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eGJ Sun 22-Jan-23 19:23:18

Anyone heard tonight’s episode? If not and you are a long time listener I advise you to listen on catch-up. No spoilers

Nanatoone Sun 22-Jan-23 19:50:00

Thanks for the heads up - oh lord

MawtheMerrier Sun 22-Jan-23 22:19:16

Just caught it on Sounds

merlotgran Sun 22-Jan-23 22:20:44

OMG indeed but there really is no point in this thread if we can’t discuss the episode.

Franbern Mon 23-Jan-23 09:31:47

So another old character dies. Happens in real life also. So, this was the reason for the forgiveness and making up amongst her family for her very nasty and cruel comments recently. Now, no-one will feel guilty about the last time they saw her!!!

Wonder about her will............isthat going to cause more arguements?

Davida1968 Mon 23-Jan-23 09:41:20

I'm feeling absolutely gutted.... The Archers have been part of my life forever. (I'm sure that DH thinks they're real people; he's even more invested than I am!)

silverlining48 Mon 23-Jan-23 09:51:58

It was unexpected. They kept that very quiet.

Visgir1 Mon 23-Jan-23 10:02:12

After seeing this thread.. Just listened! OMG Did not see that coming?
Well, well, well...

merlotgran Mon 23-Jan-23 10:20:06

I must have missed the nasty and cruel comments. What were they?

silverlining48 Mon 23-Jan-23 10:21:52

I missed them too Merlot. Confused me rather as I am a regular listener.

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-Jan-23 10:31:34

Why hasn't Peggy died yet?
Or have I missed it?
Surely not!

Delila Mon 23-Jan-23 10:56:35

I think you’ve got the wrong character Franbern!

MawtheMerrier Mon 23-Jan-23 11:30:40


I think you’ve got the wrong character Franbern!

I might restart my statins…..

shysal Mon 23-Jan-23 11:35:07

The character hasn't 'appeared' in person for weeks so I had guessed she was going to leave. I had heard that Brian's actor was leaving so maybe it will be over to the younger generation in the future.

V3ra Mon 23-Jan-23 11:48:02

Well. I normally listen to the omnibus on a Sunday morning but I've just listened to last night's episode on BBC Sounds.
Wasn't expecting that ☹️

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-Jan-23 16:01:59

I thought I'd read yesterday that Charles Collingwood had no intention of retiring....
Could be wrong.

eGJ Mon 23-Jan-23 16:27:47

Graham Brockley who was Robert Snell ( and was a practicing G P) died in November. Now there’s a put upon husband who stood by her in her time of need!
When Shula had her last episode it made me laugh when Brian ( Charles Collingwood) said to her “I hope you keep in touch”

Farzanah Mon 23-Jan-23 16:39:23

Gosh that was sudden. Got a heads up on here so listened today. There wasn’t really a lead in to this story. I wonder why the actress has left, they usually say something after the event. Nothing on internet today. I was thinking it would be Jill.

NotSpaghetti Mon 23-Jan-23 16:45:49

Shuja has apparently retired!
Falling like ninepins!

merlotgran Mon 23-Jan-23 16:59:20

I think the actress who plays her is ill in real life.

When is it alright to use names?

eGJ Mon 23-Jan-23 17:06:31

I think we’ve all caught up merlot as we’ve had the lunchtime repeat! I’m looking for your views and suggestions as to how it will play out!

eGJ Mon 23-Jan-23 17:09:35


Davida1968 Mon 23-Jan-23 17:17:15

Poor Ruari has now lost two mothers....
I think this be devastating for Peggy. (Not that we'll hear from her directly, June Spencer having retired from the role.) Adam too.

eGJ Mon 23-Jan-23 19:15:57

Chris and Alice going to see Ruari in London; that will put the cat amongs the pigeons!

Farzanah Mon 23-Jan-23 19:19:30

The characters that I’ve grown old with (off and on) are all disappearing!