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Nanna29 Wed 31-Aug-22 12:53:23

Hello ive posted on here before and I got loads of support so here goes
I've worked as a carer for 9 years been with the same company for 8 years.
I walk around in the community.
When I started we mutually agreed my availability is from 9am till 9.30pm some days I would finish earlier. I've had issues with them in the past and decided to join a union which I kept private as I suspected this may cause issues. Very recently they had put 7am starts on me I contacted the owner and explained I have a son who is 12 and I dont have childcare and this wasn't agreed as other agreement in place. Was told they didn't know I had a son and I had to do it I may add she has been to my house and met my son also ringing on my days off threatening you to do training when its not due in for another 10 days and ringing if your on holiday to come in and do hours. So I said I will have to ask for advice from my union. I worked throughout covid with them and wasn't allowed holidays and other stuff. As soon as I mentioned union was told go ahead but I still have to do hours.
Well I did something I never thought I would ever do I phoned in sick and got a sick note from the doctor for a month as my menopause is awful and I'm unable to sleep etc. I went for an interview for another job and I got it! I feel so happy so I have resigned and I leave before sick note runs out. I feel like a different person I have loads of energy im so happy I have been sleeping better. But I feel guilty. I've just received an email from owner asking if they can do anything to support me do I have to reply I dont want to be sucked into anything .

MissAdventure Wed 31-Aug-22 12:59:24

I think your company are just covering their own a***s, as the saying goes.
You could just send non committal reply, thanking them for the offer, but I don't think you're obliged to.

Nanna29 Wed 31-Aug-22 13:02:29

Hope they are but I still have the other emails and messages saved just incase

Georgesgran Wed 31-Aug-22 13:05:07

I’d leave on a high - be pleasant, but say thank you for their offer but you’ve made up your mind that it’s time for a change. DD1 calls these ‘sh*t sandwiches!’

GrandmasueUK Wed 31-Aug-22 13:06:03

Congratulations on your new job. It sounds as though you will be much better off there. It does sound as though your old employer is having either an attack of conscience (probably not) or wondering how they will manage to get someone as accommodating as you. They didn’t treat you well, especially during the pandemic and they have certainly haven’t earned your loyalty. Don’t give in, onward and upward and good luck ?xx

MissAdventure Wed 31-Aug-22 13:06:35

Very wise.
Just think, you'll be free of them soon! smile

I posted on here too, about job related issues - mostly because I'm such a coward about resigning or leaving a job.

Shinamae Wed 31-Aug-22 13:09:16

The way they have treated you I think you owe them nothing..

SunshineSally Wed 31-Aug-22 13:10:36

Congratulations on your new job ?.

Just thank them for the offer and decline politely. Always good to leave on a good note if you can as you may need them for a reference.

LauraNorderr Wed 31-Aug-22 13:14:59

Good for you Nanna29. Congratulations on your new job.
Just email the old employer, thank them for their offer of support albeit late in the day.
No need to feel guilty, a wasted emotion, unfortunately and unreasonably suffered by most of us.
Go forward now and enjoy your new adventure.

welbeck Wed 31-Aug-22 13:16:13

this shows the value of joining a union.
information is power, and unity is strength.
please, esp anyone who is a careworker, join a union. GMB has done a lot of work in the sector.
carework is v isolating, and exhausting, and employers prey on this, plus the actual caring nature of their workers, to exploit them.
well done, OP, an example to others.
onward and upward.

FarNorth Wed 31-Aug-22 13:16:45

Well done!

A polite "Thanks but No Thanks" will be fine.

You can bet that if you did change your mind and stay, they'd be as bad as ever.

MissAdventure Wed 31-Aug-22 13:20:58

I'd send a polite email acknowledging theirs, thanking them, but nothing else.
I never like to burn my bridges.

Smileless2012 Wed 31-Aug-22 13:24:20

I agree with what's already been said Nanna, a polite thanks but no thanks is all you need to respond with.

Congratulations on getting another job. Your soon to be ex employer has lost a great member of staff and maybe that's beginning to dawn on them.

eazybee Wed 31-Aug-22 13:34:15

Reply politely, thank them but say unfortunately is now to late to take advantage of your offer of help. That way they can't produce their email and say she ignored our offer .

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 31-Aug-22 13:41:53

I agree with eazybee. Congratulations and I hope your new employer treats you properly. The existing one doesn’t seem to understand contractual conditions.

PollyDolly Wed 31-Aug-22 13:43:51

Congratulations on the new job!

I think they have realised that they could and should have done things differently and are trying to cover their tracks.

In the event that you might need a reference at some point in the future or the old employers might stir things up then keep all emails, letters etc between you and them. I sincerely hope they don't cause problems but you never know do you?

Enjoy your new position, you certainly sounds very upbeat about it.

HeavenLeigh Wed 31-Aug-22 13:48:24

Congrats on the new job, the way your former employers have treated you is disgusting! Quite frankly I would ignore them now, they didn’t have any respect for you, so I’d show the same back, you owe them zilch! Hope you will be very happy, they have lost a valuable worker

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 31-Aug-22 13:49:47

Don’t ignore them. You may need a reference from them one day.

nanna8 Wed 31-Aug-22 14:32:38

Well done in getting a new job ! I would just be very pleasant and polite and say how you have enjoyed working for them but it is time to move on.

Nanna29 Wed 31-Aug-22 14:52:06

Thank you so much everyone im very excited to start my new job. I will very politely tell them thanks but no thanks

Glorianny Wed 31-Aug-22 15:00:46

They are probably covering their own backs. You could have accused them of constructive dismissal
Good luck in your new job.

Nanna29 Wed 31-Aug-22 15:10:04

Yes union have said this i just want to move on as I feel as light as a feather now im so relaxed and happy

62Granny Wed 31-Aug-22 15:20:58

Just a little tip, make sure any conditions you have mentioned to the new employer are stated in your contract of employment, otherwise you !at be back were you started. Good luck with you new job you sound like someone who wants to please your employers but just make sure they don't take advantage of you again.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 31-Aug-22 15:33:22

I agree, best to move on. You probably have a case against your former employer but going to a tribunal is a stressful business and employers steer clear of hiring someone who has, no matter how justified the reason, taken action against a former employer.

Shinamae Wed 31-Aug-22 17:01:59


I agree, best to move on. You probably have a case against your former employer but going to a tribunal is a stressful business and employers steer clear of hiring someone who has, no matter how justified the reason, taken action against a former employer.

I took my former boss to a tribunal because he would not pay me my redundancy and I won, he didn’t even bother showing up..