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Young girls wearing next to nothing on the beach

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Soroptimum Mon 14-Jun-21 15:10:55

Just spent a week in a lovely holiday flat overlooking Poole harbour and a beach. Excellent weather so lots of young folk out enjoying the sun, especially this Saturday. But! I was quite shocked at some of the girls’ clothing. EXTREMELY small bikinis that left nothing to the imagination, not just on the beach but in the supermarkets etc. The young men were ok - shorts a T shirts mostly. What if they’d been wearing budgie smugglers!!! Now I’m not prudish by ant means, but I found it quite uncomfortable. AIBU?

rosie1959 Mon 14-Jun-21 15:17:42

More surprising that supermarkets let them in
On the beach what ever floats your boat my DH usually enjoys the view
Not for me never was more likely to be found in a Speedo
But no I dont find it in the least uncomfortable

Ilovecheese Mon 14-Jun-21 15:32:39

I wouldn't find it uncomfortable either but I might hope they are using plenty of sun screen.

SueSocks Mon 14-Jun-21 15:37:16

Beach OK, so long as they are being cautious and using sun screen. Definitely not appropriate for supermarkets.

BlueBelle Mon 14-Jun-21 15:38:26

Ahh come on you re sounding a bit old and grumpy soropt
I m surprised they get into a supermarket but whatever floats your boat on the beach fine by me

JaneJudge Mon 14-Jun-21 15:41:31

I think it's fine on the beach but people need to put some clothing on before going into shops and most seaside resorts do have signs on the door regarding appropriate clothing/no bare chests

Grammaretto Mon 14-Jun-21 15:43:44

Brrr. I prefer this on the beach grin

Marydoll Mon 14-Jun-21 15:59:57

Grammaretto, I agree, but that is because we have experienced Scottish Summers! wink

AGAA4 Mon 14-Jun-21 16:15:13

I can understand young girls with nice bodies want to show them off on the beach but it's not hard to slip on a beach dress over a bikini for anywhere else.

Callistemon Mon 14-Jun-21 16:18:32


ninathenana Mon 14-Jun-21 16:19:08

We live in a seaside town and our Tesco bans swimwear of any kind and bare chested males. It's a constant problem as the store is a 5min walk from the beach across a play area and has the only public toilet.
I agree with Tesco policy. What they wear on the beach is up to them.

Galaxy Mon 14-Jun-21 16:19:48

A man in a well known clothes shop took his top off in front of me the other day. It wasnt pleasant.

Galaxy Mon 14-Jun-21 16:20:52

I am cutting people some slack though I think we have all forgotten how to function in public grin

welbeck Mon 14-Jun-21 16:25:01

i don't think it is hygienic to go into a shop, esp a food shop without being adequately covered, and i wouldn't want to shop there. so for their own business success, shops should stop it.
as for the beach, well that's up to them i guess.

Soroptimum Mon 14-Jun-21 16:37:02

This wasn’t on the beach, it was on the pavement outside and congregating outside the shop.

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 14-Jun-21 16:42:59

There is an elderly man in my village - 60ish - who as soon as the sun is out goes everywhere shirtless. He walks past our house on the way to the shop with his enormous flabby belly on full view. Now, if he was a little more streamlined and bronzed, that would be a different story, wouldn’t it?

Newatthis Mon 14-Jun-21 16:58:32

So at least they're wearing something. I remember St Tropez, in the 60's and 70's with carefully designed topless swimsuit which did not create marks anywhere.

Newatthis Mon 14-Jun-21 17:00:49

'Elderly' man in his 60's - I must be ancient! 60 is the new 40.

welbeck Mon 14-Jun-21 17:03:37

yes, i wonder how old is the writer if he/she thinks 60 is elderly !

Kali2 Mon 14-Jun-21 17:03:41

I agree Soroptimum- OK on the beach, not OK in town or supermarket. My age has nothing to do with it.

Did they were those in town and supermarket in St Tropez? Don't think so.

Redhead56 Mon 14-Jun-21 17:07:14

I must admit we went for an Indian meal last night at a very modern open restaurant surrounded by glass. I was sitting there and about twelve young girls were just sat on pavements eating takeout food. I said to my DH blimey their shorts are like G-strings. I recalled when I made a pair of brown bib and brace then called ‘hot pants’ in 1970. They were very modest and covered me up!
Every person in the restaurant was looking at the girls their shorts right up their backsides letting everything hang out.

Newatthis Mon 14-Jun-21 17:07:26

Yes, they did, it was fashionable and no-one really took any notice. I think 'going topless' in France is still the norm.

Nanna58 Mon 14-Jun-21 17:12:35

If I looked like them I’d wear a tiny bikini everywhere too! Not the supermarket tho ; the supermarket we shop at in Grenada has the sign’ No half naked persons; or bears feet’ !!😂🤣

NotSpaghetti Mon 14-Jun-21 17:16:56

I don't care what they wear on the beach.

Hate swimwear and men with no shirt everywhere public (other than the beach). It's horrible, even the beautiful bodied people. Just wrong.

Beechnut Mon 14-Jun-21 17:40:54

Did you visit Studland beach? No budgie smugglers there! 😱