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Santana Sun 02-Jan-22 09:41:59

Not giving anything away if I say the main character gets amnesia after a car accident in the Australian outback. We don't know his name either.
Just wondered if anyone else thought his accent changes from Scottish to Northern Irish? Maybe just bad acting.

Calistemon Sun 02-Jan-22 09:47:15

I think he is Northern Irish IRL but I did think it wandered into Scottish at one point!
There were a few other wandering accents too.

I was really looking forward to this but I'm not so sure now, it made me feel very uncomfortable and put me off going into the Outback 😃

silverlining48 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:00:58

I am always interested in different accents and was struggling to decide the tourist’s accent. Concluded Irish with a touch of Scottish but still not 100% . Expect he’s American and doing a Dick van Dyke grin

silverlining48 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:04:06

Calistemon definitely Wouldn’t fancy the outback as s holiday destination, it looked grim. No offence to ozzies but ..,.not on my go to list,

Jaxjacky Sun 02-Jan-22 10:15:53

My OH, who’s Irish reckoned the accent was Irish with a touch of Aussie.
We both enjoyed it and will watch tonight.

Farmor15 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:22:57

The actor is James Dornan - Northern Irish actor. He previously played in The Fall. Being Irish, I immediately recognised it as a Northern Ireland accent and was surprised that hospital staff hadn't picked up on it when trying to identify him.

Farmor15 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:25:31

I was curious about where in Australia it was filmed, as it looked so unattractive! South Australia apparently. Read article where the locals were pleased with business filming brought and hoped it would promote the area!!

henetha Sun 02-Jan-22 10:27:04

He's Irish, and the accent is his own. Great start to the series and I hope it doesn't go downhill like some do.
When I tour Australia in my motorhome (favourite dream of mine) I shall go round the coast and not cross the middle bit.

Alegrias1 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:57:38

South Australia is spectacularly attractive. I've lived there. They've obviously chosen a bit of the outback that is a bit "grim" because the story is not exactly a laugh a minute.

We actually recognised the outline of the hills as the Flinders ranges because we have an image of them hanging above our fireplace from when we visited there.

Do consider "crossing the middle bit" if you ever go there. We did, in a camper van. It's breath-taking.

LilyoftheValley Sun 02-Jan-22 10:58:06

Years ago I was staying near to Perth and took a trip to outlying farms with the idea of buying o ne. We had a hire car and the petrol gauge was faulty. We were in the outback when we ran out of fuel! Luckily for us, a farmer drove by within a couple of hours and rescued us. It was scary to see land going on for ever and no buildings in sight! Not sure if I like the series yet but going to stay with it.

trisher Sun 02-Jan-22 11:02:34

I thought it was great. The countryside was awful but the people were lovely and very helpful. It built well and left with a cliff hanger. Brilliant!!!

henetha Sun 02-Jan-22 11:18:52

I'd reallly love to go anywhere in Australia, Alegrias1
I promise I will cross the 'middle bit' provided I can have someone competent with me! smile. I have been to Perth and Sydney and think it's a great country with friendly people.
I envy you living there for a while.

Alegrias1 Sun 02-Jan-22 11:25:42

Good for you henetha!

We went to Coober Pedy in January in a camper van. Not our best idea. grin 45 degrees in the shade...

henetha Sun 02-Jan-22 11:29:41

Oh my goodness! That's unbearable. My friends in Perth said is was 42 degrees on Christmas Day.
When (if) my dream comes true, I'll choose the time of year carefully!

Welshwife Sun 02-Jan-22 11:50:45

When I visited OZ in 1992 we did a road trip from South Australia as far as Alice Springs. I loved it all. At that time you could still climb Ayers Rock - Uluru - my friend did but I just watched the changing colour as the sun set. Loved Alice Springs and still have my opals from Coober Pedy. One of the most surprising things was that despite there being trees around we still saw Aboriginal people having a sort of pow-wow sitting in a large circle in hot sunshine and on the bare earth.

lindiann Sun 02-Jan-22 12:00:10

Anyone else think Jamie from Emmerdale looks like Jamie Dornan? I thought it was the same actor at first

MerylStreep Sun 02-Jan-22 12:11:23

Maybe you didn’t recognise him with his clothes on, 50 Shades of Grey 😉

Visgir1 Sun 02-Jan-22 12:33:09

Thought it was better than I expected. Credit from me goes to " Danielle Mcdonald" as the young Police woman, she's a star.
And the actress from Line of Duty was surprisingly dodgy.
Hope it continues at pace and I don't feel it could have been condensed to less episodes.

mokryna Sun 02-Jan-22 12:48:22

I stopped my grandchildren wanting to climb Uluru by saying it was like someone crawling over the altar in their own church. However, we did climb Kings Canyon, 323 kilometres southwest of Alice Springs.

TerriBull Sun 02-Jan-22 13:23:11

Riveting! kept us glued throughout, look forward to the next episode. The rather large bearded actor has popped up in various things, I first saw him in an Icelandic series and then later on in Baptiste.

I enjoyed my time in Australia, but never travelled into the interior, looks a bit desolate and would hate to break down on one of those very straight roads.

MayBee70 Sun 02-Jan-22 14:19:12

I watched the first episode last night and really enjoyed it. Quite dark but with a touch of Australian humour ( which always seems to include a chubby female authority figure of some kind think Hunt for the Wilderpeople). I ‘m trying not to binge watch it!

Shandy57 Sun 02-Jan-22 14:54:27

I've just started watching this, and the first ten minutes reminded me of a very old film with Charlton Heston?

Shandy57 Sun 02-Jan-22 14:55:37

PS We didn't drive across here when we went to Australia. I had been told horror stories of the oil in some hire cars boiling and blowing the bonnet off.

Jaxjacky Sun 02-Jan-22 15:19:54

Dennis Weaver was in Duel Shandy57 film about a menacing truck in the 70’s.

MayBee70 Sun 02-Jan-22 15:39:26

Yes. That’s what it reminded me of, albeit never having watched that film. It was well publicised at the time though so I saw plenty of excerpts from it.