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merlotgran Mon 25-Mar-19 19:47:18

I'm starting this new thread as apparently our other one was over a year old!! shock

We'll have to do more gossiping to prevent this happening again.

Here's a link to the old one.

aggie Mon 25-Mar-19 19:52:57

Thanks Merlot

Farmor15 Mon 25-Mar-19 20:05:33

I'm not a complete addict but tend to listen when it's on, though can't keep up with all the storylines. I had my suspicions about Natasha, and from this evening's episode it looks like I'm right. Not sure what her game is though. Anyone got any ideas?

merlotgran Mon 25-Mar-19 20:17:13

I don't think it's going to be just one credit card!

Why does Pip make funny humming noises when she's amused about something?

maryeliza54 Mon 25-Mar-19 22:13:14

OOOHHHHH yes I'm sure this is the beginning of a real debt/money problems storyline. One thing I have also been thinking about re this recent marriage, how is Tom's share of the family business protected if he and N were to divorce? Pip is just such a bore.

crystaltipps Tue 26-Mar-19 07:05:35

When will Natasha find out about Hannah?
Is slimy Russ wheedling his way into Elizabeth’s affections?
Why doesn’t Lee just have a chat with Susan and find out about Helen?

1inamillion Tue 26-Mar-19 07:32:11

You're right merlot, she said 'cards' didn't she. It seems Tony was right about her.
A case of marry in haste, repent at leisure.

crystaltipps Tue 26-Mar-19 07:41:07

Well they were gossiping about Natasha’s expensive tastes weren’t they?

merlotgran Tue 26-Mar-19 07:47:32

She probably has a poor credit rating so must have suggested that gullible Tom do all the dealing with regard to the rent agreement.

crystaltipps, Natasha knows about Hannah because Tom told her (at Hannah's insistence) She wasn't at all bothered, probably because she had Bridge Farm in her sights.

This is going to be a great storyline. I just hope Pat doesn't go all weepy/waily like she did with the Helen/Rob one.

maryeliza54 Tue 26-Mar-19 07:51:07

That issue about the expensive Christmas presents she bought is also slipping into place now I think Tom should google her ( as should Lee google Helen)

maryeliza54 Tue 26-Mar-19 07:53:13

Have they actually signed for their new home though?

LullyDully Tue 26-Mar-19 07:57:38

Ah, but how will foolish Freddy and rascal Russ get on ? When will Lilly come to get senses? Will Gill marry whatshisname. Will Roy get his lady back? Lots of imponderables.

Also where had the lost characters gone? Sid's old wife, Eleanor Bron, Alan's wife and many more. Why do the youngsters keep changing their voices? Creepy.
Cue the music.wink

FountainPen Tue 26-Mar-19 08:04:38

Did we ever we hear whether Pat and Tony retained control over the 900K that the Bridge Farm Archers got for the Elliottville land (which would have been 1M had Tom stuck to making baby food or kefir or whatever Nuffield fad he was interested in at the time). I recall Helen and Tom had big plans for expansion but apart from buying the French cows (and paying off Helen's legal costs?) I can't recall any major expenditure so presumably most of it is still in the bank. It might just cover Natasha's credit cards, tax bill and social aspirations.

On a lighter note I do so want Leonard Berry to have a sister called Mary Berry who enters the best lemon drizzle cake ever at the next Flower and Produce show. That's assuming he stays around after witnessing the meltdown Jill is likely to have when she hears the name Rosie Ruth Grace Archer at the font.

NfkDumpling Tue 26-Mar-19 08:10:34

Perhaps Rosie will gain an extra name - Rosie Ruth Jill Grace Archer.

I too have wondered where Usha has gone. Have I missed something? Have they separated?

Alypoole Tue 26-Mar-19 08:14:35

Just LOVE some of these comments grin

merlotgran Tue 26-Mar-19 08:21:46

I think the last time we heard from Usha was when she was trying, unsuccessfully, to advise Elizabeth about Freddie's court case.

The Flower and Produce show is usually the most boring storyline of the year so Mary Berry turning up as Leonard's sister would be brilliant!! grin

Amee Tue 26-Mar-19 10:11:03

Thanks for this Merlotgran, I have only been listening to The Archers for a little over a year and I am hooked! It will be great to follow along here with you all, and I will check out the older thread to get some of the back stories I have missed.

Chewbacca Tue 26-Mar-19 10:53:17

Where is Cathy Perks and her errant son these days? She used to work at Elizabeth's oranges tea room. Was she fired, never to return?

maryeliza54 Tue 26-Mar-19 11:08:14

I’d forgotten all about Cathy

merlotgran Tue 26-Mar-19 11:36:34

Isn't Cathy the manager of Grey Gables who is occasionally referred to as in, 'I'll have to run that by Cathy' but no longer speaks? hmm

AyjayF Tue 26-Mar-19 21:04:32

Natasha is played by the person who was the sidekick detective in Hinterland!

LullyDully Wed 27-Mar-19 07:44:07

Is she, the dark haired woman with the daughter?

Iam64 Wed 27-Mar-19 07:57:54

Cathy is one of the long term characters who has been put in a cupboard, never to speak again. I wish they'd let her out - she was an interesting personality. She had some good story lines - remember the rape?

I agree with other addicts who suspect Natasha doesn't only have one £8000 debt. She said she moves the debt around to make sure she pays nil interest - as has been said, marry in haste. He's a twizzit that Tom isn't he.

FountainPen Wed 27-Mar-19 11:20:54

The ongoing silence of Kathy Perks is silly. She is supposed to be Pat Archer's closest friend and yet was conspicuously absent through all of of Pat's difficulties especially when Tony's life hung in the balance.

Kathy is more than three years past statutory retirement age. If successive editors have decided she is never going to speak again why not retire her character from the Grey Gables manager job and give Roy a chance to step up from the assistant manager role?

Oliver and the late Caroline Sterling stepped back from the hotel management long ago and escaped to Tuscany. Oliver now works in the pub.

Lexi has a qualification in hotel management. When she was working front of house at GG I thought she would soon be vying for a management position but her character was diverted into the surrogacy story and the chicken factory.

Promote Roy. He needs cheering up. The downside is that Tracy Horobin will be in hot pursuit again. smile

1inamillion Wed 27-Mar-19 11:41:30

I had forgotten about Kathy too. Some of the characters seem to disappear for weeks. I read somewhere that some characters give talks on cruise ships, maybe that explains it!
Natasha was also in an episode of Foyle's War, she was Foyle's side kick's wife. I think she'll turn out to be a descendant of Pat's Uncle Haydn, remember him?

Is it me or do all the younger male characters sound the same - Tom, Chris, Toby, etc?

I've listened to the Archers since I was about twelve ( my mother was a fan) I'm wondering though why Shulah has turned out to be younger than me, when she used to be older??
She did her O'Levels, then went to work in the Estate Agents when I was about 12 🤔
I always wanted to have a pony like her Mr Jones.

To return to the present. Why are David and Ruth so short of cash? Didn't Ruth inherit a load of cash from her mother, did they plough it back into the farm, so to speak 😂