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Age UK and energy suppliers, insurance deals 6 loopylou
How will you vote in the EU referendum? 356 durhamjen
Dessimation of the NHS 68 durhamjen
Winners and Losers 119 Anniebach
Government Watch 183 durhamjen
A French Revolution 12 Jalima
Apple are deliberately destroying iPhone 6's 14 Indinana
ZIKA virus 38 TriciaF
They'll be raiding the bingo next!! 3 Alea
Trump - just not fringe or funny anymore !?! 176 whitewave
Amazon and tax. 25 durhamjen
Northern Powerhouse Office to close 46 durhamjen
Queens Mall Street Party 41 merlotgran
Women's state pension age - what do you think? 100 Maries
Embedded License of Domestic Abuse to Women in Religion Through the Eyes of a German Refugee From Yemen 43 petra
Tory welfare cuts will impoverish 200,000 children next year and more than 600,00 in 2020 632 durhamjen
Google to pay £130 milion in backdated UK tax 63 durhamjen
Zika Virus 8 POGS
Would you support the doctors' strike. 446 Gracesgran
#NoHijabDay 4 tanith
An interesting political story... 1 thatbags
Ban on in-work benefits 4 petra
Cameron - friend of Muslim women? 406 Anya
Should we bomb De-ash/ISIS in Syria? 869 durhamjen
Social Housing 34 durhamjen
'Bunch of migrants' - just another opportunity for inter-party sniping? 21 petra
Cologne Sex Assaults - Similar to what happens in Birmingham every week. 38 Nonnie
Do you think he's 15. 25 rubysong
The law of unintended consequences. 13 durhamjen
Colbert and Rumsfeld youtube 1 thatbags
New Barbies in new colours 7 jinglbellsfrocks
A refugee's look at the refugee problem 1 thatbags
Gove is new Justice Secretary 78 durhamjen
24 die off the coast of Greece, including children 11 Deedaa
Flint, Michigan, lead poisoning scandal 6 JessM
Disneyland Paris gunman 2 MrsHerMarbles
Snow in the US 8 Nelliemoser
Demolishing housing estates 262 M0nica
Five events that could change the shape of British politics in 2016. 75 durhamjen
Attendance allowance 20 POGS
Too awful to contemplate? 80 Iam64
Secularism 3 Luckygirl
What is libertarianism? 1 thatbags
Loss of nurses burseries 61 durhamjen
Realpolitik and Sovereignty (Falkland Islands) 28 rosesarered
I'll be shopping in the men's department from now on 5 ninathenana
David Cameron pledges 'assault on poverty' with social reforms 34 durhamjen
Can even ardent royalists justify this? 11 merlotgran
Death of Glenn Frey of the Eagles 16 Hildie
Cameron's Christmas message 603 gillybob