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Keeping Faith BBC1 9 pm tonight

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Puzzler61 Sat 27-Mar-21 17:05:15

“Keeping Faith” drama about a family is back tonight for a further 6 episodes. (This is series 3)
I’m excited about it - are there any other fans amongst GN?

ninathenana Sun 02-May-21 12:24:59

merlot We wondered that too.

I can't spell the young boy with the tumor's name but it was rather far fetched for him to make such a miraculous recovery. I was glad to see it though.

Greyduster Sun 02-May-21 12:33:43

Was it a one night stand? I thought he’d slept on the sofa?

Soozikinzi Sun 02-May-21 12:38:09

We enjoyed it - I know it isn’t everyone’s favourite - but we liked Faith herself and her lovely house and the beaches . I liked her husband and her father in law and her lawyer partner with the short hair . I think it’s ok as long as you aren’t expecting realism !

BlueBelle Sun 02-May-21 13:18:59

I don’t think she did sleep with the black police officer
It has to be Steve’s baby I m so sad he’s dead and he was trying to get her help in that haiunting phone call saying help me
Who did kill Steve ? Am I being a bit slow
They all went last night didn’t they? Rose, Steve and Evan
(I can’t say Evan even in my mind without going Ev...van )
Yes Osian made a miraculous recovery to be back from France and on the beach in presumably a brief time lapse a bit weird
I don’t think there can be another series it seemed an end
I loved Faith quirky kind mad very very attractive
I loved Steve, a bit of a brute but so caring kind and protective of Faith
A brilliant series

Puzzler61 Mon 03-May-21 09:50:52

I think it’s Steve’s. Got to be hasn’t it?
Although the baby in her tummy now in real life is definitely her husband’s (Evan who plays her on screen husband too).
It’s their child no 3 , and Eve Myles is 43.

Puzzler61 Mon 03-May-21 09:53:30

I don’t think Steve’s killer was identified but it would be Rose or more likely one of her henchmen.
We didn’t see Rose at Steve’s cottage in the wood when we’d seen him alive for the last time. I remember only Faith looking for him and then Susan Williams finding the chopper with blood on.
Please correct me if I missed something?