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AIBU to think this was inconsiderate?

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aonk Thu 25-Nov-21 11:11:47

My Sainsburys delivery came yesterday with a driver I hadn’t seen before. We chatted briefly about his job. Apparently during the height of the pandemic some customers would come outside their properties and, wearing gloves, would remove each item, inspect it closely, wipe it with antibacterial cleaner and then put it in their own bag. All this took ages and sometimes the weather was cold or wet. I would never have done this. I used to put everything quickly into my bags and then put them on the kitchen floor. Then I would wipe and put away. Now I don’t do this as I don’t believe this is the way the virus is spread. Are others still wiping their shopping?

icanhandthemback Fri 26-Nov-21 18:52:59

My SIL was delivering during the lockdowns and he would deliver to people who would take the crates off him, unpack their shopping and then return the crates to him. He lost count of how many would do this and then proceed to tell him about how they were isolating as they had COVID!
My stepdad still doesn't like handling the deliveries so he leaves his car boot ajar and lets the drivers leave his goods in the boot. It is then quarantined until he considers it is safe!

Caro57 Fri 26-Nov-21 19:33:47

Apart from the usual washing of fresh produce I have never wiped food.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 26-Nov-21 19:47:30

I have never wiped my groceries down.

Hymnbook Fri 26-Nov-21 19:49:51

I wipe my shopping down and will continue to do so. Have you all thought about where your groceries have been before they arrive at your door? How many people have touched them where have they been are they ill? It's no hardship to do it. Besides even without Covid some containers are very dirty milk cartons for instance . Just take every precaution.

glammagran Fri 26-Nov-21 20:04:33

Gabrielle I’m very intrigued as to what you mean re: finding some gym member’s underwear to be gross. Is this a perversion?

Treetops05 Fri 26-Nov-21 22:54:58

We shop for my 91 year old Father in Law, we bring it in, he puts on gloves, spraysit all and leaves it for 1 hrs on the draining board, then wipes and puts away. Doesn't worry at all about us having been to the supermarket etc...

Daisy79 Sat 27-Nov-21 02:34:35

I will admit to wiping down our groceries in the beginning of the pandemic (there were so many unknowns), but I can’t imagine expecting the delivery driver to stand there and wait! In fact, that just seems like increased exposure for both parties. In our area, grocery deliveries were pre-bagged and left at our doorstop (contactless delivery). We wiped things down one by one as we put them away. Sounds silly now.

BigBertha1 Sat 27-Nov-21 05:29:34

I have never wiped the shopping down. I have had deliveries for years ever since they first started and have always wiped down the tops with kitchen spray and have always washed my hands after doing any cleaning. That's just basic hygiene pandemic or not. I agree its not easy to manage brining all these loose items n. Occado still pack it in bags and then take them back the following week.

Magrithea Sat 27-Nov-21 10:02:16

I never wiped my shopping! And only did online shops when we'd managed to get away and had to isolate. Chance of catching the virus off a surface are now acknowledged to be very low, you were more at risk chatting to the driver!!!

Violettham Sat 27-Nov-21 10:05:45

I have been meaning to ring sainsbury for while as I always get a message telling me to leave bags outside for the Driver to load for the last at least 3 deliveries the drivers seem not to know.

Zoejory Sat 27-Nov-21 10:07:08

I wasn't a wiper either.

lemsip Sat 27-Nov-21 10:13:06

I certainly wouldn't hold up the delivery driver from his next call. He has a schedule to follow, bad menners in my opinion.

Teacheranne Sat 27-Nov-21 10:27:01

Like many people, I did wipe down my shopping at the start of the pandemic as very little was known then about how the virus spreads. I stopped though after just a few weeks as I got sick of tasting detox on my food! It must have been lingering on the outer packaging then when I opened something, transferred to my hands which I then used to pick up the food!

Maybe I over did the spray detox!

GrammaH Sat 27-Nov-21 10:50:29

Like a few others, I started by wiping my goods at the very beginning but that didn't last long. Definitely think that the person discussed was really unreasonable with no consideration for anyone else. We're now back to our usual Tesco delivery where the driver carries the boxes into the kitchen & I unload them onto the table. Works a treat and is soon done.

SusiQ8 Sat 27-Nov-21 14:37:49

I sit at the front door and spray with 99% alcohol before wiping all my shopping, including all carrots, bananas etc using disposable gloves. I also Dettol spray my bags inside and out and leave to dry. Like Hymnbook says who knows if the last person to touch your shopping had unhygienic hands. My DH helps by putting it away for me too. Our kids thinks we’re nuts bh it doesn’t bother me.

crazyH Sat 27-Nov-21 14:46:51

To each his own…….but, where does the wiping stop!!!

Calistemon Sat 27-Nov-21 15:02:06

I have never wiped my shopping as I don't generally lick or eat the packaging
Me neither! I do wash my hands after putting it away and new stuff goes at the back anyway.

Our poor delivery driver was late and soaked to the skin yesterday - he'd been on two wild goose chases up in the hills and woods trying to deliver to a couple of holiday cottages where the people had inadvertently given the wrong addresses.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 27-Nov-21 15:09:04

SusiQ8, your kids aren’t the only ones. Maybe you should get out a bit more?

MerylStreep Sat 27-Nov-21 15:09:53

Are you telling me you’ve never scrubbed a cabbage ?

Chewbacca Sat 27-Nov-21 15:13:59

What are people wiping their shopping with that will kill a virus?

Calistemon Sat 27-Nov-21 15:25:18


Are you telling me you’ve never scrubbed a cabbage ?

I've washed a cabbage but in plain water!!
Then steamed it - hope that will kill the germs ?
(That could be a lettuce which I don't steam)

MerylStreep Sat 27-Nov-21 16:33:31


What are people wiping their shopping with that will kill a virus?

Bloody wipes ?

Shinamae Sat 27-Nov-21 16:40:51

Thankfully I can still do my own shopping and do not have to have deliveries, when it’s all unpacked and put away I wash my hands and that’s it ..

Calistemon Sat 27-Nov-21 16:44:47


Are you telling me you’ve never scrubbed a cabbage ?

Oh dear, yes, coal tar soap is good.

It tastes a bit odd though ?

Chewbacca Sat 27-Nov-21 17:01:30

Bloody wipes

Ah right thanks MerylStreep. I didn't know that they killed viruses. I'm off out now to buy some.