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Showtrial on BBC iPlayer

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Sparklefizz Tue 02-Nov-21 07:50:54

Anyone watching this drama? I am finding it really good and am now on episode 3.

H1954 Tue 02-Nov-21 07:52:55

Yes, we watched the first episode on Sunday night but didn't realise the rest of the series was available on iPlayer. Something to consider for the next wet, dreary afternoon then.

Gwyneth Tue 02-Nov-21 07:56:17

I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to next episode.

TerriBull Tue 02-Nov-21 08:09:27

Absolutely best opening crime drama episode I've seen for ages. I see 2nd episode is available on I Player, I almost want to savor it so few good crime dramas right now.

Charleygirl5 Tue 02-Nov-21 08:22:44

I watched the first episode and the hour flashed past. It was different which does make a change. There is little on for me tonight so I may watch it on i Player. There are 5 episodes I believe.

Audi10 Tue 02-Nov-21 08:29:06

We have taped it

travelsafar Tue 02-Nov-21 08:31:40

Brilliant acting by the girl in custody. Have watched second episode but rationing myself as it is so good!!! smile

Sparklefizz Tue 02-Nov-21 09:21:15

I am halfway through it, and it's great not to have to wait a week for the next episode.

BigBertha1 Tue 02-Nov-21 09:34:42

Glued to the first episode!

Jane43 Tue 02-Nov-21 17:49:20

I have watched three episodes and find it riveting. The actors playing Talitha and Cleo are very good.

Shirleyw Wed 03-Nov-21 05:29:31

I finished watching them last night, enjoyed it , very good acting.

BlueBelle Wed 03-Nov-21 05:47:11

What side is this on I m not sure how I ve missed it ?

Sparklefizz Wed 03-Nov-21 08:07:31

It's on BBC 1 BlueBelle, but all episodes are on BBC iPlayer.

nanaK54 Wed 03-Nov-21 08:41:28

Thank you for the recommendation, downloading now

Aveline Wed 03-Nov-21 08:48:40

I've watched it all. Really good. A bit different. Not sure about the ending. Won't spoil it for others but look forward to discussion after everyone's seen it.

Sparklefizz Wed 03-Nov-21 10:44:55

I know what you mean Aveline. I'm looking forward to discussing it once everyone's seen it.

travelsafar Thu 04-Nov-21 11:10:12

I finished this last night and loved it. Full of twists and turns. The very last scene reminded me so much of Killing Eve. Cant say reason why as it would spoil it for others. But if anyone else has finished it do they agree??? smile

TerriBull Thu 04-Nov-21 11:24:07

I haven't finished it yet, but would recommend it to anyone who likes a good crime drama, strangely I think I read the writers were also behind the recent "Vigil" which was a huge disappointment imo!

Calendargirl Sun 07-Nov-21 20:50:57

Have just watched the first two episodes. Did anyone else think it odd that Talitha was still wearing the same clothes she was arrested in, the leather trousers and strapless top after thirty six hours in custody, and staying overnight at her solicitor’s? Surely Cleo would have brought her some fresh clothes from somewhere?

Artaylar Mon 15-Nov-21 18:24:43

I'm enjoying this series very much and really like the Talitha and Cleo characters.

seacliff Tue 16-Nov-21 21:39:00

I have just finished this, and thought it was excellent. A bit different. I want to talk about the ending though, and sounds like not many have seen it yet.

Lincslass Tue 16-Nov-21 22:36:12

I watched the first episode on I player, yet to watch the second, but found it very good hours worth of drama. Will catch up when have more time.

Curlywhirly Tue 16-Nov-21 23:50:22

Have just watched the third episode - think the series so far is very good and quite believeable (no glaringly ridiculous scenes, unlike Vigil!). I too think the actresses playing Talitha and Cleo are excellent; they steal every scene they are in. Looking forward to the next episodes.

glammagran Sat 20-Nov-21 13:53:40

I agree, this was very good. Watched an episode each night this week. It had a very fresh feel to it. I wonder if it could be reprised with Cleo in it again. Vigil was just awful

AGAA4 Sat 20-Nov-21 16:19:49

I have watched it all now and found it fascinating. The actress playing the spoilt rich girl is excellent.