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Keeping Faith BBC1 9 pm tonight

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Puzzler61 Sat 27-Mar-21 17:05:15

“Keeping Faith” drama about a family is back tonight for a further 6 episodes. (This is series 3)
I’m excited about it - are there any other fans amongst GN?

kittylester Sun 28-Mar-21 20:55:14

On a totally superficial point - I was slightly surprised to discover that Celia Imrie is quite a bit younger than me but definitely doesn't look it.

2020convert Sun 28-Mar-21 21:02:56

nly just discovered it's back tonight, there is so little on tv, worth watching, particularly on Saturdays.

If the first two series are available 2020convert, I'd try and catch up if you are able to, there are quite a few back stories which I imagine this new series might follow on from. I loved the first one when I first stumbled upon it.

Thanks, at least one person read my post TB !

grumppa Sun 28-Mar-21 21:14:12

I though thought the lady judge got it right when she told Faith to cut out the histrionics the next time she appeared in her court. Is this the ultimate Brechtian alienation effect, with one character criticising another’s acting?

katynana Sun 28-Mar-21 21:19:33

Watched it already in Welsh but only got subtitles on 2 episodes so probably need to watch again in English to pick up on the dialogue I missed. Have to admit I wasn't over-impressed and still not convinced that it had a satisfactory ending.

Aveline Mon 29-Mar-21 17:07:20

I can't help liking Faith and being drawn in to her shambles of a life. All I remember of previous series are her stumbling about on silly high heels in her yellow anorak with her hair a mess and clutching a baby.
Somehow she made me care about her despite being such a mess. I'll binge watch this series.
PS I agree re Celia Imrie

Lucca Mon 29-Mar-21 17:45:28


Disappointed at last night’s opening episode to series 3.
I hope it picks up next week.

I’m probably the only one but I don’t find her empathetic as a character and her. poor kids don’t get much attention do they!

Puzzler61 Mon 29-Mar-21 18:16:27

No Lucca I think it’s trying to portray a career woman trying to have it all, but then finding she’s trying to do it all.
Some things have to give.

Maggiemaybe Mon 29-Mar-21 18:53:01

We recorded the second series when it was on and somehow never got round to watching it. The storyline in series one was interesting and the scenery lush, but Faith was the most irritating character imaginable. If you lot give this new series rave reviews though I'll have to blow the dust off the old one and binge watch it before going on to series 3.

Lucca Mon 29-Mar-21 19:04:33

Oh good not just me then ! Her portrayal of career woman is doing career women no favours

Aveline Mon 29-Mar-21 19:34:42

She's certainly not like any career woman I've ever known or any lawyer either.

Jaxjacky Mon 29-Mar-21 20:15:26

We’d not watched the previous series, watched this episode and won’t be watching the rest. It lacks believability.

NanKate Wed 31-Mar-21 21:39:48

I wish I looked like Faith, yes I know how shallow can I get. I loved her blue coat in series 2 which I have just binged watched again. I think Steve Baldini looks passed his best in series 3.

You look far younger Kitty than Celia Imrie.

seacliff Wed 31-Mar-21 21:46:38

I quite enjoyed the first series when her husband was missing and it was all a bit of a mystery as to what had happened. The yellow mac was very popular I remember.

The second series I gave up on, there did not seem to be much of a story, lots of padding. I didn't much like her or find her believable as a character. From what you have all said, I won't bother with this one at all.

Aveline Wed 31-Mar-21 21:58:44

I'm sticking with it. She's just so OTT somehow but likeable. A likeable nightmare. Those poor children!

kissngate Wed 31-Mar-21 21:59:41

Can someone remind me has Celia Imrie had dealings with Faith before, if so, what when how?

Emily49 Wed 31-Mar-21 22:09:21


Can someone remind me has Celia Imrie had dealings with Faith before, if so, what when how?

It’s difficult to answer that without - SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! - giving stuff away if you haven’t watched it all. No, Celia Imrie hasn’t appeared before. She’s Faith’s mother - Faith hated her and left when she was 15. The mother was a crook and ran many dodgy deals, which she involved Faith in, as a child. I doubt there’ll be another series, but if there was to be one, Steve, Evan and Rose (Faith’s mother) won’t be in it, if you get my drift......
I binge watched it because I know that area well, and love it. And I liked the music.

Lollin Thu 01-Apr-21 13:39:38

Could not resist. Binge watched the lot. imo - Brilliant!

Emily49 Thu 01-Apr-21 14:12:45

I agree, Lollin, but I think a lot of viewers will say they’re disappointed. It was all a bit silly and shallow and tried to pack too much in, in parts, and then drifted in parts, with an over indulgence on the music. But I’ve just been very fond of it from the off for some reason grin

Esspee Thu 01-Apr-21 14:13:04

We couldn’t get to the end of episode 1 despite having watched the previous series.
We are watching DNA at the moment. A superb series.

Lollin Thu 01-Apr-21 14:30:30

I felt the writer didn’t want everything made obvious so you had to get to know the characters and understand the reasons for their choices from before they hit the screen.

Aveline Thu 01-Apr-21 16:59:55

Eve Myles is very good indeed. She's so wonderfully irrational, raging one minute, laughing the next. She's quite comical at times too. She doesn't seem to mind how she looks.

Emily49 Thu 01-Apr-21 17:25:00

She’s lovely in real life too - we saw her at Hay Festival a couple of years ago. In real life, she and “Evan” are husband and wife smile

Aveline Thu 01-Apr-21 22:25:36

Ooh and I'm really working up a dislike for Evan. Useless creature!
Hope he's better in real life.

BlueBelle Fri 02-Apr-21 18:16:09

I rather like Faith she’s dizzy and manic but I find her impulsiveness and disorientation rather appealing

Puzzler61 Sun 04-Apr-21 13:25:27

I watched again last night and could see continuity in some old back stories and new storylines emerging.
I think there’s a bit of Faith in me and I might love letting my emotions run riot once in a while as she does.
I’ll keep watching.
I love the scenery and music too. 6/10 last night from me.