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AIBU create a quiet corner.

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glassortwo Fri 11-May-12 13:02:37

Its been a while since notso corner was in use, maybe now would be a good time.

Come on in........ I am just dusting things down and have the kettle on.

JessM Sat 12-May-12 15:18:34

Quiet corners are about all I am up for this weekend. Just been lounging at the bottom of the garden with a sun lounger mattress on the overgrown gravel path - the most sheltered spot. Just enough room for me between the parsley and the geranium. Always up for some drop scones/ pancakes/ crumpets/ welsh cakes etc. I have lots of slightly runny but tasty marmalade I could bring smile

soop Sat 12-May-12 15:19:54

anma Please do! Anything goes...the more outragious, the better! grin
jeniDid you say nice quiet sane sensible company? Where's Bags when we need her? grin

Bags Sat 12-May-12 15:29:00

I don't think you should go impplying things like that, soop! What about my reputation?!?! wink

soop Sat 12-May-12 15:34:18

AH! I knew that on learning that I was taking your name in vain, you'd leap out from behind a flowering shrub, Bags

jeni Sat 12-May-12 15:37:40

bagsit precedes you!

soop Sat 12-May-12 15:39:12

titter, giggle, splutter!!!

jeni Sat 12-May-12 15:41:49

Well, it shows how desparately I am when I start calling you mob sane!

Bags Sat 12-May-12 15:41:57

grin Wondering what it looks like now.....?

Don't go there!!!!! shock

soop Sat 12-May-12 15:47:26

Never, never, ever refer to me as being sane...I wouldn't recognise myself! I prefer being considered borderline quirky that's quaint wink

jeni Sat 12-May-12 15:59:50


soop Sat 12-May-12 16:05:47

hmm grin

Oxon70 Sat 12-May-12 16:52:08

Everybody's marching out of step except me.....

anma Sat 12-May-12 17:19:39

i often think "is it me?" of course it never is.......

anma Sat 12-May-12 19:14:13

i've had a lovely afternoon in the quiet corner, eating drinking and chatting.
thank you for having me flowers

jeni Sat 12-May-12 19:20:34

It's areal 'cool' area isn't it?or innit?

harrigran Sat 12-May-12 19:25:26

Shove over I am coming in. Ye Gods I am exhausted after a day with GC. My legs are aching from running up and down stairs.

Anagram Sat 12-May-12 19:34:54

You should try coming down the stairs on your bum, like my GCs do, harrigran!

Anagram Sat 12-May-12 19:36:04

Just realised there shouldn't be an 's' after GC! blush

jeni Sat 12-May-12 19:46:43

I think you are tired. The kettles on or would you preferwine I have a rather nice Brunello here?

Anagram Sat 12-May-12 19:50:45

I think I deserve a glass of wine, jeni, after the day I've had!

What about you, harrigran?

Bags Sat 12-May-12 20:04:47

I'm coming in for a little soothingness. I'm very rarely fed up with shit stuff life throws at me, but I am just now. I'm sure the quiet corner will effect a cure. I'll just sit and people watch if that's OK.

Bags Sat 12-May-12 20:05:49

Hope your birthday was enjoyable, for all the running about, harri, amd yours too, gally.

Anagram Sat 12-May-12 20:15:15

Sympathy, Bags....
Have a cup of tea.

glassortwo Sat 12-May-12 20:15:40

Sorry about my Pjs and slippers but DH has walked my legs off in Town and I need a sit down and a glass of wine ahhh thats better. Lasagna prepared earlier and now warming up in the oven, so I can enjoy 5 mins peace and quiet.

glassortwo Sat 12-May-12 20:17:03

Ahh bags thats not like you, come on over and share a glass of wine