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Call The Midwife

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H1954 Sun 18-Apr-21 18:41:59

New series starts this evening, so with no big debate, no negative comments.......just a simple yes or no will suffice, will you be watching?
I will!

Anniebach Sun 18-Apr-21 18:44:10

I will record it, haven’t watched all of the last series yet

GrannyGravy13 Sun 18-Apr-21 18:47:54

I really enjoy this programme, looking forward to seeing it.

Urmstongran Sun 18-Apr-21 18:50:55

Nope. 😊

Gingster Sun 18-Apr-21 18:51:46

Definitely. Lovely Sunday evening viewing

Mapleleaf Sun 18-Apr-21 18:53:26


kittylester Sun 18-Apr-21 18:58:22

Brilliant tv tonight. Antiques Road Show, Call the Midwife and LOD.

ginny Sun 18-Apr-21 19:01:26

Yes !

Bridie22 Sun 18-Apr-21 19:03:53


Grannynannywanny Sun 18-Apr-21 19:08:41

Yes, I’ve always watched it. I enjoy it. Nice easy watching. Interesting to see it progressing through the decades.

merlotgran Sun 18-Apr-21 19:11:47

You bet!

suziewoozie Sun 18-Apr-21 19:12:20


shysal Sun 18-Apr-21 19:21:01


Grannyben Sun 18-Apr-21 19:22:34


LindaPat Sun 18-Apr-21 19:29:42

Yes, we've watched it since the start. Love the social history aspect, events and fashions etc. x

Calendargirl Sun 18-Apr-21 19:34:04


grannyrebel7 Sun 18-Apr-21 19:38:33

Definitely 👍

Trisha57 Sun 18-Apr-21 19:44:10

Oh Yes!!!! One of my favourite programmes.

B9exchange Sun 18-Apr-21 21:03:33

Goodness, that was a real tear jerker, as if we hadn't had enough of an emotional weekend!

Grandmadinosaur Sun 18-Apr-21 21:15:12

Yes I watched it.

EllanVannin Sun 18-Apr-21 21:19:21

I watched it and it was interesting too about radiation.

Hellogirl1 Sun 18-Apr-21 21:28:18

Definite YES, have never missed an episode. Had visitors tonight, will watch it later on.

muse Sun 18-Apr-21 21:29:21

I remember 1966 so well. The year I left school, aged 16.

Mollygo Sun 18-Apr-21 21:36:25


LadyGracie Sun 18-Apr-21 22:01:43