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OMG Paxo’s hair!

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MawB2 Mon 26-Oct-20 20:38:17

Tonight’s University Challenge - shock horror, Jeremy Paxman is sporting floppy locks à la Robert Peston.

Whoever told him that was a good look?

Nanna58 Mon 26-Oct-20 20:41:50

I usually like to try( and generally fail) to answer the questions, but I was so transfixed by how awful it was I didn’t shout a single answer at the telly !!!

merlotgran Mon 26-Oct-20 20:44:07

We've just been saying the same. It really ages him.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 26-Oct-20 20:44:52

Perhaps his barber is still in lockdown.

Nanna58 Mon 26-Oct-20 20:56:21

I think I remember reading he’d left Mrs P for a younger woman, perhaps he’s trying to look younger 🤦‍♀️

lemongrove Mon 26-Oct-20 20:57:04

Not a good look!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:03:21

First thing we noticed, not a good look

MiniMoon Mon 26-Oct-20 21:04:47

Yes, his hair doesn't match his spectacles.

He looks a complete fright!

Sar53 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:07:48

It was the first thing my DH remarked on, 'he needs to see a barber '.

GagaJo Mon 26-Oct-20 21:08:20

29 years younger. No fool like an old fool. Why do blokes do it? Still, at least he'll get to have a GOOD breakup hair cut when it's over.

MayBee70 Mon 26-Oct-20 21:17:59

I didn’t notice to be honest. University Challenge is the highlight of our week. How sad is that!

grannysyb Mon 26-Oct-20 21:22:37

We love it, managed to answer a few questions!

Grandma70s Mon 26-Oct-20 21:28:21

My favourite programme, too.

Perhaps JP is showing off the fact that he still has a lot of hair, whereas many men his age have lost theirs. I really don’t care what he does with it.

Ashcombe Mon 26-Oct-20 21:33:52

I thought it was a wig!! Hideous!

Gingster Mon 26-Oct-20 21:36:17

He looked ridiculous!

Lucca Mon 26-Oct-20 21:58:05

Still think he’s quite fanciable. He can give me a state for ten any day

Lucca Mon 26-Oct-20 21:58:18


Lucca Mon 26-Oct-20 22:03:25

Goodness did I actually post that out loud? I do apologise for lowering the tone

MissAdventure Mon 26-Oct-20 22:07:28

Ding dong! wink

BlueBelle Mon 26-Oct-20 22:23:14

So where the picture I don’t watch UC

MissAdventure Mon 26-Oct-20 22:27:00

Just imagine phillip Schofield hair with paxos face beneath the floppy fringe. smile

MayBee70 Mon 26-Oct-20 22:50:15

It was recorded ages ago: perhaps hairdressers were still not working then?

MissAdventure Mon 26-Oct-20 23:02:09

Ah, perhaps that's what it is, then.

Georgesgran Mon 26-Oct-20 23:02:44

It’s not a good look - don’t know if it’s my eyes or our old tv, but his hair had a yellowish tinge. Is he doing a Melvin Bragg?

MissAdventure Mon 26-Oct-20 23:04:44

Maybe he's doing a trump? I do get a certain amount of childish enjoyment out of the phrase "doing a trunp".