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Hairstyles for women over 50

hairstyles for older women

Whether you're after a super modern 'lob', flowing tresses with pink ends or a hairstyle that will flatter thinner locks, there's a cut for every woman. Far from deciding what you 'can' and 'can't' get away with when you're over 50 (we don't believe in such things!), it's much more about finding out what will suit you down to the ground...and make you feel fabulous! In case you need a little help deciding on what your image overhaul will look like, here are some of our favourite hairstyles for older women.



What to consider before getting a new hairstyle

Getting a new cut is an exciting moment, one that can actually make you feel pretty incredible. So (excuse us for stating the obvious) it's important that you get it right. So what should you consider when choosing a new hairstyle? 


  • Your personality - what kind of hairstyles do you generally prefer? What's are your personal preferences and what do you think looks good on you?
  • Your face shape - do you have a round, oval, long, square or heart-shaped face? The key to a flattering hairstyle is to fool people into thinking that your face is oval.
  • Hair texture - do you have fine or thin hair or are you blessed with thicker locks?
  • Current trends - what's in fashion at the moment? Have you seen a style that's inspired you?
  • What's manageable for you - are you looking for a style that's low maintenance? How much time do you spend styling your hair each day?



Short hairstyles

Shorter styles can be very flattering, particularly as you get older, because hair can sometimes start to thin. A short, choppy cut will disguise some of the hair loss by adding extra volume, and depending on the cut and your natural hair texture, they can actually be lower maintenance than longer locks.

It's especially good to take into account your face shape when choosing a shorter hairstyle - in addition to trends and your own personality - as this will help you choose a cut that's flattering and stylish. If you have a round face, create an illusion of length by opting for a long side-swept fringe with a classic chin-length bob (try to avoid a pixie cut if possible) and if you have a long face, choose a block fringe to cover your forehead and make your face look shorter. A-line long bobs are also a winner for those with a long face. The front is usually around two inches longer than the back. 

Shorter cuts are also a life-saver if you have hair that is hard to manage. Opt for a style that requires little styling and minimal effort, especially if you don't have a lot of time to spend getting ready in the mornings. Pixie cuts can be great here if you have square or heart-shaped face, with shorter layers on the top that add volume.


Top 3 hairstyles for shorter hair

  • A-line long bob
  • Pixie cut
  • Classic bob with a long side-swept fringe

over 50s hairstyles



Mid-length hairstyles

Mid-length hairstyles for older women are possibly the easiest and most difficult to wear at the same time. Often they're low maintenance (hurrah!), but unless the cut is right they can end up looking, well, a bit shapeless.

Go for a definite style that suits your face shape: oval faces can generally get away with most mid-length styles, while heart shapes will suit fuller styles (no sleek lobs here) with sweeping fringes, side partings and uniform layers. If you have a square face, a mid-length or longer cut will serve you well, especially with some layers in the front or choppy ends. Likewise, layers will frame a round face well if you keep some volume at the roots.

Shoulder-length cuts are often the most flattering style for a long face no matter whether your hair is straight or wavy, but watch out if your hair is quite fine - longer styles tend to suit those with thicker hair. A blunt fringe might be a way to get round this though as it'll help to pad out your mid-length cut. Just make sure your hair is shaped well. 


Top 3 hairstyles for mid-length hair

  • Blunt fringe
  • Sleek cut with face-framing layers
  • Soft tousled waves with subtle layers




Long hairstyles

Long styles are a little trickier when it comes to older women - but not because there's a certain point at which a woman shouldn't be wearing her hair long.

As people age, hair tends to get thinner, which makes long hair look lank on occasion. A bit of length will really suit women with thick hair (some hair even becomes coarser with age, which actually lends itself well to the style as well), but if you're not blessed with an abundance of flowing locks, it's best to stay on the shorter side of long. A face-framing side-swept fringe is ideal for women with an oval-shaped face and will also soften very long hair.

Long hair suits those with a round or heart-shaped face and doesn't always look flattering on women with long faces unless their hair is wavy or curly. If you have a round face, try a long style with layers that touch the jawline. These layers will also help to stop your hair looking like string if you have fine hair.


Top 3 hairstyles for long hair

  • Chunky curls
  • Side-swept fringe with face-framing layers
  • Longer layers with a side parting



Playing with colour

Feeling daring? Fancy a 'radical' change? Why not embrace current trends and try out a completely different look centred around bright and beautiful colours? 

Reddish tones add warmth to most complexions, and are a semi-daring way to try a new hair colour while hiding any grey roots (if you're not quite ready to transition to grey hair just yet). Certain reds can can sometimes have the opposite effect on olive skin tones though, so it's best to speak with a colourist before taking the plunge.

If you're really brave, and already have light or white hair, you could opt for an all-over colour, such as pink or purple. It doesn't have to be permanent, either - both Manic Panic and Arctic Fox sell a huge range of colours that will wash out within a few months, and both brands are cruelty-free to boot. 


If you're in need of reliable beauty advice, including how to fix thin eyebrows, the best ways to remove unwanted facial hair and glowing skin tips for older women, check out our style and beauty index. And don't forget to visit our forums in the meantime too!


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