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AIBU in thinking that the appalling behaviour in Parliament is reflecting the general mood when it should be trying to set an example to improve relations with each other?

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Shinyredcar Thu 26-Sep-19 10:17:30

Disrespect, lurid language, extreme reactions seem to be becoming normal in general life at present. It doesn't seem to matter what the topic, or who the people are who are speaking.

I watched the House of Commons proceedings yesterday to find out what was happening. I was impressed by the Attorney General at first but then, even very senior lawyer as he is, he fell into a rant. After hours of yelling, catcalling, rabble-rousing and insults, I switched off.

I am not happy to find that the people the world sees as representing my country choose to appear intemperate and blinkered. They seem to think that insulting people who don't agree with them (on just about any topic) is a valid form of debate. I have to guess what their own views are by working them out from how much energy they spend on being offensive about other people and their opinions. I would far rather hear a measured statement of what they really think.

I am wryly amused to reflect that my primary school teacher would have taken the culprits aside and told them it's not big, and it's not clever. Perhaps their grandparents ought to take them to task?

Am I just being old-fashioned in thinking that people in authority should set a good example?

vena11 Thu 26-Sep-19 10:34:15

I agree with you , all parties behaviour over the last few weeks have been a disgrace and an embarrassment to the country .

wildswan16 Thu 26-Sep-19 10:55:22

I confess that I have now "switched off" from the whole debacle. I am appalled at the language and tactics used by some of our elected representatives. I am appalled that we have actually elected these people to represent us.

If two people on opposing sides cannot speak respectfully to each other, how are they ever to debate and negotiate a successful answer.

The OP asks if their views are old-fashioned. If they are, then please bring back the old-fashioned ways.

Fairiesfolly Thu 26-Sep-19 11:04:00

We as a nation are trying to stamp out bullying in any form but that doesn’t seem to apply for “past their sell by date” politicians who set a very bad example. Seen better behaviour/manners from the younger generation.

Joelsnan Thu 26-Sep-19 11:47:41

We need a general election now to diffuse the tension and frustration within the country.

Bridgeit Thu 26-Sep-19 11:52:00

Yes I agree, I have long thought ( since we have been able to seem them in action) how immature & pathetic many of them sound, especially with the braying etc etc.

grapefruitpip Thu 26-Sep-19 11:57:10

The braying is hideous as is the whole outmoded spectacle. I despair. The younger generations must find it beyond comprehension.

Perhaps the whole edifice is about to tumble.

humptydumpty Thu 26-Sep-19 11:59:30

We need a GE after no-deal Brexit on Oct 31 has been taken off the table.

yggdrasil Thu 26-Sep-19 12:11:22

If you want to see someone who behaves in Parliament as a PM should, just look at the Leader of the Opposition!

crystaltipps Thu 26-Sep-19 12:21:48

They sound much more measured today. Johnson obviously using aggressive language as a tactic to cover up his failures.

ayse Thu 26-Sep-19 12:31:10

Many members of parliament, for many years have behaved in this appalling manner. They should be leading this country by example.

This should not be acceptable but is apparently ok.

I agree with Shinyredcar. Good manners cost nothing and no, it’s not old-fashioned, it’s civilised

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 11:27:53

Shoulds woulds coulds, good manners...... lets all be nicey nicey.

Actually I think the bun fight is long overdue. I think its time we all slung a few insults and home truths around. As a Brexiter I have said very little, trying to be " nice". Now I would just like to have my say and slin g it all at ya! I know this is remain central .

I have gone past angry with you lot of SJW talking liberals taking my democratic rights and spending my money on your pet projects including trying to stop a democratically voted for LEAVE the EU.

humptydumpty Fri 27-Sep-19 12:07:21

abbey thank you for making your positiom so clear.

On another post (and others before, I believe), Leavers were asked if they could provide some clear bullet-points of concrete benefits they expect to see after Brexit (i.e. not woolly phrases such as 2regaining our sovereignty" etc.)

I was mulling over to myself what these were, as surely Leavers must expect some concrete benefits to compensate for the upheaval and possible(?) negative impact?? otherwise the words 'turkey' and 'Christmas' come to mind.

A response would be much appreciated.

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 13:10:55

Actually I did give some very concrete and clear reasons I felt Brexit was the best move. No one replied.
I got told by the remainders here to go away. Since then I have said nothing more. (as I said .... this is remain central).

Too late to ask me now. That fight has gone. The reasonableness in my view has now gone. I am not listening to you as you did not listen to me. You get it?

I still have my reasons and I still think they are good ones. Sound economic, political and social ones.

But this has gone beyond "sovereignty "( and that was never in my list anyway) . I am a pragmatic practical person, not an idealist). Why is it you have to pick on an ideologue argument and not the many economic and social ones there were? Is it that you never listened or heard or wanted to understand? Why ask now?

It is about democracy now. Its about honouring what was voted for in a vote given to the people beyond representitive government and promised that the decision would be honoured.

It doesnt matter now who "wins" as one way or another there is going to be a lot of anger and hate around and it wont go away. Its no use trying to make it go away by putting out your virtue signalling again and asking for us all to be nice. I have done nice. I did it for three years and look where it got me? Still having to argue. It should not be. You should not be asking why I voted to leave the EU. Not now. The decision was made.

I was given a vote. I voted. More people agreed with me and we won that vote. For three years others have tried to stop that. Had you allowed it and then fought your battle to return to the EU I would respect you ( as you would have respected the vote). That you did not, now means all I have left for you is anger, hostility, annoyance and downright disgust - all of which now need a vent.

So, we need that bun fight. We might even need a bigger fight, I dont know. I want to hurl the insults , say nasty things kick you metaphorically in your privates. Nothing else will do now. Its gone beyond reasonable.

So stop trying to be reasonable. I voted Leave the EU. Thats what I want I want it on October 31st. If Boris delivers, I will vote for Boris again and again and again!!!!!

That is what you are afraid of isnt it? So, you have to stop it. You have to stop him and it has to be at all costs - democracy, the country, my vote and my decision, all out of the window and you still want to call that " democracy". What you have created is a dictatorship .... and I hope that it bites you socialist types on the bum because what goes around most definitely will come back around. I hope I am here to see it.

That is all you have left me in this whole debacle you call overturning Brexit. Anger, hate and destruction.

I am not returning to this. I have said what I want to say. No doubt you will all take sharp inkakes of breath and say how foul I am ..... but who is really the foul one here? Who really stinks? Those who legitimately voted to leave the EU and believed that they would accept the vote, whichever way it went or those like you remainers who could not accept the vote and have spent three years mucking it and people like me around to get your own churlish and childish ends?

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 13:15:05

You got a response..... not the one you wanted I am sure.

Bridgeit Fri 27-Sep-19 13:29:06

Boris is not a good example of democracy, or honesty,or anything at all as far as i can see.
The other side isn’t any better, it is a complete mess.
So I think Abbey that it is just as well that you have made your decision & come to the best solution for your peace of mind.

humptydumpty Fri 27-Sep-19 14:25:57

Goodness Abbey, anger much. I hope for your own sake that venting has made you feel better. (By the way, I didn't see your post 3 years(?) ago, or I wouldn't have asked.)

EllanVannin Fri 27-Sep-19 15:06:09

" Appalling behaviour " was already in-situ before Parliament misbehaved so I'd have said that it was these members of the misbehaving public that had set a precedent for MP's to act in this way too being that it seems to be the norm nowadays.

jura2 Fri 27-Sep-19 15:11:51

abbey - words fail me - anger, hate, destruction and inciting violence - that is what you want for your grandchildren? There is no answer to that, I am sorry.

What is the UK come to sad

jura2 Fri 27-Sep-19 15:14:02

More and more youngster I know on Remain side are choosing to distance themselves from their parents and grand-parents- as they are disgusted at their attitude- and goodness, I can understand now.

jura2 Fri 27-Sep-19 15:15:17

I suppose it is against netiquette to copy and post elsewhere - but it is so tempting- to show people what is happening sad

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 16:59:03

I suppose it is against netiquette to copy and post elsewhere - but it is so tempting- to show people what is happening sad

I believe it is.
Whats the matter need reinforcements - rent a mob like many other places on the internet now?

Yes Jura, I recall you telling me to go once before because you cannot stand disagreement . Well I have news for you, forums are for disagreeing and saying what you think .... even allowing you to do the same. I may not agree with you but I would certainly never stop you speaking and if your side won a referendum or an election I would respect it - thats how reasonable I am. I dont try to shut others down with my how awful and how offended I might be.

If you are going to repost anything of mine, make sure it is in context otherwise I might get stroppy and see what can be done about it.

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 17:02:27

Abbey - words fail me - anger, hate, destruction and inciting violence - that is what you want for your grandchildren? There is no answer to that, I am sorry.

I am going to stop you right there!

#I am not inciting anything. I am simply stating how I feel. That is allowed. I have not suggested violence in way shape or form. A good verbal bun fight clears the air all round. It often stops violence because it allows the views and feelings to be expressed.

What I want for the future does not seem to matter to you. However, I do think we need to help our children to stand up and be counted for what they believe in. I would hate to see them being door mats for the EU that is for sure.

abbey Fri 27-Sep-19 17:04:51

..... anger, hate, destruction and inciting violence - that is what you want for your grandchildren? There is no answer to that, I am sorry.

That is what remainers will have left as a legacy, not me.

Of course you have no answer. You are it seems part of the problem.

What is the UK come to sad

What you have made of it.

Framilode Fri 27-Sep-19 18:04:13

Abbey If the ERG and the DUP had voted for the deal we would have been out a long time ago. They didn't just want out they wanted the 'perfect' Brexit. If you want to blame anyone, blame them. They didn't like the backstop but that was something requested by us.

Remainers are perfectly entitled to their views, they make up at least half the country. I think most of us could accept a Brexit that takes our views into consideration. We are just not prepared to leave without a deal. So if you are so angry I suggest you direct it at the Tories that didn't vote for the deal.