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Anyone else watching Strike

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BlueBelle Sun 06-Sep-20 22:45:08

I love Cormarin and Robin but is anyone else finding the plot very far fetched it’s almost silly ....
but I ll keep watching because ....

tanith Sun 06-Sep-20 22:48:28

I fell asleep and I like it but it’s a bit tedious but like you I’ll carry on.

Charleygirl5 Sun 06-Sep-20 22:49:52

Pleased to hear it is not only me but there is only one more episode.

Callistemon Sun 06-Sep-20 22:53:17

I nodded off for five minutes.
Enjoyed it but I need the plot explained

merlotgran Sun 06-Sep-20 22:58:16

Please can somebody tell me what's going on? grin

Callistemon Sun 06-Sep-20 23:02:16

They are private detectives investigating something, merlotgran.

merlotgran Sun 06-Sep-20 23:05:03


They are private detectives investigating something, merlotgran.

No shit, Sherlock? grin grin

Callistemon Sun 06-Sep-20 23:11:34

I signed the Official Secrets Act, merlotgran and can divulge no more than that.🤐

merlotgran Sun 06-Sep-20 23:25:02

So have the scriptwriters.

vegansrock Mon 07-Sep-20 06:54:45

Loved the first series but this one is dire.

grandMattie Mon 07-Sep-20 07:00:58

I think so too. It is mostly harmless and , at least, it’s home grown and made.... DH read the book earlier and said it was rubbish.
JKR seems to be writing to fill her time. Goodness knows she doesn’t need the money.

downtoearth Mon 07-Sep-20 07:12:47

Waited ages for the book,it wasnt worth the wait, new book due out soon,I am looking forward to it,hope its better than Lethal White,and as good as her previous books

Jane10 Mon 07-Sep-20 07:36:06

I gave up on it but meant to try again. Don't think I'll bother though. Doesn't sound as though it improves.

sodapop Mon 07-Sep-20 07:42:17

I think the plot is largely immaterial, I'm watching Cormoran smile
It does seem to have lost its way, I thought it might be the screen adaptation but you say the book is dire as well grandMattie. Hopefully the next one will be an improvement.

Curlywhirly Mon 07-Sep-20 07:45:21

I am watching it, but the plot is so far fetched - when Robin found the note last night, as if!! With a whole strange house to search, during a party no less, she just happened to find it 🙄

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 07-Sep-20 07:45:21

Well, I’m enjoying it and know what’s going on!

BlueBelle Mon 07-Sep-20 07:46:23

Sodapop I m only watching it for Cormoran too but I must remind you I did get there first ❤️

kittylester Mon 07-Sep-20 07:47:28

I'm with sodapop. grin

I think this is the fourth series vegans.

BlueBelle Mon 07-Sep-20 07:51:09

Well I know what’s going on ladyleft but is so so far fetched nothing really rings true and if it wasn’t for watching cormaron I would have switched off long ago
A child could have written better everything is so far from what would happen that it’s a fairytale
I was soooooo looking forward to it too

Furret Mon 07-Sep-20 07:53:20

Hated the books so wasn’t expecting anything better.

Calendargirl Mon 07-Sep-20 08:10:38

Well, I have to disagree with comments about the book!
I read all the Strike books during Lockdown, and thought that Lethal White was the best of the lot.
I liked The Silkworm the least.

The trouble with the tv adaptation is you can’t condense a big book into four episodes, and if I hadn’t already read it, I would be muddled about the plot, and who was who.

Also, and I hate to write this, but Tom Burke is just too gorgeous to be Cormoran, who, according to the book is ‘massive’ and very overweight. (More like Robbie Coltrane as Cracker).

However, he is sooooo gorgeous that I have to force myself to keep watching him, wondering why Robin ever married that awful Matthew when hunky Tom is just a few inches away, leaning over her computer......,


Jaxjacky Mon 07-Sep-20 08:21:49

Calendargirl I’m with you, read all the books when they came out and agree, compressing for TV is difficult. It’s also a pleasure having something new to watch rather than the continuous repeats.

Jayt Mon 07-Sep-20 08:39:01

I think film techniques don’t help. Backgrounds are dark and shady and sound is often so soft it’s difficult to hear what the characters are saying. Missing a few words and clear pictures here and there doesn’t help to put across the story on the small screen so often I’m left wondering what’s going on. Incidentally, this is the only Robert Galbraith book I couldn’t read to the end. Twice I tried and gave up. Maybe I should try again.

BlueBelle Mon 07-Sep-20 08:46:18

I agree about the darkness that often seems to happen I always use sub titles for dramas but it’s the plot that’s so far fetched thats annoyed me that scene in the parliamentary rooms with her fixing bugs while people were coming and going was laughable if
Then she found Jimmy s girlfriend and got a job just like that and invited to a party where she found the note ...honest a kid would have written better then she completely outruns a man who is conveniently knocked over by a police car oh pleeeeze .will she escape to Cormran s arms now she s left Matt .? Or will that be the next cliff hanger to make you read the next book churned out

Greeneyedgirl Mon 07-Sep-20 08:53:53

I am just pleased that there is something that is not a repeat on the box at the moment, short lived though it may be. I just love Cormoran and Robin, despite not understanding the plot, and having read the book some time ago.