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Grace on tv tonight

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Claudiaclaws Sun 24-Apr-22 23:16:50

Is it just me or was the sound really bad on this programme.
Please don't accuse me of racism, byt the female person of colour was dreadful, I couldn't tell a word she was saying.
Another problem is that the music is too loud.

Chestnut Sun 24-Apr-22 23:24:23

I have recorded it but not watched yet so can't give you an opinion on the sound. However, since using my hearing aid linked to the TV I've had no trouble with sound at all and can hear speech crystal clear. I will get back to you when I've watched to say whether I notice these issues you mention.

buffyfly9 Mon 25-Apr-22 01:34:37

I had to turn over after the first 15 minutes. I don't want to spoil it for others but I thought it was horribly violent; within minutes we were subjected to a hanging with auto erotic overtones, a snuff video of a woman having her throat cut and a woman walking her dog finding a severed hand on a clifftop. I decided it was gratuitously offensive and violent and I won't be watching any other episodes. Please come back soon Vera !!!

Kim19 Mon 25-Apr-22 03:02:02

Yes, I'm finding there's more than enough violence in my real world without resorting to it for entertainment. The other irrigation I have is that everything is so dark. No one ever seems to put lights on either in workplace or home. It may be for added atmosphere but I simply find it frustrating.

Calendargirl Mon 25-Apr-22 06:52:00

I wasn’t keen on the pilot episode when it was shown, but thought this one was better, although yes, violent.

I have the sub titles on, so didn’t notice the sound quality.

BigBertha1 Mon 25-Apr-22 06:53:35

It was violent and quite far fetched but we did enjoy it if that's the word.

Allsorts Mon 25-Apr-22 07:03:00

Much too violent for me, kept looking away at tgecreLkybgory bits, really horrible scenes, so missed a lot. You couldn't get anything worse to write about, I've had enough of this gratuous violence, now we are in the dark underworld of snuff porn. . Like the main character and I couldn't make out what the woman in question said, she mumbles in everything, I've got very good hearing and just guessed. Hope next weeks episode is not so violent.

Jaxjacky Mon 25-Apr-22 07:32:03

We both loved it, no problem with the sound, from any of the cast, or the lighting. Having read a lot of the books the violence was not unexpected, I’ve seen worse and there is a warning beforehand.
It’s fiction, we’ll continue to watch each week.

Sparklefizz Mon 25-Apr-22 07:36:10

The first episode of the first series was too violent for me, but thought I'd give this new series a chance, but again too violent, and I agree about the mumbling. I give up with it.

Charleygirl5 Mon 25-Apr-22 08:01:12

I have read every book the author has written but I switched off last night. I am partially sighted and so much darkness meant I could see very little. Mumbling and talking quickly meant, that even with subtitles I could not follow it properly so I went to bed.

Curlywhirly Mon 25-Apr-22 08:22:26

I have also read all of the Peter James Grace books - I enjoyed the programme, but I think the actor who plays Grace is miscast - from the books I imagined Grace to be quite rugged looking and very handsome!

Aveline Mon 25-Apr-22 08:35:00

Oh dear. Reading these comments I think I'll just delete my recording. Not my idea of enjoyable viewing.

sodapop Mon 25-Apr-22 08:40:35


I have also read all of the Peter James Grace books - I enjoyed the programme, but I think the actor who plays Grace is miscast - from the books I imagined Grace to be quite rugged looking and very handsome!

I agree Curlywhirly not at all how I imagined him to be. Have to say I think the books are much better than the TV series. I struggled to hear some of the dialogue as well.

PinkCosmos Mon 25-Apr-22 08:59:48

I also couldn't tell what the female police woman was saying. If they are not mumbling, they are talking really fast.

As far as I am aware, my hearing is OK.

I agree about everything being in the dark. It's so annoying.

I thought the programme was a bit ordinary. I only watched it because I like John Simm as an actor but he seemed a bit one dimensional. Maybe this will improve in future episodes. I hope the books are better.

Spoiler alert - I don't like it when they only actually show the bad guy in the last 10/15 minutes. You don't get the chance to ponder, 'Is it him, is it her' etc

Charleygirl5 Mon 25-Apr-22 09:09:55

PinkCosmos the books are well written and I can never put them down. It is better to read them in order because some threads continue for years eg Grace's missing wife Sandy.

BlueBelle Mon 25-Apr-22 09:13:50

Not bad but wasn’t the best drama
I never have a problem with the sound as I always use the subtitles with all dramas as I find I often miss things so if I ve got a two way process it helps enormously I don’t understand why people don’t use them but continue to have a moan about mumbling, accents etc etc

merlotgran Mon 25-Apr-22 09:22:17

Haven’t read the books but enjoyed it. I like two hour crime dramas. Shorter ones always seem rushed.

Chestnut Mon 25-Apr-22 09:28:15


Oh dear. Reading these comments I think I'll just delete my recording. Not my idea of enjoyable viewing.

Exactly. I shall delete my recording, so won't be able to give an opinion on the sound I'm afraid. Dark, gory and violent is not my idea of entertainment. What the hell is going on with TV dramas these days? Everything seems to be like that now.

shysal Mon 25-Apr-22 09:28:50

I too like a 2 hour one-off drama. I always use subtitles so didn't notice bad sound .

Could somebody fill me in on the missing wife back story please?

henetha Mon 25-Apr-22 09:31:58

I stuck it for about 15 minutes and decided it wasn't for me, so switched over to the Antiques Road Show, - always reliably pleasant and interesting.

lixy Mon 25-Apr-22 09:33:44

My first encounter with this character. I watched because it is set where I grew up but I did find it rather too grisly for last thing on a Sunday night so probably won't tune in next week.

eazybee Mon 25-Apr-22 09:54:00

I thought it was singularly unpleasant and the characters , of which there were far too many, mostly one dimensional. Agree about the main protagonists only appearing in the last few sequences. Shan't be watching any more.
Surprised it was allowed before the nine o'clock watershed.

Glorianny Mon 25-Apr-22 10:27:24

I thought it was done well. I haven't read the books. I did like that it was a two hour programme and the crime was solved, so no waiting for the next episode. The villains didn't just appear in the last 15 minutes you saw one of them when they were looking at places that sold sulphuric acid.

TerriBull Mon 25-Apr-22 12:13:15

The books are fast paced page turners, having said that some of the crimes described are pretty horrible so it doesn't surprise me that those who haven't read the books find the programme a turn off. I'm not sure it's transferring that well to the screen. Personally I'm finding a lot of the characters miscast, Because there have been so many books in the series there has been much in the way of character development so I'm probably like a lot of other readers in that I've got a picture in my minds eye of how they should be. I like John Sim as an actor, he probably isn't too unlike Roy Grace, I read that he'd moved to Brighton so I'm wondering if he did that when he was cast in the part. I don't think the programme has captured the dynamic between Grace and his sidekick Glen Branson, their relationship is very close, throughout the series they support each other through many personal ups and downs, what I thought was lacking most of all was the banter and joshing Glen has with Roy Grace. Norman Potting, is described as an overweight slob in the books and then this slim actor appeared last night, Bella Moy, from what I remember always had a box of Maltesers on the go, I think she was described as more rotund than the actress who was playing her. All in all I don't think the programme has captured the essence of the books imo.

Shysal, Grace's wife Sandy disappears suddenly without any explanation, presumed dead. In the books that is a very slow unfolding narrative which is slowly revealed in snippets book by book. I can't tell you too much more because it would be a spoiler. However, Grace does fall in love, marry and have a child. The woman he marries is called Cleo and she is a pathologist, I can't remember when she comes along, I did think she might have featured last night. When he meets her he certainly cheers up, even if he still has to solve horrible grisly crimes.

Curlywhirly Mon 25-Apr-22 12:37:31

I loved the Grace books - they are indeed real page turners. I think though, the earlier books are the best, a couple of the more recent ones were a little far-fetched. TerriBull although Norman Potting's actor was slim and not overweight, I thought he captured Norman's rather boorish and vulgar personality very well.