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Barcelona or Prague?

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Chrisks Fri 20-Oct-23 21:02:52

I have a big birthday coming up next year (70) and I just want to know which would be the best and most interesting city to visit. Thank you.

Froglady Mon 23-Oct-23 17:24:13

I've booked a 4 night midweek break in Prague for next April. I'd read how lovely it was so have decided to see for myself.
Whichever you choose hope you have a lovely time.

Grandmabatty Mon 23-Oct-23 18:02:46

Froglady there are some fabulous cafés and restaurants which sell amazing cakes. A really nice shopping mall too. The Charles bridge is a lovely way to walk to the Old quarter and up to the castle. Have a lovely time

DrWatson Mon 23-Oct-23 18:07:03

For BlueBelle and many others liking Barcelona, yes, it's very pretty. BUT - as Sago and maybe others have warned, IT IS RENOWNED (well, maybe not with you?!) for being also a paradise of STREET CRIME!! See the comments on masses of Cruise blogs and other tourist advice sites?

Street muggings, pickpockets, distraction robbery, all sorts. They'll even target hotels when coaches turn up, try and make off with some cases. Police won't be interested if you're a victim, may grudgingly make a note.

Prague is much better than it was, we went in the Iron Curtain days! But I've heard that it's good. Many alternatives, if you like Art, try Vienna, fabulous galleries (and some sumptuous cakes too!). And that 'Third Man' fairground! If you go there, take in Salzburg perhaps, prettiest place we've ever seen.

Lots of alternatives, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are all good, (depends on your interests) but you need MONEY!

Florence is stunning, and there's plenty in Milan & Turin too (never yet been to Rome). If you're OK with trains, not keen on planes, check the Man in Seat61 website, he details trips to places like Milan which can take in all the snowy Swiss mountain scenery.

Paris is good too, of course, despite the possible drawback of having too many French folk there (?! - sorry!). And pretty easy to get to.

For an off the wall choice, how about Oporto (or is it Porto?) for a day or two, perhaps a Douro river trip too? And if you like Port, then they have oodles of Port lodges to visit with a few samples (IMO, Port there tastes better than here! Hic).

If you're keen on Spain (& generally it's good), we had a lovely cruise, went from Soton and did the ports along the north coast, inc Coruna, Santander and Bilbao, not as hot or busy as the more obvious places further south. Whatever, enjoy!.

madeleine45 Mon 23-Oct-23 18:08:46

But why choose? As it is a special birthday it should be double the fun so go to both!! Not immediately one after the other of course, but to me it would give the chance to go on your own to one place and be immersed in the city and not have to fit in with anyone else. Then you could go to the other with family or a friend if you wanted to . So thats the answer, do both , do both!!

Corkie91 Mon 23-Oct-23 18:53:19

Been to both Love them both Love Gaudi in Barcelona and sSt Charles Bridge in Prague. If I were to revist a city I would go back to Prague

Treetops05 Mon 23-Oct-23 19:21:36

I love Prague, but have never been to Barcelona. Prague has a wonderful restaurant, near the bottom of the Castle steps, has traffic lights to walk up or go down, and looks towards Charles Bridge over the water. Lovely buildings if you look up

Gwenisgreat Mon 23-Oct-23 20:34:04

I have been to both, and both are lovely cities, I do love Gaudi's work, some very imaginative buildings. Prague has a lot to offer as well. Language in either city is not a problem, providing you stay central.

Greyisnotmycolour Mon 23-Oct-23 21:40:20

MerylStreep thank you so much for sharing the link for shoes. 😁

Patsy70 Mon 23-Oct-23 22:26:40

Visited both, but particularly loved Prague and would go back. Very cultural. However, why not spoil yourself and visit both? 😊

DrWatson Thu 26-Oct-23 04:39:41

For GeorgesGran - Seville from Newcastle? Well, it's not that bad. You should have lots of reasonably priced flights to Malaga (also excellent) - that airport is an easy short train ride to Malaga Central station, (a bit like your Metro?) - then it's either a direct train to Seville or you can change trains at Cordoba (ALSO a terrific place, and not that big to walk round!). See the seat61 website for trains advice in that area. Skyscanner for flights, for hotels. (etc).

Or you could check out the many firms who would do that trip as a package holiday, local travel agent would advise, or dip into Google if you're OK with that?

NB - Malaga and Seville are VERY hot in the height of summer!

Georgesgran Thu 26-Oct-23 09:57:19

Have PM’s you, DrWatson. Not as easy as it sounds.

GranThomas Wed 27-Dec-23 01:46:17

Having visited both Prague and Barcelona, I can tell you that Prague is easier to explore on foot than Barcelona. Many of Prague's iconic sites are situated within the Old Town area. Prague seems to offer more in terms of attractions and activities overall. Prague also has a more extensive public transportation network than Barcelona, with metro lines, trams and buses. Both cities are known for their nightlife, but Prague has the advantage of having better beers.

Barcelona stands out more for its culinary offerings and restaurants. The beauty of Barcelona includes access to beaches, whereas Prague does not have a coastline. Shopping is a bigger draw in Barcelona. Based on that, I would say that Barcelona might appeal more to younger adults than me.

For those considering a visit to Prague, this article provides useful tourism statistics and insights

crism Fri 02-Feb-24 21:38:04

I've been to both cities and they are both beautiful and amazinh. If you're looking for a more sensorial experience, perhaps Barcelona. If you're looking for something more contemplative, maybe Prague. You will have a wonderful time anyways!

jeanie99 Fri 09-Feb-24 10:19:38

Both are interesting cities to visit with wonderful architecture.
Weather will be different at the same time of year, warmer in Barcelona.
Your requirements will differ from other people, Google both cities there will be plenty of information on the net.
I would check out the tours which are available if this is your thing.
If you have the time you could take in both cities, it would be easy to arrange yourself.
I'm sure you will have a great time whichever you visit.

Curlywhirly Fri 09-Feb-24 10:52:27

We love city breaks and try to have at least one each year. We have been to both Prague (quite a few years ago) and Barcelona (recently). We loved them both - but they are very different. Barcelona is very vibrant, has a beach and the Gaudi buildings are amazing. Incidentally, we never saw or were victims of any street crime; we both had cross-body bags (took a while to persuade DH to get a man-bag, but he wouldn't be without it now when we are abroad). Prague is a very quaint, more compact city, with some beautiful architecture. The main square and it's amazing clock are a sight to behold. I don't know if it is still cheap to eat and drink there, but when we went it was incredibly good value. Of the two, I think Prague is my favourite. But, hey-ho, if you can afford it - do one this year and the other next year, and then go on to do Granada, Venice, Seville, Florence, Budapest, Rome ....... 🙂