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Social distancing...again.. !

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Gingergirl Fri 07-Aug-20 18:35:57

AIBU to think that distancing amongst families seems a thing of the past?! Are there people on here, who like me, haven’t yet so much as hugged their toddler and baby GC, let alone any of their adult children? We have declined overnight stays because with such young children, we just can’t all stay apart from a practical point of view. And even with a day trip, we are still staying apart. And yet, living in a holiday area, I’m seeing extended families staying together, sitting and eating as if one household etc...and I feel I’m going mad! We have a particularly emotional family event to attend in a few weeks and still, I doubt we will feel it’s ok to kiss and hug. What are others’ experiences please? It’s so depressing!

Luckygirl Sat 08-Aug-20 22:37:43

My DDs all have friends staying over this weekend - they are having a lovely time, but this is one of the reasons I am not bubbling with any of them - they have so many external close contacts.

Clevedon Sun 09-Aug-20 10:07:51

We are seeing my GS aged 3 now, stayed away totally for lockdown, then garden only but now sort of 'bubbling' . They own their own business so we are the babysitters. We do not mix with friends or go out socialising and decided definately no kisses for foreseeable future. I also have aged parents so am being as careful as I can. We can't not see our GC forever 😔

Nanatoone Sun 09-Aug-20 11:56:47

We don’t have anyone in the vulnerable category in our close family or friends (my hubby would have been but passed away before Covid for which I feel grateful as we were able to have him at home). We don’t social distance together and I’ve looked after the little ones all through this as I’ve always done. I believe you need to risk assess your own situation and act accordingly. I don’t go to shops much but last week we went on holiday together and had a fab time and we all feel better for it. We have had no local deaths for 33 days and low infection rates, we need to live our lives but I am terribly sorry for those who are vulnerable.

Cabbie21 Sun 09-Aug-20 17:07:26

Today my daughter is having a barbecue for her brother and his family. Their daughter is coming and she works in Aldi so could easily pick up the virus, but she keeps her distance. She is however bringing a friend. My daughter’s father and his wife are invited, so naturally I am not invited, which is fine. However it is quite a mix and when I go there tomorrow I am not sure whether I shall feel safe.

Sgilley Sun 09-Aug-20 20:01:23

You are not alone Gingergirl. My Husband and me haven’t kissed or cuddled our grandchildren since 9th March. Neither have we kissed or cuddled our children. We meet outdoors and keep our distance. Would love to be more tactile.

Dorsetcupcake61 Sun 09-Aug-20 20:28:49

Ginger girl you are certainly not alone in feeling rather down about social distancing. I'm in a position where I am high risk due to underlying health conditions. My son in laws parents are in their early 70s but no underling health conditions. They are happier to be more lenient with social distancing with grandsons age 4 and 2. It's so hard but theres so much they are still finding out about this virus . When I think about grandparents whose grandchildren are in another country this is the norm for them. We can only do what we feel comfortable with.

Gill66 Mon 10-Aug-20 02:46:51

I agree with you entirely, Nanatoone, I feel that if we all used our common sense, and followed the guidelines adapted to our individual situations, there would be a lot less stress and unhappiness. My family has decided not to social distance, we live in a rural area, very low risk.This virus is here to stay, in one form or another,we must live with it as best we can, human beings need affectionate contact, otherwise over a long period of time they suffer mentally-and this is also true for children ,who unfortunately are too often forgotten when we talk about the effects of long-term social distancing. What is this world we are leaving them- don’t touch, don’t kiss, don’t cuddle, don’t go near anyone, don’t go out without covering your face, etc etc....I have had a life, I’m 70, so if I die so be it, but we have no right to stop younger generations from living theirs just to keep us oldies safe (. 95% of deaths from Covid concern the over 65’s) Youngsters are more important than us, so yes I will kiss and cuddle my children and grandchildren for as long as I can.

QuaintIrene Mon 10-Aug-20 04:11:48

My DIL called today to drop off some photos of the GC.
Waved at them sat in the car, on the way to the other GPs who have enough room to entertain them. They have a big garden. I have just a bit of front.
It’s hard, feeling left out like a sulky child.
But at least they came.
I hope that things get better.

bobbydog24 Mon 10-Aug-20 09:55:04

I am on my own and hated lockdown until I could form a bubble with my DD, SIL and DGC. That first hug was magical and they’ve kept me sane ever since. I am classed as vulnerable with type 2 diabetes, well maintained and apart from that fit and healthy. My DD works from home and SIL has stringent rules at his place of work. He does the shopping for both households. I have met up with my sister once for lunch in cafe outside in a garden centre, she and her husband have not been anywhere so felt confident.
I think as long as you are sensible and abide by the advice then life can be relatively endurable.
I am at the moment at our caravan with my two grandchildren having a lovely time, walking and chilling out in the countryside. I must admit I am bewildered by some caravan owners who chat together with no distance between them and nip in and out of each other’s caravans. Each to their own but I am quite happy and feel safe with what I am doing.