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What movie scenes make you cry

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Artaylar Fri 26-Mar-21 15:19:45

I watched the movie Snow White and the Huntsman last night, over the years I've seen it around 5 times. While it's not necessarily my favourite movie, there is one scene that always brings tears to my eyest.

It's when Snow White follows the pixies and little animals through the magic forest to where a beautiful white stag is waiting for her under a magical looking tree.

I'm not sure why this scene always affects me like this, I'm thinking that maybe it is something to do from childhood.

Are there any movie scenes that always bring on the tears with you?

Grannygingey Fri 26-Mar-21 15:26:51

Love Actually - Emma Thomson - when she straightens the bedcover before going back down to the family. And The Railway Children - "Daddy, oh my Daddy"..

Gannygangan Fri 26-Mar-21 15:29:16

I'm not much of a crier at films

However there is one that always gets me

A Night to Remember. Probably made in the 1950s. Black and white

Titanic film. As the ship is obviously going down there's mayhem and chaos. A little boy is crying on his own, he can't find his mother. An elderly man picks him up and he calms the little chap by holding him tight and saying they'll look for his Mummy together.

Good grief, I'm almost crying just thinking about it!

Calendargirl Fri 26-Mar-21 15:31:08

Several really.

One that comes to mind is the one in Lawrence of Arabia where a man gets left behind as they trek through the scorching desert. The others want to abandon him, but our hero goes back alone to search for him.

Time passes, a young lad is keeping watch, everyone else has given them up for dead, and suddenly Lawrence appears with the half-dead missing man on the back of his camel. They all rush round to help, typical, when it’s all over.

I’m sure at this point there is swelling music, and Lawrence says “Nothing is written”, as earlier he was told that things like this were written and would happen.

Sounds daft, but it chokes me up.


LadyGracie Fri 26-Mar-21 15:31:13

Shenandoah was the first, when I was about 14 or 15, I sobbed my heart out.

EllanVannin Fri 26-Mar-21 15:33:35

When the boy inadvertantly said " dad " in Goodnight Mr Tom.

Calendargirl Fri 26-Mar-21 15:37:03

Richard Gere sweeping Debra Winger up in his arms after striding through the factory where she works, wearing his officer whites. envy

Gwyneth Fri 26-Mar-21 15:41:00

Love Story when Ali McGraw died.

suziewoozie Fri 26-Mar-21 15:51:30

The scrabble scene in Sometimes, Always, Never
The end scene in Remains of the Day
The scene in Manchester By Sea where the parents meet up - she’s pushing the pram I think of the child she had with her new partner

suziewoozie Fri 26-Mar-21 15:54:18

Should add - the first one because it’s reaffirming of every day live, the second because of ineffable, irredeemable sadness of regret and the third because of the hope of forgiveness and new if limited beginnings after terrible tragedy

suziewoozie Fri 26-Mar-21 15:54:43

Everyday love not live

kittylester Fri 26-Mar-21 16:01:23

When Tony dies in West Side Story! I have a tear or two - DD3 sobs every single time!

DiscoGran Fri 26-Mar-21 16:01:57

Truly Madly Deeply. One of my favourite films and I sobbed. Juliet Stevenson is amazing in it. Recommended 😭

Artaylar Fri 26-Mar-21 16:15:32

Thanks for sharing everyone, its so lovely to read what has touched your hearts.

And, OMG kittylester, yes the death of Tony scene in West Side Story gets me every time too.

suziewoozie Fri 26-Mar-21 16:18:18

Thanks for this thread - it was good thinking about my choices. I’m going to watch Sometimes Always Never again ( which is unheard of for me)

LullyDully Fri 26-Mar-21 16:18:52

Yes when Tony does in West side Story indeed.

Polarbear2 Fri 26-Mar-21 16:19:56

grannygingey absolutely that Emma Thompson scene in Love Actually. It does for me every time. Also ET. Sorry but I always blub from about 20 mins from the end.

ixion Fri 26-Mar-21 16:21:16

E.T. (the end bit)😥

Kate1949 Fri 26-Mar-21 16:22:19

The end of The Way We Were (my favourite film). They were in love but couldn't agree. Then she sees him with his new girl and he comes over to talk to her! sad

Lucca Fri 26-Mar-21 16:24:59

The end of bridges of Madison county. Not a dry eye in the house

Yes, the railway children

Not love story, to me it tried too hard to wring a tear !

MerylStreep Fri 26-Mar-21 16:27:39

The scene in Out of Africa where Karen has lost everything and she and Denys have a final meal together as she’s going back to Denmark. And then Denys dies in a plane crash.
I’ve a slight lump now thinking about it.

Calendargirl I’m a huge Laurence of Arabia fan. Don’t know how many times I’ve watched it.

MerylStreep Fri 26-Mar-21 16:28:43

How could I forget that scene 😭

Deedaa Fri 26-Mar-21 16:30:00

Yes, Emma Thompson's scene in Love Actually and The Railway Children. I would add then end of The Incredible Journey when the old bull terrier comes waddling into sight and the little boy has been so brave while thinking he was dead.

netflixfan Fri 26-Mar-21 16:34:05

I'm the same as you Deedaa! Especially the Railway Children. Never can understand why people adore Love Actually.

MerylStreep Fri 26-Mar-21 16:37:05

ET going home. 😭