada Familia if that appeals. It’s breathtaking.

Greyisnotmycolour Fri 20-Oct-23 23:08:29

MerylStreep wow, those shoes are stunning. Do you have a name for the shop so I can look them up online ? I darent ask how many pairs you have 🤣

Greyisnotmycolour Fri 20-Oct-23 23:18:02

Chrisks Both cities are beautiful, I think you will love whichever one you settle on. Prague is more compact and very easy to see on foot. Barcelona is much larger and so offers so much more to see and do but then it's more spread out, involves transport to get around etc. Excellent choices though.

biglouis Fri 20-Oct-23 23:25:10

Ive visited both cities and of course they have a totally different vibe. Barcelona is spectacular but I found it a bit crowded and touristy. I preferred Prague. It still has an old fashioned atmosphere which I love. As other posters have pointed out there are some wonderfully gothic looking buildings to see and many small shops full of handmade jewellery.

For the culturally inclined there is a very nice opera house in Prague and quite inexpensive compared with London or Paris.Some great museums and galleries.

Beware - both cities are renowned for pickpockets. Dont carry cards or money in obvious places and beware s scams. Crime is rarely violent. I was really worried in Prague when the tour guide warned us. We had come straight from Vienna which is such a safe city. I kept my money in my sock or down my bra.

Like Venice Prague is wonderful to visit around Christmas with beautifully decorated shops.

Sago Sat 21-Oct-23 09:44:32

I didn’t like Barcelona, I was spat at and had an attempt on my handbag.
We had many trips to Prague as our son lived there for 8 years, it is a magical place and good value.

BlueBelle Sat 21-Oct-23 09:50:20

Gosh that’s bad luck Sago we found everyone fairly pleasant and friendly in Barcelona and the Gaudi experience is unbelievable
I spent a couple of hours in the house he did and it was a completely magical 2 hours

nandad Sat 21-Oct-23 10:10:47

Been to both and loved both. I think it depends on the time of the year you go. We went to Prague in the winter and it was so pretty with the morning frost. In Barcelona there were gales so walking along Las Rambas was horrendous. We went in April and it was packed. But the Gaudi buildings were fabulous.
Do both so you can compare !

pascal30 Sat 21-Oct-23 10:31:47

In Barcelon apart from the Gaudis.. there is a Picasso Museum, a Miro Museum, and a Banksey Museum in Barcelona.. a superb covered market and lots of street music. We stayed in a little hotel with an open sided lift which clunked slowly up to the bedrooms.. I love the vibrancy of Spanish people.. but would also like to go to Prague.. good choices

LucyAnna Sat 21-Oct-23 10:37:28

We have done a few “two centre” city trips, including one where we flew to Prague for 3 nights, then train to Budapest for 3 nights, then flight back. Great trip. Prague is beautiful, but can get really crowded depending on the time of year.
Also been to Barcelona - but had a bad experience like Sago - attempt at stealing my cross body bag - they didn’t manage it, but I was left with a sore shoulder. As others have said, plenty to see there though.
I’m quite a fan of city breaks, so would also recommend Seville and Tallin.

MerylStreep Sat 21-Oct-23 10:51:20

The shop shut in 2021. But, this company have taken over and are selling online. The shop was Kokua.

I’ve done a lot of searching and it looks genuine but please do your own research.
Warning!! Stay away from FB for these shoes, they’re all scammers.

Scapa1 Sat 21-Oct-23 11:22:52

Preferred Prague as easier to see everything by walking, but maybe prejudiced as Dh had wallet stolen in Barcelona. Fortunately I had the money that day and different cards and managed to cancel the cards quickly. They only got £20 note in British cash. It was in a restaurant and his jacket was on the back of his chair and they had manage to unzip the pocket. Just be careful and don’t let it put you off going.

Grantanow Sun 22-Oct-23 17:41:05

I enjoyed Prague. It's a bit like Paris used to be and is fairly compact so easy to stroll around.

mrshat Sun 22-Oct-23 17:51:29

Prague - wonderful place!

Norah Sun 22-Oct-23 17:56:11

Prague, especially in November- December.

Dinahmo Sun 22-Oct-23 18:07:06

Isn't Prague full of stag night revellers (hen nights too) or have the authorities put a stop to that?