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World on Fire

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tanith Mon 30-Sep-19 14:15:11

Did anyone watch this new series? Just wonder if it’s worth a watch I don’t normally like war films/series.

Happiyogi Mon 30-Sep-19 14:57:08

I'm the same as you tanith. I had to watch some scenes from behind splayed fingers, but I did feel that it is a very timely drama. It was thought provoking about countries depending on each other when under threat, the consequences of allowing unreasonable behaviours to go unchecked and the turmoil and sadness borne by ordinary individuals.

Oopsminty Mon 30-Sep-19 15:18:12

Some of this was filmed in woodlands where I live. We had great fun watching all the activity.

This isn't my usual type of viewing either but obviously was watching.

It was quite good. I'll be watching. But I'm not sure I would had I not seen it being filmed!

ayse Mon 30-Sep-19 15:20:31

It’s definitely my sort of thing. I usually find the first one of a new series just setting up for the rest. I’m looking forward to the next episode

merlotgran Mon 30-Sep-19 15:51:36

I enjoyed it

tanith Mon 30-Sep-19 15:52:30

I’ll give it a try then thanks everyone.

JessK Mon 30-Sep-19 15:54:04

I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. It's going to be interesting following the families in the story but I hope it doesn't jump about too much.
Looking forward to the next episode

sodapop Mon 30-Sep-19 19:10:17

I liked it too, lots of human interest along with the war story. Be interesting to see how it develops,

Labaik Mon 30-Sep-19 19:19:41

I wish Heimat could be shown on televion again. I haven't see this new series yet; will wait till I can watch it on catchup.

travelsafar Mon 30-Sep-19 22:18:59

Lovly to see 'Mum' Leslie Manville playing a mum who is a the complete opposite. Looks like it may be a good series, fingers crossed. Personally i love anything set in this period.

LondonGranny Mon 30-Sep-19 22:34:41

I missed knowing about 'Mum' until it was too late. I really rate Lesley Manville as an actress. I shall probably watch World On Fire, particularly as WW2 particularly affected all sides of my family (and DH's too). I don't like war films if it's just battlefields but this sounds really interesting.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 02-Oct-19 21:36:47

I think it had something of Poliakoff about it.

I love Poliakoff, really enjoying this.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 02-Oct-19 22:17:02

I am on the avoid all war violence camp, but I watched this and “enjoy” is probably not appropriate, but will continue to view.

tanith Wed 02-Oct-19 22:18:55

Well you were all right definitely worth watching so thank you

Mapleleaf Thu 03-Oct-19 16:57:50

I watched this and will continue with it.

Grammaretto Thu 03-Oct-19 18:34:31

I caught the last 20 mins or so. Not really my thing but my friend's DD was in it so I had to watch.

I'm out on a Sunday eve so will have to watch on iPlayer.

Chestnut Mon 07-Oct-19 16:04:00

I love WW2 dramas, not so much the battlefields but the way it affected ordinary people and their lives. So many stories of bravery. This ticks all my boxes, brilliant acting, sets, costumes, script, and it captures the war atmosphere. I can't fault it, and I would expect this to win some BAFTAS or other awards.

ninathenana Mon 07-Oct-19 16:11:11

As sodapop says lots of human interest.
DH and I are both enjoying it.

trisher Mon 07-Oct-19 16:13:26

I watched it. It has got Sean Bean in it ! It's good. but I think his character would have been ensnared by some local woman ages ago. Shocked to realise he was 60 this year.

SueDonim Mon 07-Oct-19 16:43:05

I caught up with this last night. I found the violence stomach-churning but I think it has the makings of a good series.

There's a new book out called First To Fight, about Poland's defence of itself at the start of WW2. I think I'll get it for dh's Xmas present.

Jane43 Mon 07-Oct-19 16:46:49

I’m really enjoying this and finding it emotionally engaging, unlike Sanditon. There are some very good actors in it, particularly the young Polish girl, she reminds me of Saiorse Ronan. Sean Bean is very good as I would expect and so is
Lesley Manville. Full marks to the BBC for this.

Chestnut Mon 07-Oct-19 17:54:39

I found the violence stomach-churning
Presumably you haven't seen Schindler's List then. Much worse I think. I am no fan of violence and gore for entertainment purposes, but I grit my teeth for WW2 dramas because we know it really happened.

SueDonim Mon 07-Oct-19 18:25:47

No, I've never seen Schindler's List. I know what happened, my imagination can supply the rest.

TerriBull Mon 07-Oct-19 18:32:19

It's a welcome addition to Sunday nights. Lesley Manville is as always superb, polar opposite to "Mum" in this role.

I was trying to think who the young Polish actress reminded me of, I agree Jane, she is like Saoirse Ronan.

Maggiemaybe Mon 07-Oct-19 19:07:38

I was a bit disappointed in it last week tbh, but as ayse says, the first episode has to set up for the rest of the series. DH enjoyed it so I’ll try episode 2, which we’ve recorded.