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Any tips for long haul flights

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Susiewakie Wed 08-Nov-23 11:26:54

Hi I'm going to Perth Australia in January non stop .Any tips for what to keep with me on board ? Also are those casual yoga outfits the thing to wear ? I'm getting conflicting advice from relatives .I've got varicose veins so have to wear compression socks which doesn't help ! Any top tips gratefully recieved

nanna8 Wed 08-Nov-23 11:31:49

Loose shoes that you can kick off. Music of your choice and earphones. Keep alcohol to a minimum! It is hot in Perth so layered clothing you can take off.

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Nov-23 11:36:44

I've never gone on quite such a long non-stop flight but here goes:

Do foot and leg exercises and get up and walk around too. Drink plenty of water (it should be available so you can help yourself). Fruit should be available as a snack as well as meals.
Films are ok but take something to read and puzzles eg crosswords as it can get boring.

Comfy clothes with a warm cardigan, take some clean ones in your hand luggage too. Clean off your makeup and take a small moisturiser. I'm not sure if they provide a toothbrush and toothpaste now but take them just in case. A small or blow-up neck pillow is a good idea.

Enjoy your trip!

Lesley60 Wed 08-Nov-23 11:43:12

I hate long haul flights so when I went to Australia I took a sleeping tablet, my husband said I was snoring so loud people were laughing and looking around to see where the noise was coming from.
He said he didn’t know weather to wake me to stop the noise or let me sleep to stop me moaning, he decided on the latter

Gymstagran Wed 08-Nov-23 12:04:42

What others have said plus comfy clothing, layers, slip on off shoes. Consider carefully where you would like to sit, prebooking seat if possible, aisle seat or window depending on whether you want to be able to get out easily or sleep undisturbed. Noise cancelling headphones work well, downloading your own podcasts or books prior to flight or watch provided films.Take your own snacks and buy/ fill up water bottle when through security. In flight food is not always that great and I find there is never enough water. Best to have eaten before you board. Lights out time and meal times will be decided by the cabin crew.

MiniMoon Wed 08-Nov-23 12:18:59

I wore compression socks, and kept moving my legs and feet. I got up and walked up and down the aisles a couple of times an hour. We didn't go as far as Australia, but the flight was 8 hours long.

BlueSapphire Wed 08-Nov-23 12:26:56

Flew to South Africa earlier this year - I wore some soft jersey trousers from Next, a white t-shirt with a long sleeved v-neck t-shirt over the top. Was just right. Did foot and leg exercises in my seat, kept them moving. Had a well-stocked Kindle. And it helped that I had booked premium economy - more leg room and comfy seats.

Juliet27 Wed 08-Nov-23 12:34:19

I always wear compression socks on long haul flights now as my ankles did swell in the past. It’s certainly best to put them on well in advance as it can be a bit of a struggle. I tried putting mine on on the flight once but got one on back to front which proves they work as the only bit of me that swelled was the front of my foot where the looser heel part had ended up.

Calendargirl Wed 08-Nov-23 13:11:40

If you can afford it, upgrade. (I assume it’s an economy flight).

Premium Economy is worth the extra money, IMHO, and ‘if and when’ we go to Oz again to see DD, I would seriously consider business class. We’ve reached the age we intend to make things more comfortable for ourselves, and blow the cost.

Witzend Wed 08-Nov-23 13:22:34

A nice warm jumper or cardigan - I often find aircraft cabins chilly.
And very comfortable clothes and shoes. One of those neck pillow things will be useful if you think you’ll be able to sleep.

Ditto to upgrading if at all possible, but it’s even more expensive nowadays.

TerriBull Wed 08-Nov-23 13:43:24

I've flown to Perth, yes it's one long haul!, although having missed our connecting flight in Singapore, it was broken somewhat, so that final leg was maybe only 5 hours!

Layering clothes wise, try and go for seamless trousers like the yoga ones you mention, walk about whenever possible, ankle flexing exercises, not too much in the way of alcohol, keep hydrated, compression socks on long haul, they are uncomfortable, but possibly wise. Something to read, hopefully something to watch. Premium economy is worth it. Many years ago now, but Singapore Airlines were great. It's really nice to freshen the mouth so one of those mini tooth cleaning kits if you can get one. Skin dries out, so maybe include facial moisturiser or a water based spray.

Good luck and bon voyage!

ayse Wed 08-Nov-23 13:48:20

As well as the above I take earplugs and an eye mask. I’ve found the entertainment on Emirates absolutely great. I also stay away from stodgy food. Dried fruit and water keeps me going. Panty liners and a pair of clean knickers, tissues and some moisturiser. Drinking plenty of water and not over-indulging in alcohol is recommended. When you arrive try to stay awake in the daylight and go to bed at their times.

Have a great time

Norah Wed 08-Nov-23 13:56:51

When allowed I'm up and walking the lengths.

I take a large cosy scarf, wrap my neck/shoulders from drafts.

I've an extra pair of knickers and a toothbrush.

Have a lovely flight.

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Nov-23 13:58:29

Lights out time and meal times will be decided by the cabin crew.

And, I'm sure you won't do this but please don't put on your personal light, take out your hand luggage and keep unpacking and repacking it, rummage through all your belongings whilst everyone is trying to sleep or just have a quiet time!

One awkward woman did that for a few hours through the night (and that was in Premium Economy too!).
We knew she'd be trouble from before takeoff. 😠

Marmight Wed 08-Nov-23 13:58:31

As above. easy to get into shoes although I slip into flip flops when walking to the facilities, comfy trousers, layers, a soft pashmina for extra warmth or to roll up as a pillow. Aircraft seats always have bits which dig in! I also have a small bag with me containing essentials for visits to the loo so there’s no need to keep opening the luggage bin. (Change of Tshirt/underwear/cosmetics, wash stuff etc) and Remember to take a bottle of water for teeth brushing. Noise defenders. Worth investing in a good set! Biro for completing entry forms which are thrust at you just before landing.

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Nov-23 13:59:52

I take a large cosy scarf, wrap my neck/shoulders from drafts

Oh yes, a pashmina is a good idea.
And spare knickers of course! 🙂

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Nov-23 14:00:15

X post Marmight

Marmight Wed 08-Nov-23 14:10:21

Forgot to say my DD swears by her Trtl neck collar thingy which supports your head when asleep.

Susiewakie Wed 08-Nov-23 18:09:32

Thank you all I'm getting yoga pants some flip flops a neck pillow and a pashmina or big soft scarf etc I'll put them on my Christmas list .Finally going was orginally booked as lock down hit !

Wenmore Wed 08-Nov-23 18:21:58

Due to past experience l would always now travel long haul with a complete change of clothes.

waldorfgrosi Wed 08-Nov-23 19:48:48

If you wear glasses I recommend you take an empty glasses case along in your handbag. You can then put them safely away while you sleep without worrying where they are and if you might crush them. Have a good trip

Whitewavemark2 Wed 08-Nov-23 19:51:11

Compression socks - essential

Jumblygran Wed 08-Nov-23 20:25:29

A lot of very good advice above, I get travel sick on a plane on any trip more than about 4 hours. I take phenergan at the start of a long trip for nausea which also makes me sleepy.
The plane cabin is quite drying I like to have some eyedrops as well as the face spray.
I like to have full ear covering noise cancelling headphones they are more comfortable to wear for a long time.

Chardy Wed 08-Nov-23 22:30:28

I'm with Jumblygran. Take your own headphones that fit over your ears. The ones you're given that go into your ear hurt after a few hours.

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Nov-23 22:45:18


Thank you all I'm getting yoga pants some flip flops a neck pillow and a pashmina or big soft scarf etc I'll put them on my Christmas list .Finally going was orginally booked as lock down hit !

And roomy shoes or sandals with velcro or adjustable fastening because, despite compression stockings, your feet and ankles might still swell (well, mine do).