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The Inheritance. channel 5 9pm. good cast.

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lemsip Mon 04-Sep-23 19:15:43

gaynor faye, larry lamb.... there are 4 episodes.

Doodledog Tue 05-Sep-23 12:02:01


It’s great if they space the episodes out on a weekly basis, as that is an indication of how good a series is.

If it’s uploaded all at once, often means it’s a bit mediocre.

My opinion only of course.

I have no objection to their being screened weekly, but why not give viewers a choice to watch them on the 'catch-up' channels if that's their preference?

I don't like the fashion for screening things on consecutive nights either. I can almost never be free to see them three nights in a row, and there is no time to catch up before the next one goes out. Some of them (eg the Woman In The Wall) give you the worst of both worlds, with two consecutive nights, then a gap before the next ones. Who runs their diary around TV schedules?

Kim19 Tue 05-Sep-23 12:04:43

Wherever they're supposed to be living was obviously too far away to visit their father. What an undeserving shower!

Moonwatcher1904 Tue 05-Sep-23 12:06:27

I can't wait for the next episode. Much of it resonates with the problems we had with my DH when his father died.

Doodledog Tue 05-Sep-23 12:09:21


Wherever they're supposed to be living was obviously too far away to visit their father. What an undeserving shower!

There was clearly a lack of communication between them (he mustn't have visited them either), as they didn't know he had married. I'm assuming that there is a backstory that hasn't been revealed yet, as it seems a bit unbelievable at this stage. We are being led to believe that the son is the baddie, but (I hope) there will be twists before the end.

JdotJ Tue 05-Sep-23 12:17:51

Pleased the majority liked it. I've got it on series record but it had a shocking review in the newspaper today.
I wonder what some reviewers actually watch !
Looking forward to seeing it

Duvetdiva Tue 05-Sep-23 12:21:03


Unfortunately, I’ve just started watching it on +1 and a main character is played by Robert James Collier - one of the worst actors in my mind - just a mumbling Mancunian in whatever role he has.

So easy on the eye though! Yes I am that vacuous

Neilspurgeon0 Tue 05-Sep-23 12:28:14

JdotJ I have always assumed that all reviewers had to be under 25 with absolutely zero experience of life outside their university. Is that not the case then ?

eazybee Tue 05-Sep-23 13:00:35

I watched it and thought it was rather silly, (the Coroner and Solicitor were distinctly off-hand) but will watch next week to see what unfolds. The family could most certainly challenge the will.

pascal30 Tue 05-Sep-23 13:30:00

It's worth watching just to see Samantha Bond.. such poise

Doodledog Tue 05-Sep-23 13:38:36


JdotJ I have always assumed that all reviewers had to be under 25 with absolutely zero experience of life outside their university. Is that not the case then ?

No. Clive James was brilliant and Grace Dent’s column used to have me in stitches grin

lemsip Tue 05-Sep-23 13:47:33

The Inheritance was filmed in County Kilkenny in south-east Ireland.

Filming locations include the picturesque village of Inistioge.

Fae1 Tue 05-Sep-23 13:49:22

He played Liam Connor married Maria and she named her son after him. A good actor. Brilliant cast in inheritance - no exceptions. Thoroughly enjoyed episode 1

Doodledog Tue 05-Sep-23 13:58:54

Yes, I don’t understand why people don’t like him. He’s easy on the eye and more than capable of the role so far.

SachaMac Tue 05-Sep-23 14:03:33

I watched and enjoyed it, if I could have binge watched I would as I’m rather impatient.

I have a close friend who discovered after her widowed father had died that he had been in a relationship with a woman they knew absolutely nothing about for over 20 years so I found that side of the story quite believable.

Ailidh Tue 05-Sep-23 14:22:45

Interesting. OK, I fell asleep but that's probably more due to broken nights with the old dog than the actual play.

Slightly mind altering to see actors I've grown up with playing "old", when I'm not at all old myself (ahem).

Intriguing to see Samantha Bond looking fairly plain and ordinary (so far) rather than Lady Snooty.

Robert James-Collier could just stand and read the backs of cereal packets and I'd still watch. Like the beard.

Like the white le enough to see what next, next week.

Ailidh Tue 05-Sep-23 14:23:13

*white le = whole

Juggernaut Tue 05-Sep-23 14:23:59

We haven't watched it as it all feels a bit close to home.
When my widowed FiL died, we found that he'd had an eight year relationship with a woman we knew nothing about, and when she'd died, he'd then taken up with her family, for the next eleven years!
He had left them thousands of pounds in his Will, and had an appointment with his Solicitor to alter his Will again, to cut my DH out completely. Fortunately, the nasty old swine died before that appointment, so DH was still in the Will.
We've since discovered that the family concerned are well known for preying on elderly folk!
All this was despite us living less than ten minutes drive from FiL, and having what we thought was a normal relationship with him!
Imagine how my husband felt upon finding out that his Dad had basically tried to replace him with his 'tart's' family!

crazyH Tue 05-Sep-23 14:26:18

Me too Ailidh - love Robert James Collier

Primrose53 Tue 05-Sep-23 15:01:32

Anybody else recognise the actress who played the brilliant Mrs Doyle on Father Ted? She is the coroner.

SachaMac Tue 05-Sep-23 15:47:26

Yes, the blonde hair threw me but I soon realised it was her.

HeatherMH Tue 05-Sep-23 15:58:44

He was, he was Liam Connor, Maria’s hubby/ boyfriend and the father of her son

Sparklefizz Tue 05-Sep-23 17:02:56

I've just finished the first episode ... a couple of twists already, and I'm enjoying it.

I don't find the storyline unbelievable at all since researching my family history!! shock. Plus a friend only at the weekend was telling me that she has fears that her ex husband is being groomed by a teenager and his family (rather like The Sixth Commandment on TV recently).
Families often have secrets and lies, and to think otherwise is naive.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Rumbabba Tue 05-Sep-23 21:43:10

Saw episode 1 this evening, and can't wait to watch episode 2👍

Calendargirl Tue 05-Sep-23 21:52:55

Just watched this on catch up.

I think it will go the way of many series on Channel 5, starting off really promising, but go off into the realms of fantasy.

The cremation was like none I have ever attended, and I don’t mean the police coming in to halt proceedings. The widow just popping into her seat as the service was about to start seemed very odd.

Millie22 Wed 06-Sep-23 10:50:26

I watched this on catch up last night and quite enjoyed it apart from knowing most of the cast from other programmes which can be irritating. The only person I didn't recognize was the younger daughter.