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Amanda Holden's Dress BGT

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avitorl Sat 26-Sep-20 23:13:15

Watching Britain's Got Talent tonight had me watching Amanda Holden's dress more than the Acts.It was so low cut and looked so uncomfortable that I wonder why she would want to wear clothes like that on a TV show. At first I thought her nipples were exposed and then I realised it was wires holding the dress in position ,digging into her breasts giving that appearance.
It seems inappropriate for a family show and I wish the costume department would have a rethink when dressing her and Alyisha Dixon. Perhaps it's me getting old?

HappyBumbleBee Sat 26-Sep-20 23:46:34

I wholeheartedly agree with you - I was waiting for her to literally fall out of it and like you, thought it was her nipples at first. It looked ridiculous and when I commented on it to my husband, even he laughed and said he thought it was meant to be a family show!
I'm no prude and think some cleavage can look attractive - but that went way beyond and I don't think should be acceptable on a family show which features a huge amount of kids too!

3nanny6 Sun 27-Sep-20 00:00:22

I was watching that show and I know that she had some kind of wire near her breast region but I am almost positive that her nipple on the right side was almost exposed to view.
I like Amanda but did not like the choice of dress tonight, did you notice the dress when she first walked out it had a split right up to the top of the thigh. Tonight she was baring all her flesh and more besides.

3nanny6 Sun 27-Sep-20 00:02:29

I thought that Alisha Dixons dress was much more classy and no sign of any breast hanging out.

avitorl Sun 27-Sep-20 00:27:38

It seems to have got her a lot of publicity, which is probably what she was after, but couldn't she have let the main spotlight be on the Acts rather than play nipple hide and seek with the viewers?

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Sep-20 08:18:31

It's depressing that middle aged women feel that they have to dress do ridiculously.
Can you imagine Cowell sitting there with all and sundry on show?
It's pathetic.angry

Maggiemaybe Sun 27-Sep-20 08:57:52

Can you imagine Cowell sitting there with all and sundry on show?

Now that’s an image I never wanted in my mind, FannyCornforth! grin

FindingNemo15 Sun 27-Sep-20 09:17:58

Not appropriate for a family show. Even my DH commented on what he thought were showing. The wires must have hurt.

Chewbacca Sun 27-Sep-20 09:43:07

She's a bit desperate for attention isn't she?

Shropshirelass Sun 27-Sep-20 09:47:18

I thought that too. I did say that Amanda Holden was almost wearing a dress. I am not a prude by any means but she does not dress appropriately for the age of the audience. She would look so much more elegant and less 'tarty' if she covered up a bit.

Kalu Sun 27-Sep-20 10:00:21

Why anyone would want to look like an ageing Barbie Doll is beyond me.
I don’t watch the show and have just googled her which says she is a Media Personality. A better description would be, 49year old desperate attention seeker.

Parsley3 Sun 27-Sep-20 10:43:11

I just had to Google this to see what the fuss was about. Those wires sticking into her breasts looked very painful and yes also like nipples. AH is a seasoned celebrity and she doesn’t need to dress for attention. She should sack her stylist.

Gwyneth Sun 27-Sep-20 10:44:01

Amanda Holden is completely talentless and I guess wearing dresses like this is the only way she can draw attention to herself.

Sarnia Sun 27-Sep-20 10:47:25

I don't watch this TV show but Amanda Holden loves the publicity and has had complaints before about her style of dress. I can't see her changing.

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Sep-20 10:50:26

Holden is actually a talented musical theatre performer.
This has been over shadowed by her talent for self publicity.
Like I said upthread; depressing and pathetic.

Callistemon Sun 27-Sep-20 10:51:34


^Can you imagine Cowell sitting there with all and sundry on show?^

Now that’s an image I never wanted in my mind, FannyCornforth! grin


Thank goodness I never watch that programme!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 27-Sep-20 10:51:36

I agree Chewbacca - I don't watch BGT or whatever it is but I've seen the publicity. During lockdown I believe she even mowed the lawn and/or put the bins out in a ball gown. That level of 'look at me' desperation is to be pitied really.
The sort of programme should be about the acts not the judges which is just one reason why I don't watch it.

Chewbacca Sun 27-Sep-20 10:52:15

AH does seem to enjoy the controversy her dresses attract! This one seems to defy gravity!

merlotgran Sun 27-Sep-20 10:53:31

How pathetic!

Glad I don't watch it.

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Sep-20 10:56:12

Chewy! That looks horrendous!shock
Also, apologies re Cowell / all and sundry.

Sparklefizz Sun 27-Sep-20 11:14:01

She has no talent and she's an attention-seeker.

MrsRochester Sun 27-Sep-20 11:39:01

She could look so lovely if she employed a bit of discretion.
Can’t be easy, being so needy of attention.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:40:23


AH does seem to enjoy the controversy her dresses attract! This one seems to defy gravity!

Didn’t watch it, but if that is what she wore I have no words......AH is entitled to wear what she wants but really!!!!!!

biba70 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:41:20

Sorry, but one question. Why on earth to do watch this?

Parsley3 Sun 27-Sep-20 11:42:01

Is she wearing it back to front?