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Non stop 70s hits. What’s your favorite?

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Nannytrace Mon 01-Jun-20 23:20:51

Just watching MTV 70s hits and having the most amazing trip down memory lane. Simpler times, when the girls were not displaying yards of flesh and the men wore high waisted flairs and had dreadful hair. I’m having the best time. Each song brings back a memory of a less complicated life. Gary Numan singing live, bare chested with a massive zit on his forehead, you wouldn’t get that now. I love the 70’s. What music transports you back to your youth and what do you love most about that time?

Nannytrace Tue 02-Jun-20 00:03:27

Oooooh Bryan Ferry with a little moustache. Stick together. Yes please.

Oopsminty Tue 02-Jun-20 00:20:15

I love the 70s

I had the most wonderful time.

Went to the Canaries. Fell madly in love. Ended up staying out there

Warm nights, disco music


Nannytrace Tue 02-Jun-20 00:58:42

Sounds fabulous Oopsminty (love the name btw, makes me smile every time I see it) . Just watched the Village People (In the navy) and the Carpenters (we’ve only just begun) - I had no idea at the time about homosexuality or eating disorders. Just thought they were all dressing up and having a great time. (Which Im sure they were except poor Karen) There is something to be said for the innocence of youth. Didn’t question anything, took everyone and everything at face value. Happy days. Still aim to do the same now but a certain amount of cynicism has crept in. I do love a good singalong though and a dance round the lounge. Video killed the radio star atm, ‘and you remember, the jingles used to go.....’

Oopsminty Tue 02-Jun-20 01:49:15

Thank you, Nannytrace!

And yes, it was a good time to be young. With none of the pressures of today.

No photos of us getting up to no good!

I loved Abba and Motown and disco . Oh and Northern Soul as well!

Loved the Carpenters as well. Karen really had the sweetest voice. So clear. Sad that she died so young.

One great thing about today though is we don't have to stress and worry, wanting to find out lyrics or who is singing what song.

We can now just Google and it's all there. As if by magic!

Alima Tue 02-Jun-20 05:43:19

Best decade for music I think. T Rex, Rod Stewart, Queen, Barry White and so many more. Music for everyone, feel sorry for the young people now as far as “music” is concerned. Much of is is complete unmelodic rubbish.

oldgimmer1 Tue 02-Jun-20 08:23:39

The 70s had everything. Glam, Soul, Disco, Rock, Folk, Punk and pretty much everything in between.

And so many memories.

I feel so lucky to have lived it. smile

Glorybee Tue 02-Jun-20 08:48:09

All of those mentioned and the BeeGees falsetto, a backdrop to a lovely era!

BladeAnnie Tue 02-Jun-20 08:55:01

Anything by Smokie. I always fancied lead singer Chris Norman like mad!! I was lucky enough to see him in concert last year and he still did it for me!! Made a lady of a certain age feel like a teenager again!!

gillybob Tue 02-Jun-20 08:55:59

T-Rex (OMG Marc Bolan), Queen, many others.

I was the best time for music wasn’t it ?

Mancjules Tue 02-Jun-20 09:06:35

What was great was the diversity of music in the discos back then. Here in Manchester we had rooms each playing different music. My love for Roxy,Bowie,punk all came from there along with rock and northern soul. No social media to follow you round just great nights out.

Ellianne Tue 02-Jun-20 09:11:41

Anything Bowie and Neil Young too.

Teetime Tue 02-Jun-20 09:34:06

'Allright Now'. Free. Great guitar solo.

lemongrove Tue 02-Jun-20 09:47:30

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

lemongrove Tue 02-Jun-20 09:49:22

Meant to add.... loved my pink suede shoes ( all the rage!)
Also the 70’s was when I had our eldest DD.🥰

honeyrose Fri 17-Jul-20 09:33:59

Just my Imagination, Move on up, Band of Gold, Montego Bay, Maggie May - ah, so many. Takes me right back! Sorry - some of these might be late 60’s! smile