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The best hairstyles for over 50

hairstyles for over 50  

Nothing can boost confidence quite like that 'new haircut' feeling, but finding a look that suits you and makes you feel truly fabulous can be tricky. If you're on a quest for the best hairstyles for over 50s, we're on hand to help you decide which cut to go for. It's all about finding a style that will make you feel like the best version of you, even if you're worried about thinning hair. Here are our useful tips for choosing a haircut, along with some celebrity inspiration and our favourite hairstyles for over 50.

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What to consider before getting a new hairstyle 

Getting a new cut is an exciting, transformative moment - there's a reason people often trial a new hairstyle during turning points in their life. Experimenting can be great, but it's also important to do your research so you don't end up with a fashion faux pas. When you go to the salon, arrive well prepared so you can confidently answer questions on how you'd like the length, style or colour to be. Here are our top five tips to consider before taking the plunge.

hairstyles for over 50

1. Your face shape

Your face shape should be a key factor when considering the style of cut to go for. Whether you're searching for ideal hairstyles for over 50 with a round face or a long face, choosing a style that complements this can do wonders for your confidence, as you will be getting a cut that truely suits you. 

hairstyles for over 50 face types

  • Best hairstyles for an oval face: 

If you have an oval shaped face, you're lucky as most hairstyles will suit you. Go for a style where hair isn't in the face too much to show off your best features - a side-swept fringe is great for this. Avoid a heavy, full fringe as this may shorten the appearance of your face.

  • Best hairstyles for a square face: 

If you want to accentuate your features, a modern bob that sits above the cheekbones suits those with long faces, but avoid anything too blunt by asking for some layers. Alternatively, focus on texture to soften a strong jawline - a chop that emphasises curls and waves does the trick. Layered longer styles are another great option as they can give the illusion of a longer face.

  • Best hairstyles for a round face:

Round faces suit medium length hairstyles, ideally below the chin, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. If you do prefer short hairstyles, a cut with more volume on top works the best, for example a pixie cut or choppy, layered bob, as they minimise roundness in the face. 

hairstyles for over 50s face shapes

  • Best hairstyles for a long face:

Go for a shorter style, or one that adds volume. Curls are a great trick for widening the appearance of your face, so talk to your stylist for advice on a cut that adds volume. It's best to avoid styles that are long, as these can lengthen your face, so short or mid length styles are the way to go. 

  • Best hairstyles for a heart shaped face: 

Longer styles suit heart-shaped faces best, as it adds balance to a narrow chin. Make sure you add some layers for a youthful hairstyle. If you fancy going for a shorter cut, a pixie cut with choppy layers is great for balancing the face. 

  • Best hairstyles for a diamond shaped face: 

Similar to styles that suit a heart-shaped face, go for haircuts that widen the chin and minimise the forehead. It's best to go for a youthful bob that comes down to the chin, so the focus is on your hair. Side partings also look great on those with diamond shaped faces. Try to avoid styles with more volume on top.


Always ask your hair stylist's opinion if you are unsure or trying a new style, as with hairstyles for women, what suits one person can be dramatically different for another.  

2. Your personal taste

The most important thing is how your new haircut makes you feel. Think about what you like. What kind of hairstyles do you generally prefer? Do you favour short to mid-length hairstyles? Or are modern hairstyles top of your list? What are your personal preferences and what do you think looks good on you?

3. Hair texture 

Your hair texture should be something you consider when going for a cut. If you have thin or fine hair, consider going for choppy layers, as the contrast in length can add volume to hair. It's also worth noting that the longer your hair is, the more it is weighed down, so shorter styles may be the better option if thin hair is a concern for you. 

4. What's manageable for you? 

Let's face it; we all like to hit the snooze button a little more than we'd admit to. Consider how much effort you're realistically willing to invest in your new hairstyle. Are you looking for a style that's low maintenance? How much time do you spend styling your hair each day? Do you mind blow drying your hair every day? Be honest so that you can get a style convenient for your lifestyle.

5. Where will you get it cut?

Finding a hairdresser who knows your hair and can translate your wishes into actual results is a difficult task. Look for a salon listed under 'best haircuts for women' on a reviews site, and carefully read the reviews - look out for people who've had the same treatments you're going for - to gauge how suitable it is for your needs. 

Now you've considered all of these things, it's time to go for the chop! Here are our favourite hairstyles for over 50 for some handy inspiration...


Short hairstyles for over 50

Short haircuts can be very flattering, particularly as you get older, because hair can sometimes start to thin. Whether you fancy a short pixie cut, or prefer longer, modern bobs, there's plenty of ladies' short hairstyles to choose from...

short hair for over 50s

"I have a friend whose beautiful long hair had been her pride and joy. She decided to let it go grey and have it cut to chin level. She was very reluctant and worried. She needn't have been. She looks fabulous."

Our top 3 short hairstyles:

  • Pixie cut
  • A-line long bob
  • Classic bob with a long side-swept fringe

A short, choppy cut will disguise hair loss by adding extra volume, and depending on the cut and your natural hair texture, they can be lower maintenance than longer locks. Opt for a cut that requires little styling and minimal effort, especially if you don't have a lot of time to spend getting ready in the mornings. Stylish pixie cuts are great for this.

When choosing a shorter hairstyle, it's especially important to take into account your face shape as the more length you have off, the less forgiving it can be. For short hair inspiration, it's always useful to flick through a magazine or search the web, and you'll see lots of covetable styles on celebrities, such as Helen Mirren or Viola Davis, sporting enviable but achievable short 'dos. They really rock grey hair too!

With this length, decide whether you want to add short layers, or whether you want your hair to be all one length. If you're looking at bob hairstyles for over 50, it may be worth adding in a few layers to boost volume and avoid a cut that looks too severe. 


Medium length hairstyles for over 50

When it comes to hairstyles for older women, medium length cuts are possibly the easiest and most difficult to wear at the same time. Often they're low maintenance (hurrah!), but unless the cut is right they can end up looking, well, a bit shapeless. Read on for how to make the most of mid length locks...

mid length hairstyles for over 50s

"I have shoulder length silver (note: not grey!) hair and am still growing it. I love it. I wear it up, back, down and am now thinking of a plait."

Our top 3 medium length hairstyles:

  • Blunt fringe
  • Sleek cut with face-framing layers
  • Soft tousled waves with subtle layers

Go for a style that suits your face shape: oval faces can generally get away with most medium length styles, while heart shapes will suit fuller styles - no sleek lobs here - with sweeping fringes, side partings and uniform layers.

If you have a square face, a medium length or longer cut will serve you well, especially with some layers in the front or choppy ends. Likewise, layers will frame a round face well if you keep some volume at the roots.

Shoulder-length cuts are often the most flattering style for a long face, no matter whether your hair is straight or wavy, but watch out if your hair is quite fine - longer styles tend to suit those with thicker hair. A blunt fringe might be a way to get round this though as it'll help to pad out your cut. Just make sure your hair is shaped and styled well. 

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Long hairstyles for over 50

If you're looking for hairstyles for thick hair, a long style is often the way to go. Long styles are a little trickier when it comes to over 50s - but not because there's a certain point at which a woman shouldn't be wearing her hair long. Hair naturally thins as we grow older, which can make longer hair look limp. But if you are blessed with thick hair, here are the best ways to make the most of your cut.

longer hairstyles for over 50s

"My hair is very long and I get on fine with it. I can put it up, straighten it, wear it in a ponytail, plait it, anything goes really. With longer hair you don't have to wash it everyday."

Top 3 long hairstyles 

  • Chunky curls
  • Side-swept fringe with face-framing layers
  • Longer layers with a side parting

Long lengths will really suit women with thick hair (some hair even becomes coarser with age, which actually lends itself well to the style as well), but if you don't have an abundance of flowing locks, it's best to stay on the shorter side with a volumising hairstyle.

A face-framing side-swept fringe is ideal for women with an oval-shaped face and will also soften very long hair. It's worth noting that longer styles don't always suit women with long faces, unless styled wavy or curly, but it's best to talk to your stylist to get their opinion on what will suit you best, bearing in mind how your hair is naturally. If you have a round face, try a style with long layers that touch the jawline. 


Playing with hair colour

Feeling daring? Fancy a change? Why not embrace current trends and try out a completely different look centred around bright and beautiful colours? You can change your hair colour at any age, so maybe now's the time...

hairstyles for over 50

Reddish tones add warmth to most complexions, and are a semi-daring way to try a new hair colour whilst hiding grey roots (if you're not quite ready to transition to grey hair just yet). Certain reds can can sometimes have the opposite effect on olive skin tones though, so it's best to speak with a colourist before taking the plunge.

Blonde hair is the go-to shade for many women over 50 as it's softer than other shades and doesn't draw as much attention as a bolder hue. It's also the most forgiving shade when it comes to grey roots, as the contrast isn't as great. It's worth asking your stylist about toning treatments to achieve your desired finish after it has been coloured. 

If you're really brave, and already have light or white hair, you could opt for an all-over colour, such as pink or purple in an 'instagran-worthy' pastel hue. It doesn't have to be permanent, either - plenty of shops sell temporary colours that will wash out within a few months, and many are now cruelty-free.

The best hair products for over 50

Post haircut, aftercare is just as important for the condition of your hair as the trim itself. We've given you the best hairstyles for women over 50, now we present you with the products recommended by gransnetters on our forums, to ensure your locks stay in peak condition. From shampoo for grey hair, to thickening conditioner, and oils that adds a luxurious sheen to hair, here are the best buys to get maximum mileage out of your brand new haircut... 

hairstyles for over 50  

"I use Phil Smith ‘Big It Up’ shampoo, and no conditioner. When hair is half-dry, apply a blob of any hair mousse with your head upside down, before blow drying."

"I've been using argan oil shampoo and conditioner recently. It has made my hair (very thick and with a mind of its own) softer and more manageable and less static."

"For shiny hair, use argan oil or coconut oil shampoo, conditioner or a finishing oil from either source. If using the finishing oil, put a few drops in your palms and rub through damp hair and dry as normal."

"I have been using Elvive shampoo and conditioner for thin hair. The day after I have washed it, my hair feels so much thicker. Plus it smells lovely too."


hairstyles for over 50s 

"I've got an oil that I got from Avon which is very good. You can go online if there's no rep near you. A small amount rubbed in the palm of hands after drying hair is all it takes."

"I have grey/white hair and use Aveda Blue Malva shampoo for the second wash. It does give it a good colour and also a sheen."

"I use John Frieda thickening shampoo and conditioner which I think makes my fine hair look a little thicker."

"I’ve found that a drop or two of argan oil massaged in the night before washing it works."

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