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Social mobility and grammar schools 60 Nandalot
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Named person for children in Scotland 27 obieone
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Trump trumped? Or David-1 Goliath-0 4 LullyDully
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Could Labour 'split'. Tom Watson calls off talks. 1000 Anniebach
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More United - is this the way forward in politics? 89 daphnedill
woman killed by tiger in China 15 Luckylegs9
Oscar Pistorius sentenced for murder 107 Jane10
The baby boomers will go down as the worst, most selfish generation in history. 78 Granny2016
As the hysterical left weep into their lattes... 504 granjura
Terrorist shootings in Munich 33 whitewave
A new Centre party? 211 Anniebach
Lesson in diplomacy for Brexit Boris 63 whitewave
Should we be worried about right-wing populism? 531 rosesarered
Scotland/Sturgeon 45 Jalima
Prince George 'turns' 3 7 Marmark1
Healthy cut from GPs lists? 31 GandTea
Military Coup in Turkey 32 durhamjen
Cameron cronyism 4 nigglynellie
On the subject of racism. 54 Elrel
Brexit watch 1000 Jalima
Vote on Trident 78 durhamjen
Another awful day for France. 122 petra
Who to replace Cameron? 549 durhamjen
So: what will Cameron's Legacy Be? 98 Anya
Austerity is a myth. 98 daphnedill
A personal view 40 Anniebach
Military coup in Turkey 42 Granny2016
More cuts to social care on the way 15 Anya
Prosecution of Tweeters 56 Gracesgran
Wolf whistling - a hate crime ?? 112 tiffaney
Are Gransnetters just vicious online trolls? 278 grumppa
What goes round comes round 15 Jane10
Regarding the result of the European referendum, I feel sorry for young people. 32 Linsco56
Mr. Theresa May 14 Jane10
Has it occurred to anyone that we were all played 82 Tegan
Young people not being interested in politics. 15 granjura
I'm glad Mr activist didn't get arrested..... 8 Elrel
Aaron Banks-more scary than any politician? 31 daphnedill
Andrea Leadsom 209 Anya
Chilcott enquiry 63 vampirequeen
Farage 353 daphnedill
Sexism in the media.....kitten heels 29 Jalima