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Hairstyles for women over 50

over 50s hairstyles

Whether you're after a super modern 'lob', flowing tresses with pink ends or a hairstyle that will flatter thinner locks, there's a cut for every woman over 50. And in case you need a little help deciding on what your image overhaul will look like, here are some of our favourite styles. Far from deciding what you 'can' and 'can't' get away with when you're older (we don't believe in such things!), it's much more about finding out what will suit you down to the ground.



Short hairstyles

Shorter styles can be very flattering, particularly as women get older, and hair can sometimes start to thin. A short, choppy cut will disguise some of the hair loss, and depending on the cut and your natural hair texture, they can actually be lower maintenance than longer locks.

over 50s hairstyles



Mid-length hairstyles

Mid-length hairstyles for over 50s are possibly the easiest and most difficult to wear at the same time. Often they're low maintenance (hurrah!), but unless the cut is right, they can end up looking, well, a bit shapeless. Go for a definite style that suit your face shape: oval faces can generally get away with most styles, while heart shapes will suit fuller styles (no sleek lobs here). If you have a square face, a mid-length or longer cut will serve you well, especially with some layers in the front. Likewise, layers will frame a round face well if you keep some volume at the roots.



Long hairstyles

Long styles are a little trickier when it comes to women over 50 - but not because there's a certain point at which a woman shouldn't be wearing her hair long. As people age, hair tends to get thinner, which makes long hair look lank on occasion. A bit of length will really suit women with thick hair (some hair even becomes coarser with age, which actually lends itself well to the style as well), but if you're not blessed with an abundance of flowing locks, it's best to stay on the shorter side of long. A face-framing side-swept fringe will also soften very long hair.



Playing with colour

Reddish tones add warmth to most complexions, and are a semi-daring way to try a new hair colour. Certain reds can can sometimes have the opposite effect on olive skin tones though, so it's best to speak with a colourist before taking the plunge.

If you're really brave, and already have light or white hair, you could opt for an all-over colour, such as pink or purple. It doesn't have to be permanent, either - both Manic Panic and Arctic Fox sell a huge range of colours that will wash out within a few months, and both brands are cruelty-free to boot.











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