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sodapop Fri 03-May-19 08:38:25

What is happening with Corrie, seven actors leaving in short order. I always watch Corrie but think it's lost the plot now, very little of the humour which made it enjoyable.
I understand there is a new producer who is clearly a new broom.

Liz46 Fri 03-May-19 08:49:21

Yes, definitely lost the plot. The nutcase who works in the flower shop (I've forgotten her name) is quite funny but the rest of it is pretty dire. I don't worry if I miss an episode or two now.

Franbern Fri 03-May-19 09:08:57

Think that many of these actors have an inflated idea of their own talents. They want to leave a safe soap, to 'expand' their careers. Most never manage that. Some of the characters are just taking extended breaks and are likely to reappear in future, one of them is taking maternity leave, which can be understood.
Mary is a wonderful character and brings the Soap to life every time she appears, she and Tracy work well together and Steve is always an amusing and breath of fresh air. These three do keep the fun side of Corrie still working.

Sara65 Fri 03-May-19 09:33:58

I agree, love Mary and Tracey! And I think Brian is turning into a good character

I’m totally fed up with the factory roof storyline, and mostly with Cait crying, and so many things happen so suddenly, Robert and Michelle breaking up, Peter in rehab, if you missed an episode, you’d wonder what was going!

Back in the day you could miss a month, and Rita and Mavis would still be wittering away in the cabin

Marelli Fri 03-May-19 09:37:21

I miss Norris...😞

Sara65 Fri 03-May-19 09:41:28

I too miss Norris, I’ve forgotten where he’s meant to be!

EllanVannin Fri 03-May-19 09:52:11

I've never watched it for years since the older cast left. The only soap I watch is Home and Away.

Charleygirl5 Fri 03-May-19 09:54:10

Recently I have been using subtitles because the diction, especially of the younger generation, is awful.

KatyK Fri 03-May-19 09:57:03

Norris is coming back Sara. Yes I'm sad enough to know that. I live Mary too and Sally and Tim.

KatyK Fri 03-May-19 09:57:23

love not live

JessK Fri 03-May-19 10:04:39

I'm sure I read somewhere that Norris is going to return soon. Such a good character.

Lily65 Fri 03-May-19 10:09:35

I used to enjoy it, years ago. A little ritual, a sit down.
It lost it when it was on practically every night and kept piling on the issues.
With a smallish group of reasonable actors there are only so many times you can rehash the same old stories.
Does anybody really care if Carla is off on a yacht/burnt down the factory/back with Peter or whatever?
Daaaaavid and the half mushroom AKA Gaaaaaaaaail are always entertaining. I long for the days when the children coloured happily in their rooms after eating beans on toast.

KatyK Fri 03-May-19 10:23:29

My DH says 'has everyone in that soap been to prison?' Well yes, most of them!

gillybob Fri 03-May-19 10:47:57

I would get rid of:

Leanne (Shouty) Battersby
Simon (weirdo)Barlow
Chesney (Wet blanket) Brown
Nick (creepy) Tilsley


Moria the man eater
Gemma (pregnant with the wet blankets baby???)
Tim (nice but dim) Metcalfe
Sally (visions of grandeur) Metcalfe
Mary (crazy as a box of frogs) Taylor
Steve (married 7 times) McDonald

I know its not real
I know its not real
I know its not real.....................

Jane43 Fri 03-May-19 10:48:16

It is a shadow of its former self, too many ridiculous story lines about disasters, orders, criminal activities and characters changing character to suit the plot line. Their attempts at comedy with Gemma, Steve and Brian make me cringe. I gave up on it a few months ago, sometimes ir’s on in the background while I am doing something else but I don’t miss watching it.

Jane43 Fri 03-May-19 10:49:17

Sorry ‘orders’ should be ‘murders’

Lily65 Fri 03-May-19 10:50:57

I like Liz McDonald.

crystaltipps Fri 03-May-19 10:52:32

How many bedrooms has Gail’s house got? What has happened to Audrey? Where is Amy? Who will end up with the Polish builder? I like Tracey and Mary, Sally and Tim used to be funny but have got boring. Chesney and the girl from the kebab shop aren’t funny anymore. Glad to see the back of Peter and Carla. I think there is a new family coming to the street, let’s hope they breathe a bit of life into it.

crystaltipps Fri 03-May-19 10:53:28

Oh yes love Moira and Liz too.

gillybob Fri 03-May-19 10:58:50

Methinks , that Polish builder has got a nasty/dirty secret involving the girls at the nail salon (where Seb fixed the washing machine) . hmm

KatyK Fri 03-May-19 11:32:48

Yes gilly I think that Polish builder is up to no good.

Sara65 Fri 03-May-19 11:48:10

Gillybob, I think you’re right!

I agree with many of you, it has gotten a bit silly, but there’s still enough humour to keep me watching, I too like man eater Moira, hope they bring her in a bit more, I also rather like Jenny now.

I agree we could lose Leanne, definitely Nick, perhaps they could run off with Simon, I keep forgetting they’ve got a baby, never see him

I heard Michelle is going, well thank god for that!

If lovely Norris returns, maybe he could get together with Moira

annep1 Fri 03-May-19 11:49:46

The factory storyline is a bit incredible but some good social points being made. Like Abi trying to get some qualifications, helping with rehabilitation for ex-prisoners, keeping fit, and alcoholism. I cried as I watched Peter telling his dad not to leave him alone. My young brother died of alcoholism. No immediate help was offered and he was refused benefits. (Awarded after he died!) Addiction is such a sad illness.

Sara65 Fri 03-May-19 11:55:49

I thought Peter played the part quite well, it was moving, sadly not every alcoholic has a rich friend to whisk them into rehab in about 10 minutes!

sodapop Fri 03-May-19 12:08:36

I read that the matriarch of the new family coming to Corrie is Mrs Tembe from Doctors.
I do watch programmes other than soaps - honestly.