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Mason jar snow globes

Christmas decorating ideas on Pinterest

Grab a glue gun and get inspired this Christmas with some of our favourite DIY decorating ideas from Pinterest.

a lick of paint

Find the perfect shade to spruce up your living space with these handy tips for choosing a paint palette.


Our top tips for bedding down your garden for the winter. 

winter bed

Even though your garden will be resting well for the winter, there's still a few things you can do to ensure that spring brings blossoms.

Marie Kondo

It's never too late (or too early for that matter) to start clearing out! Decluttering expert Marie Kondo shares her tips to help you get started.


Do something useful with the mass of fallen leaves in your garden - make leaf mould compost.

Frozen pond

It's getting colder, and with cold comes ice! If your garden ices over, we've got some tips that can help.