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merlotgran Mon 25-Mar-19 19:47:18

I'm starting this new thread as apparently our other one was over a year old!! shock

We'll have to do more gossiping to prevent this happening again.

Here's a link to the old one.

shysal Sun 21-Jul-19 07:11:35

I would prefer that Will was killed by mistake instead of Ed! I can't stand his wingeing (Sp?)

Sara65 Sun 21-Jul-19 07:38:43


I see your husbands reasoning, Will and Emmer must have two of the most irritating voices on radio, and be two of the wingiest (don’t think that’s a word) characters

But please don’t let them kill off Ed, clarrie and Eddie couldn’t bear it

phoenix Sun 21-Jul-19 08:03:58

I'm still wondering when Joe is going to die, the actor who played him died months ago!

AyjayF Sun 21-Jul-19 19:45:53

I'm so glad that Jesus loves Shula because I can't stand her!

katie1 Sun 21-Jul-19 20:30:12

Shula is soooo sanctimonious!

eGJ Mon 22-Jul-19 12:22:06

And she still has not changed her mind about Alan and Usha’s marriage. Seems to becoming more and more annoying since she suddenly decided to ditch Alastair. I’m wondering too about Jo as I can’t find any clues in the one-liners on TA website!

Nannarose Mon 22-Jul-19 12:32:41

I think Alan is astonishingly patient with Shula - I would expect him to be polite and professional - but to have the kind of conversations they have recently makes me think the SWs have forgotten about Shula and Usha's history.
And that reminds me of another peeve I have - that nurses and midwives are always brushed out of Ambridge - even Alice doesn't mention Amy any more. Teachers also get only an occasional look-in - Kathy Perks had a short run before she got shunted into a proper rural occupation (!)

Luckygirl Mon 22-Jul-19 12:32:43

Oh - was she off about their marriage? - I must have forgotten that!

I do agree about hr - Jesus is entirely welcome to her!

merlotgran Wed 24-Jul-19 20:21:23

Did Emma not wonder how the man who ran into her car knew her phone number?

They didn't exchange details did they. I thought he just swore at her and drove off. hmm

Lazigirl Thu 25-Jul-19 12:37:17

I missed Emma and the car incident, what happened?? I cannot bear the build up to the lovely house that Emma & Ed are preparing for before it all goes belly up. Poor Ed.

merlotgran Thu 25-Jul-19 12:44:53

Dodgy Tim warned Ed that his family might be threatened if he tried to pull out of the delivery jobs. Emma then told Ed that somebody had driven into the back of her car at a junction but obviously thought it was just an inconsiderate idiot. Ed, sh**ting himself after hearing this, tells Tim he wants out but he's obviously still 'in'

Poor Emma. sad

AyjayF Thu 25-Jul-19 20:22:32

Jim and Robert back together squabbling about birds in the hide. Bliss!!

Lazigirl Fri 26-Jul-19 17:04:07

Thanks Merlot. The storm clouds are gathering, and I don't mean the current weather!

eGJ Fri 26-Jul-19 19:22:55

Oh Ed; poor Emma! Where will it all end? I know we all predicted it, but I think we all thought it would work out all right. The one liners in the RT are not suggestive of good things to come. 😢

Sycamore123 Fri 26-Jul-19 19:32:26

Yes poor Ed, just reinforces the idea that once your ‘down’ like the Grundys you stay down. Pity there wasn’t a negative storyline about that self righteous Kirstie!!! Joking but......

Luckygirl Fri 26-Jul-19 19:32:41

Now Emmer is sure as eggs going to be one cross lady!!!!

AyjayF Fri 26-Jul-19 20:46:40

Oh no, Ed!!😮

NotSpaghetti Sat 27-Jul-19 10:05:09

At least he's "only" lost work and not been reported to the police.
I expected him to be caught dumping. Hope that's not next week's story....

NotSpaghetti Sat 27-Jul-19 10:08:19

I have only just noticed this thread. Some of you might already know it but there's a forum "Mustardland" about The Archers you might like:

merlotgran Sat 27-Jul-19 11:35:33

Thanks for the link, NotSpaghetti. I discovered mustardland on Mumsnet's Archers thread and pop in now and again.

Sara65 Sat 27-Jul-19 11:39:40

Poor Ed!

I don’t think Adam had a choice though

MawBroonsback Sun 28-Jul-19 11:17:22

I think Adam is being a sanctimonious prig. Easy for him to occupy the high ground, given Brian’s illegal practices the consequences of which he could afford to get out of.
I dread the consequences for Ed and Emma.
(Get a grip MB it’s not real)

merlotgran Sun 28-Jul-19 11:46:58

I can see Adam's point though. It would have been different if Tim hadn't visited Home Farm, spoken to him and given him a business card but Adam could find himself backed into a corner when trying to argue that he wasn't involved.

I'm way too invested in this as well. As I mentioned way back in the thread, I still think Ed should have gone to Harrison and offered to go 'under cover.'

I obviously watch far too many police dramas. grin

merlotgran Sun 28-Jul-19 11:48:08

Can't Ed just find another job? He isn't paying the mortgage yet so why should he lose the house if they've already raised the deposit?

MawBroonsback Sun 28-Jul-19 11:55:51

I imagine work isn’t that easy to find around village areas such as Ambridge and travelling would mean the clapped out van. Rural poverty is often glossed over by the media as some assume all is lovely and home grown veggies and cottages with “roses round the door” , but the Grundy family embody so many of the problems people face.
It’s a timely reminder and I wish I could try not to treat it all as real. hmm