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Barcelona or Prague?

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Chrisks Fri 20-Oct-23 21:02:52

I have a big birthday coming up next year (70) and I just want to know which would be the best and most interesting city to visit. Thank you.

mokryna Sun 22-Oct-23 18:20:44

Barcelona warmer weather being in the south and less crowded than the summer.
I booked thé ‘must see’ sites for the mornings, in advance, and the free walking tours for the afternoons.
Always, when being a tourist wear, a next to skin money belt for cards, passport and notes.

Coolgran65 Sun 22-Oct-23 18:21:32

I lived in Barcelona for a year and loved it.
Spent a week in Prague and loved it.
I'd find it hard to choose between them. Perhaps Prague because it is a bit more compact.

When there we visited as a bus day tour (about one hour distant) the museum concentration camp Tzerazine (spelling?). My husband was reluctant but went to please me. He left saying everyone should visit. Most humbling. I'd recommend it but understand it's not for everyone.

silverlining48 Sun 22-Oct-23 19:30:25

Been to both but prefer Prague,
Why not do two visits and go to both,

Enid101 Sun 22-Oct-23 19:49:24

I haven’t been to Prague so can’t comment but I love Barcelona. It’s easy to get around on public transport – and the city seems young and vibrant. Yes, you do need to watch your valuables but it’s a fabulous place to visit. Im going at half term and can’t wait!

Squiffy Sun 22-Oct-23 20:13:44

If you go to Prague and like Art Deco the restaurant Kavarna Obecni Dum is a must-see! Even the loos are worth going to!

Chrisks Sun 22-Oct-23 20:27:34

Thank you all so much for all your replies. I think I’m favouring Prague.

Grandmabatty Sun 22-Oct-23 20:33:22

Squiffy swan taps?

Georgesgran Sun 22-Oct-23 21:25:26

Re: Security. Surely most Hotels have safes in the rooms? When anywhere (including Barcelona) we only take out a few euro each day and deliberately use old messenger type bags, leaving the bulk of our cash, passports and sterling in the safe. Most thefts are ‘distraction’ so it’s the usual advice of not putting a bag down or letting it out of your sight. We even kept our bags crossbody while we ate, holding the bags on our laps.
Sorry Sago had a bad experience-we found Barcelona friendly and accommodating.
Hope the OP enjoys Prague, having made a decision.

LOUISA1523 Sun 22-Oct-23 22:13:53

Barcelona is ok...full of pickpockets though.....prague is very busy now....if you looking at Spain then Valencia, Seville or Granada much nicer, more friendly and safer than Barcelona...equally as beautiful....if not more so

Georgesgran Sun 22-Oct-23 22:44:42

DD2 has just returned from Seville - it looked beautiful and she has some wonderful photos on her phone. Somewhere I’d like to visit, but Unfortunately, we have no direct flights from Newcastle, so a real pain to get there.

nanna8 Sun 22-Oct-23 23:14:47

Hard choice to make. I love Barcelona, very friendly. Another one I like is Budapest, different.

mokryna Sun 22-Oct-23 23:17:51

I was in Seville last March, I really enjoyed it. Warm and sunny with not a lot of tourists. Stayed there for five days then caught the train to Cordoba and after staying there for two nights went onto Granada.

maddyone Sun 22-Oct-23 23:45:01

Prague. It’s interesting and beautiful, but don’t go in top season as it gets very crowded.

Freya5 Mon 23-Oct-23 11:08:52

Having visited both, I would definitely go Prague. Friendlier people, not so much hustle and bustle,, much to see, Charles Bridge and Castle amazing plus of course the beautiful clock.
As my guide stated, stay away from the Russian doll shops. Have nothing to do with Prague and hark back to days they'd much rather forget. Plenty of local craft for sale. Loved it, so much history.

Plunger Mon 23-Oct-23 13:16:11

If going near Christmas definitely Prague. When I was in Spain one December,but not Barcelona, they didn't do much Christmas stuff. Might be different in a big city. Sister had her purse stolen in Barcelona so not a great memory. Felt much safer in Prague as 2 ladies. Prague compact and easy to walk to see various sights.

Hels001 Mon 23-Oct-23 13:17:03

I've been to both for Prague was special since I went roundabout Christmas and the markets were wonderful and sightseeing is easy only downside was an attempt on my handbag which thankfully was thwarted. Barcelona was a summer visit and it was packed but still very nice it depends what time of year your visiting both different both lovely.

Gin Mon 23-Oct-23 13:31:27

Prague is a beautiful city but so very full of tourist that it can be quite unpleasant. Prague in spring is less crowded and magical if you get good weather! I lived there many years ago when it was less crowded and just loved walking in the old town and up the steps to the castle.

VB000 Mon 23-Oct-23 13:41:46

Love them both, although hubby nearly got pick-pocketed in Barcelona - if you do go to Barcelona, I would definitely recommend this place...

ruthiek Mon 23-Oct-23 14:15:20

bluebelle, up until the dreaded Covid I visited. Barcelona Twice a year for many years and loved it , but I have to be honest and say the pickpockets were getting really bad and more and more gypsies were coming into the city. That said I. Would love to go bsck my parents ashes are scattered in Sitges and I miss going to pay my respects .

Anniel Mon 23-Oct-23 14:53:50

Another vote for Prague! Lovely city and great people. I loved it Barcelona is fine if only they would finish the Cathedrsl. Like walking doen the Ramblas
However lots of dtreet crime. Could never live with Spanish late dinners!

grandtanteJE65 Mon 23-Oct-23 15:33:37

I too definitely prefer Prague to Barcelona, but do be aware that bus tours from Prague for sightseers take in Theriesenstadt concentration camp, which you might just want to avoid!

The Jewish quarter is less harrowing, as Europe's oldest synagogue Alt-Neu Schul is still in use as a place of worship and the Jewish cemetary contains the grave of Maharal who was reputed to have made the famous Golem of Prague.

The zoo is marvellous too, and the Cathedral, and prices are definately lower than in Barcelona.

knspol Mon 23-Oct-23 15:48:56

Enjoyed both places. Prague wins for atmosphere and music and Barcelona wins for Gaudi, sights, shopping so depends what you prefer.

Fudgemonkey Mon 23-Oct-23 15:55:32

Prague beautiful place.

yrhengastan62 Mon 23-Oct-23 16:27:32

Both are beautiful cities and it may depend at what time of year your birthday is to get the best out of each ( why not do both in your special year! ). We walked and walked in Barcelona, you need good legs, be it it was worth it. We did less walking in Prague and did less miles for an equal amount of interest. I'm sure you won't regret either although I can't imagine Barcelona in colder, wetter months whereas Prague has charm all year round in my view. Enjoy

Sago Mon 23-Oct-23 17:23:39


Isn't Prague full of stag night revellers (hen nights too) or have the authorities put a stop to that?

There used to be a lot of stag parties in Prague and I can honestly say you see them at the airport and on the plane but not in the town!
My son used to come across them from time to time in various bars and clubs and he reckoned they were all petrified of the Police and security staff!