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Should we bomb De-ash/ISIS in Syria? 282 Ana
Tory Party Bullying 13 jinglbellsfrocks
What ideas are there instead of bombing? 83 whitewave
Should GB be a world power 199 POGS
Government Watch 78 whitewave
Would you support the doctors' strike. 170 Luckygirl
Lovely pics of Princess Charlotte 13 ninathenana
Should Gransnet be used as a political platform? 105 granjura
Autumn statement 41 Alima
Free news? 9 durhamjen
Turkey shoots down Russian fighter, scary times. 50 Florentine
Have the cuts been worth it? 40 soontobe
Chancellor's autumn statement 2015 113 GillT57
Drone strikes 108 soontobe
Can I believe the Chancellor? 31 jinglbellsfrocks
A heart warming story 6 Anniebach
Andrew Neil talking about jihadist losers 171 petra
Tory welfare cuts will impoverish 200,000 children next year and more than 600,00 in 2020 583 durhamjen
Food banks 177 rosequartz
pacifists/conscienti ous objectors/Jeremy Corbyn 239 soontobe
Attacks in Paris 564 gillybob
Potential terrrorist with a conscience 42 M0nica
Schengen 22 rosequartz
Andrew Neil 7 Indinana
Gove is new Justice Secretary 73 Anniebach
Attack on Hotel in Mali 7 Luckygirl
Coverage of refugee family journey 3 Alea
A really long explanation of the Syrian problem. 25 thatbags
Why isn't there the same sympathy for Kenyan attacks? 93 POGS
Where are the men? 14 Elegran
Fight guns with flowers 5 kiernan58
The man is his own drama series 1 threesugars
The EU and Cameron's negotiations 1 thatbags
Everything to do with the attacks 150 POGS
Do you agree ? 26 M0nica
Mortgages for people in 80s/90s 11 Grannyknot
I can't sleep 20 lilian1
Gatwick - North Terminal 7 JamJar1
Remembrance Day 19 nigglynellie
POPPY POLICE 48 rosequartz
Starbucks red cups 27 granjura
American response to the bombing of MSF Hospital 8 Anniebach
Rememberance Sunday 51 nigglynellie
What Martin Amis thinks of Jeremy Corbyn 198 rosequartz
Conscientious objection isn't a legitimate posture... 125 durhamjen
The police want to see your entire internet history 69 RAF
Assisted dying 76 granjura
When will Americans WAKE UP!! 25 Deedaa
Sharm el Sheikh 73 POGS
House prices set to rise by 20%. 3 Eloethan