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Calendargirl Fri 17-Mar-23 08:25:37

Haven’t watched this for a few years now as it was the same tired old formula, but there wasn’t much on last night. I saw it was the interview programme, where the final five are interrogated by Alan Sugar’s buddies. I had absolutely no idea about any of the candidates or what they were like, but I tuned in, as it used to be the best show in the series,

The final five were all women. Not sure how cut out for the business world any of them were. Three of them seemed to have had their lips ‘done’, which was no improvement. Think they all had long swingy hair which got tossed about quite a lot. Three of them wearing Hillary Clinton type trouser suits, the others in short skirt suits I think, all with power heels. Some of the outfits not the most flattering to their figures.

All had hopeless business plans, according to the experts. Karren (Baroness) Brady was particularly scathing, and managed to reduce two of them to tears, and she had to proffer them a box of tissues to delicately mop their eyes, being careful not to smudge the mascara.

Lord Sugar managed to whittle them down to the best two of a poor bunch.

I’m sure reality tv shows or presenting some daft panel game will be on the horizon for some of them.

TillyTrotter Fri 17-Mar-23 08:32:41

I found last night’s show humiliating to the candidates and they have been shown as really nice young women during the series.
If they have talent - and they were picked to be in the contest - why belittle them on camera?
I won’t watch another series.
Baroness Karen and the other awful woman friend of Lord Sugar’s (forget her name) are bullies in my opinion.
They stooped low last night in my opinion to get the show they wanted.

dragonfly46 Fri 17-Mar-23 08:37:31

I didn’t see last nights episode but have watched the rest of the series and wonder at how much the candidates lack common sense.
I wonder sometimes if the editing just makes them look stupid.
I don’t like Karen Brady and don’t respect her at all I much preferred the lady before her. I find her unnecessarily cruel. Claude is my favourite.
It would be interesting to see a ‘where are they now ‘ programme on past winners.

Daisymae Fri 17-Mar-23 08:42:01

One of the finalists had a business that involved repackaging pick and mix. In today's move towards healthier eating and environment concerns it was falling short. Not understanding the difference between turnover and profit also seemed remarkable for someone seeking business investment. I wondered if they were just looking for their 15 mins of fame? There's lots of help online for someone who wants to draft their own business plan.

Fleurpepper Fri 17-Mar-23 08:42:19

Just can't watch anymore.

sodapop Fri 17-Mar-23 08:47:41

Really dislike this programme, the majority of the contestants come across as selfish and mercenary. It would be nice to see them doing something for charity and to benefit others. Must admit though I haven't watched it for a while, time for Lord Sugar to retire.

Glorianny Fri 17-Mar-23 08:54:40

I've stopped watching. Most of those taking part are just after a job in TV. It isn't an Apprenticeship it is investment. Margaret and Claude were the best people supporting Lord Sugar, both were clever and had expressive faces. I think Karen Brady tries but she's had a lot of work done.
Just looked up some past contestants- Katie Hopkin- of course!
Michelle Dewberry who was only an apprentice for 4 months.
There was a Londoner called Thomas ? who was on a show I watched recently.

Joseanne Fri 17-Mar-23 09:19:40

I'm an avid watcher!! Yes, Thomas (Skinner), an Essex boy, was hilarious and has since done Masterchef. I think the candidates are all pretty genuine, Tim was a former contestant too and he obviously has his head screwed on. Katie Hopkins was like that (selfish), long before she entered the programme anyway. I thought last night's girls showed camaraderie, they were nice people even though they let themselves down on business acumen. But that doesn't necessarily mean they haven't got drive and ambition.

BlueBelle Fri 17-Mar-23 09:21:08

They are always harsh on this last but one programme but oh my gosh what a dozy lot they could barely write a CV much less a business plan I thought they were all pretty awful to be honest and so many had spoilt their faces so much
I had absolutely no faith in any of their so called future business
Worst series ever

MawtheMerrier Fri 17-Mar-23 09:34:22

I once asked DD who was a director of an international financial recruitment firm at the time, why on earth more competent people didn’t apply for The Apprentice. She said that the so called “reward” of a £25 k contract was not worth it for the time it would take you out of your career for anybody of any real ability!
That explains the prevalence of numpties then!

MawtheMerrier Fri 17-Mar-23 09:34:46

Oops £250 k

Sago Fri 17-Mar-23 09:39:19

I think we have to put aside their cosmetic procedures and dress sense.

The show hi lights the contestants total lack of common sense and in most cases education.

The one thing most contestants have in common is an over inflated ego.

I watched an episode a few years ago where the contestants didn’t know when WW2 began and ended.
In this series they were told they were meeting at St Paul’s, none of them knew what it was!

I didn’t see last evenings episode but my moneys on the girl from Hull.

FoghornLeghorn Fri 17-Mar-23 09:43:21

The participants are not chosen for their intelligence or business acumen. The producers just want to make what they consider to be ‘good’ television. Which means people with huge egos making fools of themselves.

Joseanne Fri 17-Mar-23 09:44:08

I don't agree that Dr. Leah was a numpty or stupid. She has a clinic where my DD lives in Essex, and you have to book ages ahead for an appointment. I think she has a couple of others in London. A big success.

Callistemon21 Fri 17-Mar-23 09:59:11

I thought they were all fairly clueless and hopeless with their business plans but Karren Brady ("Baronss Brady to you") was very nasty indeed.

The thing that struck me was how frivolous and non-essential their proposed businesses are.

Callistemon21 Fri 17-Mar-23 10:01:18

If she said to me "Baroness Brady to you" I'd be inclined to answer "And I'm Ms/Miss/Mrs Stemon to you".

annodomini Fri 17-Mar-23 10:27:39

There was only one of the interviewees who had one iota of common sense. Pie in the sky comes to mind - or castles in Belgravia? There's only one I'd give the time of day to and I hope that his Lordship agrees with me. Loved her long plait - she looked so different when she had her hair brushed out!

TillyTrotter Fri 17-Mar-23 10:31:08

And then in the boardroom Karren simpers to Lord Sugar and laughs like a drain at his often awkward jokes.

Joseanne Fri 17-Mar-23 10:48:46

I agree TillyTrotter, but as I see it they have to make each series a bit more sensational each time with people like Karren, because the contestants and the tasks are so samey samey.
It's the same with Strictly and the judges etc.

ShazzaKanazza Fri 17-Mar-23 10:53:08

I lost all respect for Karen last night Callistemon with that Baroness Brady comment. All those weeks they called her Karen. I was boiling angry and I would have said the same. Then at the very end she gave the final two such a sickly smile.
They were ripped to shreds all for tv. I agree their business plans were full of holes. That poor girl Victoria was humiliated by the guy almost calling her thick because of her lack of grammar skills. Terrible. I chose the final two as they have scalable businesses. I hope Marnie the boxer wins. Megan is from Hull where I live and she held her own very well. But ooh that accent. Hoping I don’t sound like that lol.

merlotgran Fri 17-Mar-23 11:03:36


If she said to me "Baroness Brady to you" I'd be inclined to answer "And I'm Ms/Miss/Mrs Stemon to you".

Karren Brady might be at the top of the tree but her nasty remark reminded me of the advice that you should be careful who you upset on their way up because you might meet them again on your way down.

Shinamae Fri 17-Mar-23 11:10:24



If she said to me "Baroness Brady to you" I'd be inclined to answer "And I'm Ms/Miss/Mrs Stemon to you".

Karren Brady might be at the top of the tree but her nasty remark reminded me of the advice that you should be careful who you upset on their way up because you might meet them again on your way down.

Can’t stand the bloody woman.. face like a smacked arse most of the time..

biglouis Fri 17-Mar-23 11:10:38

If she said to me "Baroness Brady to you" I'd be inclined to answer "And I'm Ms/Miss/Mrs Stemon to you


I once had an ignorent neighbour who asked my first name; second name and finally "is it Miss or Mrs" without offering any information at all about herself.

Eventually I told her that it was neither Miss no Mrs but Dr. My first name was for my friends and she could call me Dr Biglouis.

I then went on the land registry site and did some research on her. It turned up she and her partner had completely different names. I learned who her mortgage provider was, when she had moved in and how much they had paid for the house.

If she had just told me her name I would not have bothered.

Patsy70 Fri 17-Mar-23 11:11:22

Unpleasant, intimidating, totally unnecessary comments from the interviewers. It makes for good viewing and I believe that the candidates had been warned in advance that this would happen. This is the first time I’ve watched in ages and going by the business plans produced, the girls appeared very naive and not business savvy at all. It’s all contrived, in my opinion.

biglouis Fri 17-Mar-23 11:22:56

If you run a genuine business (as I do) then you will be aware that the “back office” function is vital to being able to sell a good or service. If Tesco had no food on the shelves, correctly priced and in the right section – or if the shop was dirty and ill lit people would soon vote with their feet. Yet all too often people who were in the kitchen cooking the food, or preparing and packaging the goods, are denigrated as “hiding” and not selling. We can’t all be salespeople on the day. This is a basic premise even overlooked by Lord Sugar. I have yet to hear a candidate point out and argue this simple basic fact when accused of “not contributing”.