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Anyone watched The Tinder Swindler on Netflix?

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Llamedos13 Sun 06-Feb-22 13:26:28

I was quite shocked by how easily this creep fooled all those unsuspecting women.

Pepper59 Sun 06-Feb-22 14:40:01

SPOILERS: I thought the first girl was either very naive or was impressed by exactly what HE wanted her to see. Ive got to say my antennae would have been screaming that something wasn't right about him. The warning flags are usually the first time there are money issues. Did they never wonder why they never met any of his family? Id be running for the hills at the first mention of ' enemies'. Did the family or friends of these ladies not point out any doubts to them or talk to them about this boyfriend? Ive wondered about that. Im not saying that I couldn't be fooled, but some things would have got me thinking. The 'justice' was a joke. I could not believe how little he got. Those poor women will be paying for the rest of their lives and not just financially.

Grandmagrim Sun 06-Feb-22 15:45:16

He was loathsome. The women obviously wanted a Prince Charming and he capitalised on that. Without wishing to give away any spoilers I was more shocked by the end of the documentary than Simon’s audacity or the women’s naïvety.

Newatthis Mon 07-Feb-22 13:12:47

An absolutely amazing documentary, I couldn't stop watching. Fortunately he has now been thrown off Tinder but will probably be back somewhere else. These poor women - I am sure if it were me, I wouldn't want to date again. They were so courageous to do this and expose him for what he his.

AGAA4 Mon 07-Feb-22 13:17:29

What an evil man. I wonder how many women didn't fall for his scam. I think I would have been very suspicious when he asked for money.
I was quite shocked by the way this ended too.

Llamedos13 Mon 07-Feb-22 13:18:22

At the very end of the documentary it said he was back on Tinder, it showed his smiling face, how Tinder would allow that is beyond me.

TerriBull Mon 07-Feb-22 18:01:29

Watched it yesterday. Dear oh dear those poor women! His highly convoluted trickery drew them in, and once they were in so deep and the warning signs were beginning to resonate, it was clear they didn't have any way of extricating themselves. It does make the viewer ponder on why some people devote all their time and energy into duping others in such a fraudulent way, just so they can live the high life as if that is somehow what they are entitled to do. What a loathsome, shallow individual, the only smile I got was when the Dutch girl turned the tables and sold off his truly hideous designer wardrobe some people's highly priced must haves veer well on the side of naff! I can only hope those women still lumbered with their debts he lumbered them with have made some money from this Netflix production that has gone some way to clearing them...........and he's back on Tinder that's the worst thing, he hardly got punished at all shock

HurdyGurdy Tue 08-Feb-22 12:16:32

I think it's very easy to watch from a position of knowledge and be adamant that we wouldn't be taken in. The fact it was called The Tinder Swindler gave the viewer the knowledge that the women were going to get scammed, so we were already braced for it.

And of course the story didn't play out in real time - we only got glimpses of how the relationships developed compressed into a short timeframe and it was very easy to spot the telltale signs. I'm sure there were long stretches where he was lovely, attentive and made the women feel that they were the centre of his universe.

Yes the women were very naive, but they were taken in my his charms, and yes, probably the lifestyle, and genuinely thought there were in a loving, committed relationship.

I thought the outcome was breathtaking. How he got away with it, and got to return to Tinder, is shocking.

AGAA4 Tue 08-Feb-22 13:44:05

My first thoughts were why was a good looking well dressed billionaire looking for a girlfriend on Tinder? He was travelling around the world women would have been falling over themselves to be with him.

Bea65 Wed 09-Feb-22 11:11:31

Apparently the 2 women featured in the documentary have now started a Go Fund page on?FB to seek support in order to pay off their horrendous was an eye watering doc and awful to say i enjoyed it but also cannot understand how he didn't get done for massive fraud on stealing IDs of women..angry in ?3 countries...

Newatthis Wed 09-Feb-22 16:16:03

The only reason he was living the high life was because he was working a "ponzi" scheme - basically using the extorted money from one girl to spend the next. Many women were duped, not just those featured in the documentary which funded his lifestyle. He was never a billionaire, he was a fake - right down to his 'designer' watches which were fake also. Can't wait to listen to the Podcast which is out today. It was brilliantly directed and well written and thought out.

crazyH Wed 09-Feb-22 17:31:05

Watching it right now - gosh 😡

Shinamae Wed 09-Feb-22 17:38:12

Just about to watch it,sick of watching that video that sky News keep showing about that bastard kicking the cat.. also sick of hearing he has been fined £250,000,bloody pocket money to him …😡?…so off I go to Netflix..

Shandy57 Wed 09-Feb-22 17:39:50

I watched it yesterday too, those poor women. Rip Off Britain recently featured a few women who had parted with huge sums of money to men they'd never even met on other on-line dating sites. As the young girl said, love is the goal for so many.

Shandy57 Wed 09-Feb-22 17:40:47

Don't look at twitter Shinamae, that sadist is on there too.

Pammie1 Wed 09-Feb-22 17:58:48

I remember a while ago, a good friend who went on a dating site after the end of her marriage. It wasn’t Tinder though - I think it was something like PoF. She spent ages talking to a man on the site, who if I remember rightly, said he was Italian and was working in Dubai, managing a lucrative building project. She showed me photographs of him and details from his profile. I remember thinking at the time that he was impossibly handsome and that his profile was just a bit too good to be true, but the story about the building project sounded plausible. He talked about how much money he would have at the end of the contract in a few months, and how he would take her to Italy to meet his mother and his family. He built a happy ever after picture and she fell for it hook line and sinker.

Unbeknown to me he had asked her to open a WhatsApp account, as he felt as though their conversations were being monitored on the dating site. After a few weeks of chatting on WhatsApp he asked her would she mind taking delivery of a package for him, as he was due to finish the contract in a couple of weeks and was coming straight to the UK to meet her. She had agreed but hadn’t got as far as giving him her address when he asked if she could also wire him £5000 to tide him over and pay for things like plane tickets home until he got his fat pay cheque from the contract. She was actually going to do it but asked what I thought before committing herself. After showing her the various online scams doing the rounds, I eventually convinced her to close down the conversation and delete WhatsApp, and report what had happened to the police and to the dating website.

It turned out that the handsome Italian project manager was actually an operative in a call centre in Mumbai, working with stolen ID details and preying on lonely men and women who were looking for companionship. My friend had a narrow escape but it took her a long time to get over it and she was treated for depression as a result. It’s not just the financial consequences, it’s the emotional damage it does too.

Pammie1 Wed 09-Feb-22 18:00:58


Just about to watch it,sick of watching that video that sky News keep showing about that bastard kicking the cat.. also sick of hearing he has been fined £250,000,bloody pocket money to him …😡?…so off I go to Netflix..

Try not to watch the odious Jimmy Carr if you’re going to Netflix - I think that’s where he made his ‘career ending’ comments about the holocaust.

crazyH Wed 09-Feb-22 19:13:25

I never liked that idiot - Jimmy Carr. So glad his career’s going downhill ..