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The piano

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Nannylovesshopping Wed 15-Feb-23 22:04:10

Anybody else just throughly enjoyed this wonderful hour of TV, utterly magical!

ixion Wed 15-Feb-23 22:05:06

A wondrous hour!

silverlining48 Wed 15-Feb-23 22:11:12

Had the operation on bbc 2 not been one I really wanted to watch I would have watched Piano. I swapped between channels and watched them both, just missing the final part where the winning pianist was chosen.
Hope someone will help me out here. I really want to know. I loved 92 year old Harry but also the lady with the pink hair.

Grandma70s Wed 15-Feb-23 22:24:24

I was dipping in and out, too. One or were mildly interesting, but I didn’t hear anyone really worth listening to.

MiniMoon Wed 15-Feb-23 22:28:55

Jay (I think that was his name), the boy from the Isle of Wight won. He is the blond haired boy who did a classical rap mash up. I thought he was brilliant, and so clever. Lang Lang said he'd always wanted to invent a new genre of music, and here is Jay.

silverlining48 Wed 15-Feb-23 22:31:47

Thanks for letting me know

Knittynatter Thu 16-Feb-23 03:43:46

I thought it was a fabulous program. I always stop and listen to people playing instruments in the street. They are so talented.

joannapiano Thu 16-Feb-23 08:27:12

We loved it, including our 14 year old DGD. The 92 year old man played just as my Dad did, a style from the 30’s/40’s.
I preferred the lady with the red hair, who used to entertain professionally, and who sang beautifully at the end.
Lang Lang is wonderful.

Greyduster Thu 16-Feb-23 08:32:57

I am looking forward to watching this on catch up. I too always stop and listening to street pianists. I managed to pluck up the courage to play the piano in our station concourse. These Foolish Things Remind Me of You had people hurrying to get away from me😁!

ExDancer Thu 16-Feb-23 08:34:14

Which channel? I love piano music, I dabble myself, we still have one, cluttering up the living room.

ParlorGames Thu 16-Feb-23 08:41:33


Which channel? I love piano music, I dabble myself, we still have one, cluttering up the living room.

It was on Channel 4.

Well worth watching. Next week, they are featuring Leeds station.

J52 Thu 16-Feb-23 08:57:29

I really enjoyed it. Our train to London ends up at St Pancras and it’s always entertaining to hear the piano being played.
Glad they’re using a different station next week, a bit of diversity.

Nannylovesshopping Thu 16-Feb-23 10:52:55

Just a passing thought, Claudia's husband is rather handsome, shame she didn’t dance😀

Smileless2012 Thu 16-Feb-23 11:13:09

It was great wasn't it and I'm so pleased that Jay got through. I thought he was brilliant and also really liked the the mother with the autistic son who played her own composition, it was very moving.

Greyduster Thu 16-Feb-23 12:39:24

Whilst I am in awe of all the pianists involved I’m afraid I didn’t think Jay was a worthy winner, but to be honest none of them swept me off my feet. Poor Lang Lang looked like a fish out of water. I can’t help thinking he didn’t have a lot to do with the result.

MawtheMerrier Wed 22-Feb-23 21:35:15

It’s Wednesday, 9.34
Is anybody else moved to tears?

Joseanne Wed 22-Feb-23 21:37:47

Amazing. No words.

YorkLady Wed 22-Feb-23 21:39:01

Definitely was. What a talent she has.
Fantastic program. Enjoying every minute

ixion Wed 22-Feb-23 21:42:53

Here she is -

So beautiful I wept.

BlueBelle Wed 22-Feb-23 21:50:37

What a lovely programme so many talented people

BlueBelle Wed 22-Feb-23 21:53:15

What a weird post Grandma70 ???

MiniMoon Wed 22-Feb-23 21:59:23

Wow. Wasn't Lucy wonderful. She is a special person. I am so glad they have chosen her.

Ro60 Wed 22-Feb-23 22:08:57

I didn't see this last week - was out with the 'Girls'. Just texted my DD to say I was watching - she's appreciate it too & was so moved, was actually going to start a thread! So pleased to see one already here.
Lucy, Yes amazing.
The Piano is now added to my Series Links.

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lemsip Wed 22-Feb-23 22:24:46

I really enjoy the Piano. they are all so talented. Lucy with her disability is incredible.

V3ra Wed 22-Feb-23 22:33:02

Loving this show, what an emotional roller coaster tonight.
I've recorded it for my minded children to watch tomorrow.