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AIBU create a quiet corner.

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glassortwo Fri 11-May-12 13:02:37

Its been a while since notso corner was in use, maybe now would be a good time.

Come on in........ I am just dusting things down and have the kettle on.

soop Fri 11-May-12 15:26:52

jeni Strike whilst the Aga's hot grin

whenim64 Fri 11-May-12 15:26:55

Powder blue - how lovely. There are lots of companies that assemble them and replace missing bits - you've got a gem there glass smile

glassortwo Fri 11-May-12 15:35:29

Yes set a date soop ( might be 2020 by the time the house is finished at the rate we are going) grin when DH trade is plumber and over the years has dismantled and reassembled quite a few, could not believe my luck!!!

I have used one when we have been away in holiday cottages, spent my holiday at the aga grin

soop Fri 11-May-12 15:43:18

glass I shall be 80 by the time I get the invite to slouch beside your powder blue Aga. The very notion will give me something special to look forward to. grin

Bags Fri 11-May-12 16:16:50

Agas/Rayburns are great. We have a dark purple-blue Rayburn that came with the house. I love it. So simple and yet so versatile.

soop Fri 11-May-12 16:23:14

...and my scarf won't clash with it, Bags wink

glassortwo Fri 11-May-12 16:47:18

I have just made a batch of drop scones on the aga, still warm if anyone would like one.

jeni Fri 11-May-12 16:48:40

Please! With cream and jam?

whenim64 Fri 11-May-12 16:56:04

It would be churlish to say no. I'll only have three - musn't be greedy!! grin

soop Fri 11-May-12 17:00:21

glass I bet they smell and taste wonderful. I'm beginning to dribble. The cat does that! grin

Butternut Fri 11-May-12 17:52:54

Anyone with an Aga or Rayburn - I am full of envy!

A drop scone or two might will make me feel better!

Ariadne Fri 11-May-12 19:05:58

Tea? Come on, girls, it's Friday night. wine

POGS Fri 11-May-12 19:12:48

What are you all talking about please. If you are a new gransnetter it is hard to understand, sorry if it is obvious I am just missing the point and I would love to understand you all. HELP

Butternut Fri 11-May-12 19:16:31

It's a virtual gathering/party, pogs. We have them occasionally frequently for fun and friendship.

Ariadne Fri 11-May-12 19:25:49

POGS The quiet corner was somewhere to retreat to, away from bickering, squabbles and depression. Just come in and settle down on the settee - there's room here next to me, and I'd welcome a chance to get to know you. Have a wine?

Daft but funny.

POGS Fri 11-May-12 19:32:32

Oh, now I get it.

Have you got a big slipper and a bottle of Bicardi Ariadne because I could be there a long time. wine

Ariadne Fri 11-May-12 19:33:50

Right, POGS you're on! But you're not having my slippers!

POGS Fri 11-May-12 19:36:04

Some people can be so selfish

jeni Fri 11-May-12 19:46:34

Now now ladies! This the QUIET corner! No bickering no squabbling! Just nice ladylike behaviour.
I've brought some nice tiny crust less cucumber sandwiches on a lovely bone china plate. I'll pass them around!

Butternut Fri 11-May-12 19:54:40

Delish! Peppered and salted I hope.

whenim64 Fri 11-May-12 20:08:27

It's a bit more refined in here. I'll just slip my shoes off for ten minutes and have a little glass of sherry and a cucumber sandwich before getting back to those prima donnas thespians over there on the Burton-Taylor thread. Aaaahhhhh - lovely smile

Grannylin Fri 11-May-12 20:35:36

Wow glass you've got a bargain there. Love my old red Aga...its the only thing of any worth in my house and no-one can steal it!So cosy.

soop Sat 12-May-12 12:28:45

POGS I don't even understand myself, let alone the rest of the gang grin If you knew the real me, then you would find me to be a party-pooper and perfectly content with my own company. Yet, for me, GN has been a wonderful 'come out of the shell' experience in ways too many to mention. The virtual parties are FUN...we can be virtually anyone we choose to be. We laugh and play around and even get marched off to the cells for unruly behaviour. After which, we virtually sober up and carry on leg-pulling until the next celebration. It's all perfectly ridiculous and harmless. Please POGS do join in the next time we run riot have fun. smile wink

anma Sat 12-May-12 15:05:00

this sounds very enjoyable. can i come in my pyjamas please?

jeni Sat 12-May-12 15:10:54

Can I come on please. I've been trying to read my files outside in the lovely sunshine, but, somebody, I don't know who is playing very loud pop music in their garden and destroying the peace of what is normally a very nice quiet area!angry
I think this is antisocial so I want some nice quiet sane sensible company!