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Holby City - the end

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Franbern Wed 23-Mar-22 08:33:56

So, next week is the FINAL episode for Holby City - and it appears as if this is going to see the death of one of their most iconic characters, Jac Naylor.

Such a pity - I have been a follower of this since it first it first began and still remember that great first episode (with another - for me - iconic Character Mr Nick Jordan). I have preferred HC to Casualty as it is always much more hospital based (so much of each Casualty episodes takes place outside of the hospital ).
I do record and watch classic episodes of both, but am really sad that the BBC has decided not to continue with HC.
Seems the main reason is that attracts the wrong age group to the one they want. Do they not realise that most of the younger generation do not watch television at all.

Another of my favourite comfort soaps, Neighbours, is also likely to come to an end in the not too distant future.

Obviously my age group are not the one they want watching programmes, - they will take away our popular programmes and then could find themselves left with no audiance at all

tanith Wed 23-Mar-22 08:51:06

I'm very sad its going Tuesday won't be the same. They may have a couple of characters crossover to Casualty. 😓

Leilla Wed 23-Mar-22 09:10:08

My favourite character was Rick Griffin.
I much prefer the hospital dramas to the actual A & E fly on the wall stuff, I think because we get to know the individual characters and feel comfortable. It's kind of easy watching of an evening.
I think our age group are exactly the ones they need to hang onto, the younger generations go elsewhere.

Shandy57 Wed 23-Mar-22 09:15:06

So sorry Franbern. I remember when Crossroads finished, I was devastated! I had my hair cut like Diane in the 70's. Not sure about Benny, on reflection!

As for Neighbours, my students in the 4-5 pm lesson used to beg me to leave early to watch it.

Have you tried Father Brown? I think it's being repeated on Drama at the moment. I'm still stuck on the bed with my laptop, I miss my afternoon viewing.

luluaugust Wed 23-Mar-22 09:23:37

The BBC really are out of touch none of my children or grandchildren sit down and watch conventional TV its all films and series off Netflix. So little on worth watching how strange to ditch one of your highest ratings shows.

Athrawes Wed 23-Mar-22 11:58:49

I find evening TV watching boring - game show after game show with the odd 'walk with....' thrown in for good measure. I'm learning Welsh so I tend to watch the series Pobol y Cwm [a sort of Welsh Coronation Street] and the excellent thrillers they have, along with visits to actors' homes [great if you're nosey like me!!!]. And if you're sporty there's plenty of rugby! They all have sub titles by the way!!!!!

LilyoftheValley Wed 23-Mar-22 12:03:27

I watched last night's episode and am in total confusion. Thought Jac had died and then she was laying in bed and talking! Such a pity this show is going, far superior to Casualty. I adored Mr. Meyer, Ric Griffin and Jac. I am still puzzled as to why the show has been cancelled.

sodapop Wed 23-Mar-22 12:34:37

Agree Franbern why are they taking off a popular show. I really enjoy Holby more so than Casualty. Medical based dramas are a favourite of mine. None of my children or grandchildren watch conventional TV either like most younger people. Why then are they doing this, please don't let Holby make way for another stupid game or reality show.
There have been some excellent characters over the years and some good story lines. 😪

Aveline Wed 23-Mar-22 13:19:36

They are transferring the funding for Holby to Waterloo Road. It's making a comeback after a few years so my suspicion is that Holby will be back too at some point in the future. Hospital dramas have a fascination.

Leilla Wed 23-Mar-22 13:21:40

Oh well, the characters can all come back at a later date as ghosts.

Elusivebutterfly Wed 23-Mar-22 14:11:37

I agree that the BBC should keep Holby. I always watch it, as well as Casualty. There is very little else I watch apart from the news on BBC1.
I have always liked hospital dramas since Emergency Ward 10 and Dr Kildare when I was a child.

Franbern Wed 23-Mar-22 17:41:43

I did watch Waterloo Road, and enjoyed it for a time, but they quickly ran out of good storylines and it became repetitive.

HC has produced some great characters over the years. I really do think that the people who make those decisions are just not really tuned into what people actually want.

Shandy I sometimes watch some episodes of Father Brown. They are okay, but not something I am all that keen on.

I like Brokenwood Mysteries, but that does not have all that many episodes, and have watched them all about three times. Also like Shakespeare and Hathaway, but again not all that many episodes. Thing about a Soap is that there is a new episode most weeks.
For the time being I can make do with Classic Holby City - but as that shows five episodes a week, means that we get through nearly five years in one year, so that will be time limited.
By the way, I agree that a fictionalised Hospital soap is much better than the reality of A&E, or 999, etc. These are good, but for entertainment (and that is what I want from television), I much more enjoy the fiction ones.

BlueBelle Wed 23-Mar-22 18:34:56

Shame about Holby I like it too although sometimes it’s quite craxxy but I still watch and will miss it There is really nothing worth paying the license for I find so little of interest most nights

Jaxjacky Tue 29-Mar-22 20:37:13

Brilliantly done BBC.

OnwardandUpward Tue 29-Mar-22 20:38:11

Ahh I'm sad it's over.

tanith Tue 29-Mar-22 20:41:28


Vanessa59 Tue 29-Mar-22 20:42:25

So long Holby.

When they showed the black and white stills at the end, I was surprised how small the cast of Holby actually is.

OnwardandUpward Tue 29-Mar-22 21:04:07


Yes! I have watched it for many years, will miss it.

Atqui Tue 29-Mar-22 21:18:24

“it’s So unfair”!!!!!
( can’t remember where that comes from)
Pleased Hansen got some happiness in the end .

BlueBelle Tue 29-Mar-22 21:21:51

Well that was soooo sad the story around Jac and the fact it’s ended I m not sure how many of the 23 years I ve watched it for but probably most of them There is so much worse that could have been taken off like some of the awful realty programmes
I wonder why it has been taken off

OnwardandUpward Tue 29-Mar-22 21:38:47

"Like a sack full of yoghurts...!" (or was it a black sack full of yoghurt?) grin

Nice that Jac said she loved Sasha back even though it was the end of her.

Atqui Tue 29-Mar-22 21:40:12

I’ve just read that the BBC thinks that the north is under represented in BBC drama so they are bringing back Waterloo Road.

Cabbie21 Tue 29-Mar-22 22:00:22

Spoiler alert, if anyone hasn't seen it yet.
Such a bitter sweet ending that her heart went to the vicar who had been her patient over the years. Lovely touch that other organs went to patients of previous members of the cast.

I don't understand why the BBC are axing it. It is one of their best programmes.

OnwardandUpward Tue 29-Mar-22 22:18:16

That's so lovely about the organs.

I have never watched Waterloo Road. Not sure if it's any good, but I will miss Holby.

BlueBelle Tue 29-Mar-22 22:18:24

I heard ‘Donna’ say on tv this morning that there is a petition to bring it back but I haven’t seen one
I was sad that Jac s heart went to such an elderly patient and it’s a shame her little girl wasn’t with her or even mentioned
I m glad Heinrich has opened his heart and Nicky is a cracking little actor
Very sorry it’s going