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Skip277 Sun 22-May-16 15:22:24

My Sunday afternoon ruined yet again by that obscene so-called laugh of Elaine Paige. Just because she worked in musicals doesnt qualify her as a radio presenter. How can the BBC retain such irritating individuals as her in company with Steve Wright whose shouty voice and finishing off songs beggars belief.

The BBC drags off the street anything and everything in the name of broadcasting. Professional presenters like David Jacobs, Terry Wogan and even Bunty must have wept for their profession The BBC has not even attempted to replace them with like for like. We are left with shouty exhibitionists like Chris Evans. It's a sad time for radio.

kittylester Sun 22-May-16 15:30:59

I enjoy most of Radio 2 and I quite like Elaine Page.blush

Ana Sun 22-May-16 15:36:59

I don't like Elaine Page's presenting style, so I don't listen to her programme. I love Steve Wright though, he's been a part of my life, radio-wise, for many years!

merlotgran Sun 22-May-16 15:53:28

I think Steve Wright is great. Can't stand Chris Evans but I don't put the radio on until Ken Bruce who is the best presenter on Radio 2

Elaine Paige's laugh is scary stuff but I do love a good old singalong while I'm cooking because we eat later on a Sunday.

I missed Sarah Kennedy (Bunty) when she got the boot left. She was all I could cope with on long drives to work at the crack of dawn. It's a period of my life I did not enjoy and she helped me through it.

Jane10 Sun 22-May-16 16:14:43

I like the others but if Elaine Paige comes on our radio goes off!

HannahLoisLuke Sun 22-May-16 16:26:22

The minute Elaine Page comes on is the signal to switch to R4 ready for GQT at 2pm. I don't like her and I loathe the musical theatre stuff she plays.
I do like Chris Evans though along with Johnny Walker, Jeremy Vine and Ken Bruce.
My absolute favourite is Simon Mayo's programme partly because I'm smitten with the voice and laugh of Matt the sports person.
Just thought of my other pet hate, Liza Tarbuck with her silly infant teacher voice and squeaky dog toy.

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 22-May-16 16:47:54

I can't stand that Vanessa Phelps they've got on instead of Sarah Kennedy. Grrr!

gettingonabit Sun 22-May-16 16:50:11

I've just discovered Absolute on Sky. No presenters, just fab music throughout the day.

Also love Jazz FM (but dislike the ads).

I'm not sure what presenters add to a programme, reallyhmm.

morethan2 Sun 22-May-16 16:55:50

I still miss Terry Wogan sad I loved Sarah Kennendy too, is she still broadcasting? I listen to heart in the morning but hate the two presenters, their banal boring chatter they go on and on. I think " shut up and just play records and give me the weather and news"

Alima Sun 22-May-16 17:11:01

Oh no, moan coming up. Jeremy Vine is the only BBC presenter I can listen to although I also like Zoe Ball but she just seems to cover holidays. Hate Chris Evans, there is no humour there just shouty shouty. I miss Terry Wogan terribly as his programme was so funny. I really miss Tony Blackburn too, love the music he plays. Damn the BBC for sacking him. Ken Bruce isn't too bad but his show interrupts the music with the quiz and interviews. Thank heavens for Gold and CDs. Is Absolute only on Sky? Need to find a station that plays a decent mix, preferably without adverts.

Badenkate Sun 22-May-16 17:13:05

I still miss Kenny Everett sad

Jane10 Sun 22-May-16 17:22:02

Oh no I can't stand Jeremy Vine and hate it when Zoe Ball stands in! Just goes to prove how different we all are.
Terry Wogan though... There was someone I'd listen to all day. Still sadly missed.

NanKate Sun 22-May-16 17:33:24

Yes I agree with most of your comments. The presenters nowadays seem to work to the lowest common denominator.

I agree Alima about missing Tony Blackburn. I support him on Facebook Tony Blackburn Supporters Group. He comes on occasionally to tell us his solicitors are working hard on his behalf. We are hoping that he gets a ruling that he was unfairly dismissed. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him back.

Badenkate I too loved Kenny Everitt.

Now I will need your help here with a name, I think he is fab and so funny. Chris someone who is one of our main political commentators. He makes politics bearable.

NanKate Sun 22-May-16 17:35:02

Chris Mason, brilliant.

FarNorth Sun 22-May-16 17:55:11

I always switched off if I heard Terry Wogan's voice, or Jimmy Young's except for once or twice when I wanted to hear the person he was interviewing.

Kittye Sun 22-May-16 18:18:05

Love Elaine Page ! Her laugh has DH and myself in stitches, she's really goofy.
Faves include Paul O'Grady, Simon Mayo and Ken Bruce. Not keen on Chris Evans or Steve Wright. Like Liza Tarbuck and Vanessa Feltz. Was never that keen on Terry Wogan, always seemed full of himself to me. What about the lovely Michael Ball? He's got to be my favourite wink

Kittye Sun 22-May-16 18:27:16

Oh no! Just noticed hannahloisluke remark about the sports person... He's the one person I can't stand on the show another full of himself.

Indinana Sun 22-May-16 18:30:57

I miss Terry Wogan - I could have listened to him all day as well. I like Steve Wright, but dislike Chris Evans intensely. Paul O'Grady and Ken Bruce are also favourites and I quite like Jeremy Vine.

chelseababy Sun 22-May-16 18:36:20

Graham Norton anyone?

Gemmag Sun 22-May-16 18:44:15

I can't believe that anyone actually likes boring Jeremy Vine and he gets paid £800.000 a year for his radio 2 programme and eggheads!.😁😬😏. Vanessa Phelps, someone with a brain who should be given the job full time. What a shocking waste of tax payers money. Vine is just one of many who get paid enormous saleries. Chris Evens earns more that 1m a year and what a noise he is. Not one radio presenter I can think of deserves this kind of money.

Ana Sun 22-May-16 18:47:19

It's Vanessa Feltz, not Phelps.

aquagran Sun 22-May-16 18:49:21

Love Graham Norton.

Gemmag Sun 22-May-16 18:49:52

Hannahlois. Surely not Matt D. Dreadful man so up his own b---side🤐.

Jane10 Sun 22-May-16 18:50:19

I agree -Graham Norton's Saturday show makes my drive to the big shop bearable. In fact I deliberately dawdle to draw it out. Apologies to irritated motorists behind me!

Gemmag Sun 22-May-16 18:52:17

Thank you Ana. Vanessa Feltz, she's excellent too.