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Not resolutions, but is there anything you're "not" going to do this year, or anything you "are" going to do this year (covid permitting of course)

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bikergran Sun 02-Jan-22 06:42:55

For me I'm going to try and go out every day somewhere.

Hoping to start my Linedance classes again on Thursday after not going for about 3/4 yrs.

Would love to hire a small Motor home for a few days and go off somewhere maybe Wales.

Also to decorate all through the house.

Think that's enough for now lol

Eviebeanz Sun 02-Jan-22 07:09:55

Am going to make sure I get out of the house every day even if it's only for a walk. Am going to keep on trying to eat healthier foods and walk more. Joint resolution with DH to value each other more, we do, but feel we want to actively show it more if that makes sense- a dose of covid for us provided that realisation. Am going to try to not stress about things I can't change. To finish our garden project.

Esspee Sun 02-Jan-22 08:59:56

I am going to visit family abroad in February. None of us is getting any younger and if I put off for yet another year we may never hug each other again.

Gwyneth Sun 02-Jan-22 09:10:02

I’m going to try to visit family this year. Like many have not seen them for 2 years.
Pack more into my life, be more adventurous as time is passing very quickly.
Eat healthier and less.
Stop fretting over things I can’t change.

Juliet27 Sun 02-Jan-22 09:22:32

I’ve not decided yet but these entries have been inspiring. ?

Redhead56 Sun 02-Jan-22 09:27:42

I started digging over the veg patch the other day. I also have to clear out the pond and renew the liner it’s not a massive job but it’s awkward. I want the conservatory back to tidy it has been storage last few years for boxes of anything.

These jobs although necessary are distractions I have to pluck up courage to go the dentist. Not been there since just before lockdown I know I need to go.

Urmstongran Sun 02-Jan-22 09:35:09

I live in an apartment on the second (top) floor. I always use the lift but this year I’m going to climb the stairs. I counted the concrete steps and there are 57. My heart was pumping by the time I got to the top and I was a little bit breathless. This will do me good. The practice nurse suggested it.

I have been told I’m pre-diabetic and I have a Diabetes Prevention course to attend that I’ve signed up for. It starts in 4 weeks’ time.

This year I intend to make changes to look after my health better. Preserve what I have while I can!

Grandmabatty Sun 02-Jan-22 09:36:59

I'm going to walk more. To that end I have a Fitbit which will help my motivation.

foxie48 Sun 02-Jan-22 09:43:37

I am going to focus my time and attention of those in my life who really care for me and no longer have any contact with my relative who is an alcoholic. People say that blood is thicker than water, unfortunately it is not thicker than alcohol and I have had enough of the manipulative, abusive behaviour that accompanies it. Since making that decision I have been sleeping better and feel that I have my life back.

Juliet27 Sun 02-Jan-22 09:46:20

Sounds a perfect start to the new year/new you Urmstongran

Blondiescot Sun 02-Jan-22 10:25:46

Urmstongran - the diabetes prevention course sounds interesting. I'd be keen to know more about it and what is involved, if you don't mind keeping us all updated?

Mattsmum2 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:28:09

I’m going to not get angry over what some of my family get up to. Then not offloading this anger to my mum whose in the middle. She doesn’t deserve that.

glammanana Sun 02-Jan-22 10:37:31

To make sure I get out & about everyday even if it is only down to the prom for a short walk.
Hope that my DD & I can get our holiday together this year in Majorca in June after it being cancelled the past two years I miss that week we have together.
Not to worry about things I am in no control over and let things be.

Lincslass Sun 02-Jan-22 10:41:24

Hope to get out daily, short walk, eat more healthily, decorate the bathroom, and, if allowed visit family in Europe.

Kate1949 Sun 02-Jan-22 10:41:59

I too am going to try to look after my health a bit better. Less alcohol, more fruit and veg and more walking. My main aim is to stop panicking and catastrophising (if that's a word) over absolutely everything.

Blossoming Sun 02-Jan-22 11:33:35

See my family and friends in Scotland, last visit was 2019 and I’m missing our visits to the motherland smile

Kim19 Sun 02-Jan-22 11:49:36

A little more exercise for me. I'm not bad but could do better. I really enjoy it once I'm out but getting myself over the theshhold seems to be a problem. Wish I understood my reluctance! Also, rules permitting, I will endeavour to get back to the IoW. My besty lives there and she's poorly. Achieving these two will do for me.

AGAA4 Sun 02-Jan-22 15:19:03

I would like to move nearer to my DD and 2 year old GS but it is so expensive where they live.
I do need to get out more too.

GillT57 Sun 02-Jan-22 15:32:50

I am going to get out every day for a walk and build up the time spent walking rather than set realistic targets and let myself down. Spend time with people I like, stop feeling guilty for reading a book in the middle of the day, clear out my walk in wardrobe so that it can live up to its name and not just be a huge cupboard filled with stuff.

EngTech Sun 02-Jan-22 16:06:11

Ease back big time on what hours I actually work and stick to my contracted hours ??

poshpaws Sun 02-Jan-22 16:08:38

I'm going to practice the coping strategies my psychologist has given me, so that I (hopefully) have less suicidal urges this year. My adult son and my animals don't deserve to deal with the ramifications of me dying just now.

PamelaJ1 Sun 02-Jan-22 16:11:10

I’m going to have more fun. If I’m allowed to?

lemsip Sun 02-Jan-22 16:21:47

poshpaws..........A Happy and Healthier new year to you,

bikergran Sun 02-Jan-22 17:53:15

Sounds like you all have some positive thinking going on, especially with making oneself feel better and trying not to worry about things we cannot change is a good thought.

I might try and take that on board myself.

Good luck everyone.

Coastpath Sun 02-Jan-22 18:04:21

This is a really interesting thread. I'm enjoying reading how people are setting boundaries and making life healthier and happier. Good for you all.

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