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cut out of thier lives 2

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Yogagirl Sat 27-Jul-13 21:54:29

Just testing to see what happens here, as it said no more messages!

Greatnan Wed 31-Jul-13 18:01:59

I found it very helpful to be able to pour out my sorrow about my daughter and three of her children who have cut off all contact with me. It is doubly sad because I am the only grandparent they have ever known. I had so much sympathy and just the odd nasty comment from somebody who obviously had no idea of what so many of us are experiencing. She suggested we must all have done something to alienate our children. She soon got told the truth and I think she left the forum, which was no loss.
My own situation has not improved, but I am always so glad to hear good news from anyone else.
My great fear is that my daughter's addiction to codeine will kill her before we are reconciled. I continue to send loving cards to her and the children but get no response. Only her oldest daughter keeps me informed about them all.

celebgran Wed 31-Jul-13 18:19:30

Well done greatnan it is so very hard to keep on when you get no response as well I know.

My husband got another bag of dolls and old teddies from loft they are going to tip (of my daughters ) but I have now written to her saying our intention to let her have the personal stuff.

If she responses and does not want it the will dump it. If not will take it over but whole things is enormously stressful.

Yogagirl Sat 03-Aug-13 00:10:23

Ah! poor Celebgran I feel for you flowers

Thank you for your advise Bez and Whenim64 too late now, court on Monday sad

Greatnan flowers. And my fear is that my s.i.l will either kill my daughter (have him saying as much on her mobile!) or pushing her to commit suicide or get her committed to a mental home, which again he already has done, when she only had the baby blues, he asked me to put my name to his to have the key thrown away, but of course I refused! that was during their big fight,when I packing up and returned from my holiday to help them both, that resulted in the 'brick-wall' being built to separate me from my daughter and GC sad

celebgran Sat 03-Aug-13 20:28:38

Yogagirl I have friend who went court and got contact with her granddaughters a few years ago. Sadly her relationship with her daughter is not good but how I envy her seeing granddaughters .

Very best wishes for Monday x x x

shysal Sun 04-Aug-13 16:10:39

Yogagirl, I shall be thinking of you tomorrow, imagine us all at your side to support you! I look forward to hearing the outcome, hopefully positive. flowers

Gorki Sun 04-Aug-13 16:45:42

My thoughts are with you yogagirl. I do hope justice is done and the outcome is a happy one. flowers

Yogagirl Sun 04-Aug-13 19:42:22

Thank you so much for your kind words and support Celebgran,shysal and Gorki

I do fear what will happen tomorrow! Will I be packing away my GC Birthday and Xmas presents or will I be putting them into their tiny lovely hands?,this time tomorrow I will have the answer to that! Its going to be a strange day tomorrow, as its also my other daughters 30th Birthday, because of all this that's going on, she is not having a 'do' but going to a spa during the day with her long-term boyfriend and then we'll go out for a meal early evening.
I have a bottle of champagne in the fridge which will be opened when they come round, but only if things go well at the court.

Need to go and prepare some more, but what I really need is the Gods to be on my side tomorrow, If I win it will be bitter-sweet as I still wont get my daughter back, when that day will be, God alone knows, wish I had a crystal ball or 'big book telling the future'

Marelli Sun 04-Aug-13 19:46:12

The best of wishes for tomorrow, yogagirl. flowers

celebgran Sun 04-Aug-13 23:01:55

Thinking if you yogagirl flowers wait eagerly for good news x x x

Greatnan Mon 05-Aug-13 06:14:28

Good luck today, Yogagirl. xxxx

Iam64 Mon 05-Aug-13 07:50:44

I do hope your day goes well yoga girl. x

Faye Mon 05-Aug-13 07:52:13

Good luck for today Yogagirl. flowers

Yogagirl Mon 05-Aug-13 17:33:45

I was slaughtered! they believed some lies and some they didn't but end result is that I will never see my daughter and grandchildren again.
The Judge wouldn't look at the photos or cards and I couldn't read from my statements.

All his family were waiting for me outside, geering and pointing and laughing.
His mum Karen came up to me and said "I wrote all those statements, and they believed every bloody word ha ha ha"
Then my s.i.l. came up and said "They wont even be at your funeral"

As for my daughter; in the waiting room, she first gave me the evil eye, they were laughing and kissing. She then joined in with the lies at the hearing.
I knew quiet soon, that I wasn't going to win. The Judge said " I know you love your GC very much and wouldn't hurt them at all but you haven't seen them for nearly a year now...."
Strange how I can't cry and haven't since this all began.
"just because my eyes don't tear, doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry"

Sorry girls to burst your bubble!

kittylester Mon 05-Aug-13 17:37:07

So sorry to hear that Yogagirl, you must be heartbroken. I don't know what to say to comfort you (((hugs)))

Greatnan Mon 05-Aug-13 17:40:43

My sincerest sympathy, Yogagirl. Bad things happen to good people.

nanaej Mon 05-Aug-13 18:01:31

What a terribly sad situation. I am sorry to hear you felt your voice was not heard in court today and also that you did not get the chance to present your evidence of the loving relationship with your DD and DGC. It must feel very unfair. Sometime shock prevents tears. Look after yourself.

petallus Mon 05-Aug-13 18:14:44

What a terrible traumatic experience you have been through. You were brave to try it. You can never know for sure what the future holds. Best wishes!

Galen Mon 05-Aug-13 18:24:40

Have you any appeal rights?

Yogagirl Mon 05-Aug-13 18:37:28

Thanks one and all. No appeal

Gally Mon 05-Aug-13 18:39:47

I am so so sad for you Yogaflowers

shysal Mon 05-Aug-13 19:41:54

How can human beings be so cruel? So sorry. flowers
I sincerely hope your GCs make contact when they get older. They will know you always loved them and fought hard.

KatyK Mon 05-Aug-13 20:09:49

How terrible for you flowers

Gorki Mon 05-Aug-13 20:27:11

Don't ever give up hope that things will change. Miracles do happen and people do have a change of heart. .Life and situations do change. Hang on in there Yogagirl flowers

celebgran Mon 05-Aug-13 20:34:36

Yogagirl my heart goes out to you there are no words just sending you biggest hug your daughter will regret this so much.

When the tears begin to come let them you will need some release from all that build up of emotion.

Can only echo others Gran you don't deserve this it is Inhuman your daughter like mine does not deserve our love. Sadly we gave birth to the and will always car that is what makes it hell.

Please be kind to yourself and at peace you did all you could and your grandchildren will know that one day.

I pray you have peace of mind. X x x

whenim64 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:45:38

yogagirl I'm so terribly sorry you were treated like this. You must be numb with shock. The judge could have been more gentle with you and allowed you to have your say. So sorry flowers

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