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I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2023

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Primrose53 Tue 14-Nov-23 21:58:55

Confession ….. I have never watched more than a few minutes of this prog but this time around I plan to because Fred Sirieix, Grace Dent and Nigel Farage are in it which should be interesting.

Shinamae Tue 14-Nov-23 22:04:55

Definitely a good lineup this year,l too will watch…😁

merlotgran Tue 14-Nov-23 22:06:45

I thought Frankie Dettori was going to be in it but he’s not in the line up. 🤔

henetha Tue 14-Nov-23 23:31:22

I thought that too.
I always watch this programme as it makes me laugh.

Shinamae Tue 14-Nov-23 23:37:10


BlueBelle Tue 14-Nov-23 23:43:57

Couldn’t bear to watch anything with Farage in it hateful man

MayBee70 Wed 15-Nov-23 02:27:01

I don’t watch it anyway and certainly wouldn’t watch it with Farage in. However, I’m in a bit of a dilemma because Grace Dent is in it and I used to read and like her articles a while back. I reckon she’ll stand up to Farage. So I feel that I need to support her. I’ve backed her to win at 40/1 so I have to vote for her anyway.

Galaxy Wed 15-Nov-23 06:57:16

I watch it every year but in the last few years it has reached the stage where it needs to be put out to pasture. As I watched it last year when it starred a man who kidnapped a vulnerable gay man, I think I will cope with watching it this year. But that may say more about me than the programme.

coco12 Wed 15-Nov-23 07:08:50

I dip in and out of it depending on the people and the dynamic. Looks like an interesting line up

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Nov-23 07:15:18

Looking forward to seeing it this year.

We met Nigel Farage at our local pub many years ago, wonder if anyone will ask him about the EU?

I like the public personas of Fred Siriex, Josie Gibson and Grace Dent, should be a good year.

LOUISA1523 Wed 15-Nov-23 07:42:50

Farage will be Mr Nice guy......he will walk out of that jungle smelling of roses

Galaxy Wed 15-Nov-23 07:44:38

I suspect that's a possible. Look what HIGNFY did for Johnson.

lizzyb Wed 15-Nov-23 07:50:45

Think Frankie Detorri is one of the two latecomers in the programme!

maddyone Wed 15-Nov-23 08:16:13

I wouldn’t not watch it because someone I don’t like is in it. I think it will be interesting with Farage in it. I’m wondering how he will cope because it’s a team game really and I’m not sure he’s a team player.

Joseann Wed 15-Nov-23 08:21:43

I hope Farage doesn't make it all about him. He will no doubt get a lot of trials to do. Fred will excel at cooking. Isn't Grace Dent vegan?

tickingbird Wed 15-Nov-23 08:33:00

I hope Farage knows what he’s letting himself in for because the public will vote for him to do all the trials and they are pretty horrendous. Being buried alive with thousands of insects dumped on you. Rats, snakes, crawling through water underground. To be honest I couldn’t do it. I get claustrophobic just watching it.

Louella12 Wed 15-Nov-23 08:35:37

Kate Garroway, clearly not a fan of Nigel's politics said she right he'd be very entertaining.

I agree.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 15-Nov-23 08:36:16


I hope Farage doesn't make it all about him. He will no doubt get a lot of trials to do. Fred will excel at cooking. Isn't Grace Dent vegan?

She describes herself as mainly vegan with a bit of flexitarian.

She doesn’t cook hardly at all.

Nannylovesshopping Wed 15-Nov-23 09:19:52

Super fan of Grace Dent here, she will make mincemeat of Farage if the need arises!

Sago Wed 15-Nov-23 09:38:28


I thought Frankie Dettori was going to be in it but he’s not in the line up. 🤔

He’s not very tall perhaps you missed him😬😉

merlotgran Wed 15-Nov-23 09:41:39

I want to see him leap out of a hammock! 😮😮

Primrose53 Wed 15-Nov-23 09:45:31

I really like Grace Dent. Anybody else read her book “Hungry”, it’s a great read.

She came from a poor background in Carlisle and most of their meals came from tins although her Dad made a great “sketty.” I must read it again before I’m a Celeb starts.

rafichagran Wed 15-Nov-23 09:52:06

I am looking forward to it this year.

Joseann Sun 19-Nov-23 22:54:16

They look like a reasonably fun bunch.
Danielle was really shaking after the high pole, poor thing. Fred cooked a good meal. The shouty YouTuber needs to go. I like Jodie.

Galaxy Sun 19-Nov-23 22:56:07

Oh my God she is very loud. I think fred will do well.