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White feathers .....

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Serendipity22 Wed 19-Jan-22 15:52:41

I guess this thread could be linked with the Have you ever seen a ghost thread, i didnt want to inject my scenario into the thread and so i started this 1.

Ok, here goes, this is my experiences after my mum went 'Home' ( i always say Home rather than died.

I found small white feathers in places that were absolutely, for want of a better word, weird. 1 example i can give you is this.

My mum could beat Fanny Cradock into fits, she literally spent an eternity in the kitchen baking, cooking, baking, cooking and in-between all that she looked after my gran and grandad, who lived next door. My precious mum went Home as i held her hand.

We moved into my mums house ( my childhood home ) about 7 months afterwards.

I was stood 1 day in the kitchen which i have to add at this point is at an awkward place from the front dooor ( the reason i am explaining this comes later ) so, there i am baking my mums speciality biscuits and i said out loud "Can you see me mum, im making your biscuits." ( then burst into tears ) so, im walking from kitchen worktops to cooker, worktops to cooker then i turn to walk with another tray of biscuits to the cooker, when THERE on the kitchen floor is a tiny white feather, ( this is where the front door cones in ) no way could it have blown in from outside becauae of the position of kitchen to door, PLUS the front door wasn't open ! Yes i live in the countryside, yes i live opposite a farm.....BUT there was no door nor window open.

There has been other weird scenarios.

I am a cynical person, i don't jump on the bandwagon of believe until i have concrete proof. ...

Sooooo, after seeing this particular feather, i looked round for others, checked under my shoes looked outside, NOPE, NONE thought 'ohhhh it MUST be from a cushion.' So i went in the front room COMPLETE WITH SMALL SCISSORS and gently made an incision in each cuahion so i could determine feathers or stuffing... ALL WERE STUFFING...

So im baffled, i could go on and on and ON about the other feathers but you're all probably zzzzzzzz by now.

Sorry x

tanith Wed 19-Jan-22 16:07:55

I find them often bedroom, kitchen bathroom they could be from my deceased relatives but I'd be more inclined to believe they've worked their way out of my feather pillows into the pillow cases and hence scattered around the house.

BlueBelle Wed 19-Jan-22 16:09:38

You have to have a great imagination and belief in your imagination which you obviously do have The feather could have been brought in on a shoe or clothes but that’s not nearly so interesting
We both like coffee and charity shops serendipity but I don’t have any belief in feathers, ghosts, or anything else that isn’t a real life situation maybe I m the poorer for it
I feel I have an artistic brain sooner than a scientific brain but I don’t have the imagination you do I guess I m more practical minded than I realised ?
My friend at work always finds some some small coin on the floor when hoovering the shop it happens regularly and she pops it in the donation pot and thinks she has some divining talent but it’s just dropped coins
When I had a robin visit me on the allotment people were telling me it was a loved one but it wasn’t it was a robin

I think it’s lovely if it gives you company and hope I m the poorer to not have it I m sure

PinkCosmos Wed 19-Jan-22 16:19:12

I was thinking about this when I read the 'Have you seen a ghost' thread but didn't want to hijack the OP.

We were living abroad when my dad died suddenly. I went back home for the funeral and stayed at my mother's house. I was there for a couple of weeks. It was a bungalow on a main road in a town.

I had heard in the past about people finding white feathers after a loved one died. I think it was on TV. Gloria Hunniford who lost her daughter was saying that it happened to her. However, this definitely wasn't in my mind at the time.

One day, whilst staying with my mum, I went into the bathroom and there was a large white feather on the top of the toilet cistern. The window had not been open and like the OP the bathroom door was not in line with any other door. My mother hadn't put it there. It wasn't a tiny feather. It was about four inches long.

Neither my dad nor myself are religious and never had a conversation about the after life.

I haven't seen anything since.

Serendipity22 Wed 19-Jan-22 16:20:08

Thank you so much for your replies.

Like i say i am really sceptical, i go to church and have a lovely faith and ive asked a few of my friends at church what they make of it, they alllll say that my mum is with Jesus, my mum was a staunch christian, so maybe its all me clinging on, hoping, longing for anything to tell me my mum is around, i dont know.


Germanshepherdsmum Wed 19-Jan-22 16:41:03

There are some things that have no rational explanation. I believe in an afterlife and would very probably think just what Serendipity thinks were I her. Sadly the feathers I find are definitely from my well worn cushions.

Serendipity22 Wed 19-Jan-22 17:06:32

Thank you so much Germanshepher

Much appreciated.

Yes part of me is thinking that i am clinging onto the hope that my mum is here, obviously not in human form, I love her so much. Then theres that part of me that says Ohhh come on, get a grip.......

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 19-Jan-22 17:14:41

Go with your gut feeling Serendipity. We both have faith and it gives comfort. Some people pooh pooh these things. I don’t, nor do you.

TwiceAsNice Wed 19-Jan-22 17:28:17

Since my son died as a child many years ago I regularly find white feathers around the house. I have moved four times since his death in each house the feathers appear. Keep believing you have a link with your mother

Chestnut Wed 19-Jan-22 17:42:07

I think PinkCosmos's story is quite amazing considering the size of the feather. I could not have come from a cushion or pillow or through the window. I find quite a few white feathers but sadly they are all from my cushions.
I did have a spooky thing happen once though. It was the anniversary of my mother's death and my watch stopped at 5.20pm. Nothing unusual in that, except that her carriage clock on the sideboard stopped at exactly the same time! I was totally puzzled because I knew it was about 6pm and yet both my watch and the clock said 5.20pm. It took me a while to realise they had both stopped at the same time.

karmalady Wed 19-Jan-22 17:48:26

I found small white feathers whenever some support was needed after my husband died. The day I finally moved from the house, I found a small white feather on the internal half landing, No open window, no external doors. A pristine fluffy white feather

I also never lose things, rather I do lose things but I always seem to be guided to wherever it might be, sometimes in an obscure place. Once I unscrewed a tiny allen nut and it fell only some deep fine gravel, I thought it would be lost forever. I found it as soon as I asked for help from my husband

karmalady Wed 19-Jan-22 17:51:56

I could almost see my mothers soul energy slip away from her as she died. I do believe that there is a parallel universe, all this energy has to go somewhere, it cannot be destroyed. It really is a great comfort and I have no fear of death at all

Ali08 Wed 19-Jan-22 18:33:12

Well you are religious, by the sound of it, Serendipity, so you would probably believe that Jesus is coming back, so why not believe that your mum is sending you little signs to say she's still watching you?
I'm not religious but I do believe there is an afterlife, of whatever sort, so I would like to think your mum is still around, popping by from time-to-time to say 'hi, I'm here, and I love you'!
Each to their own beliefs.

kittylester Wed 19-Jan-22 18:47:13


I find them often bedroom, kitchen bathroom they could be from my deceased relatives but I'd be more inclined to believe they've worked their way out of my feather pillows into the pillow cases and hence scattered around the house.

Just what I was going to say tanith!!

tanith Wed 19-Jan-22 18:56:59

kittylester ?

Serendipity22 Wed 19-Jan-22 19:18:17

Wow.... i mean WOW... thank you soooo much for your replies.

Yes, i have faith and without a shred of doubt it has held me through some very VERY bad times, im not trying to come across as poor me, poor me no way, its a case of *WHY NOT ME?"

But going back to the little, perfect, fluffy white feathers, yes they bring HUGE comfort, then the sceptical side of me hears the whisper saying "Get a grip*, but I'd say 70% comfort .... 30% scepticism.

I mean really, no one knows, it does say in the bible about angel feathers, so maybe its an angel saying "your mum is ok, she loves you."

Or maybe, its my precious mum saying " I am here, i love you." Ohhhh i so wish, i so, so wish.

Callistemon21 Wed 19-Jan-22 20:05:58


I find them often bedroom, kitchen bathroom they could be from my deceased relatives but I'd be more inclined to believe they've worked their way out of my feather pillows into the pillow cases and hence scattered around the house.

Yes, I find them too serendipity and tanith, probably from feather cushions.
If I find one I tend to throw them out of the front door, watching them float away, rather than put them in the bin.

Superstitious? Probably
But I feel better for doing that.

giulia Wed 19-Jan-22 20:11:21

I had never heard about white feathers/death before reading this thread.

Sweetpeasue Wed 19-Jan-22 20:53:34

When my son's girlfriend died he started finding white feathers everywhere and he believed it was her communicating her presence.
I was/am sceptical but keeping an open mind. Of course I said to him that's nice love.
Thankyou for starting this thread Serendipity22 Beautiful username BTW.
I'd love to believe my long gone mother was still somewhere waiting for me.
Its been interesting reading this thread.

Coastpath Wed 19-Jan-22 20:59:15

My dear friend died suddenly when she was only in her early 30s. She was what I suppose you would call an old soul, very gentle and wise beyond her years with a strong belief in angels and many things we just don't understand. She died 15 years ago this month and ever since I have always thought of her when I find white feathers in the house.

I am often sure they are just from a pillow - but sometimes they are in the oddest spots where I'm sure they weren't a moment before. Regardless of where they come from I always say 'Hello Em' when I find them and hold them in my hand for a moment before, like Callistemon21, setting them free from a window. I couldn't put them in the bin, it would feel disrespectful somehow. I find it so comforting and can see exactly why you do too Serendipity22

Mogsmaw Wed 19-Jan-22 21:24:32

I worked in a large store in a retail park. There were always fluffy white feathers floating about. Some of my young colleagues would say there were angels about , I said or a dead seagull in the car park.

Serendipity22 Wed 19-Jan-22 21:42:48

Mogsmaw thats funny ( seagulls in carpark )

Yes, none of know about the feathers, the pope doesn't know about the feathers BUT after reading the posts, it seems they bring an awful lot of comfort to each of us, which is lovely.

A few have said when they find a feather, rather than put it in the bin, they take it outside and let the wind catch it and watch it float away, that is so lovely x.

My friend bought me this jar, it says Feathers appear when angels are near and I put all the feathers i have found in this jar.

Callistemon21 Wed 19-Jan-22 22:33:29


I worked in a large store in a retail park. There were always fluffy white feathers floating about. Some of my young colleagues would say there were angels about , I said or a dead seagull in the car park.

Mogsmaw seagulls carry the souls of dead sailors.

They can also be a dratted nuisance!

Bellablue Thu 20-Jan-22 00:41:21

A few weeks after my lovely dad passed away I returned to work but after a couple of hours in the office I suddenly felt so sad so took myself off to a quiet seating area to compose myself. I saw something move out of the corner of my eye and looked down to find the most perfect white feather about 3 inches long. That was 8 years ago and I still carry that feather in my purse. I’ve never seen a feather in the office before or since.

PetitFromage Thu 20-Jan-22 02:21:33

Serendipity22 - It is lovely that you found the feather, just accept it and rejoice and take comfort from it. I had lots of 'signs' after my husband died, 14 months ago, and I know other people who have found white feathers in unexpected places. I am attaching a copy of the narrative which I kept, so as not to forget, although I have had no further signs for many months now.


1.I went to sleep for a couple of hours after my darling died. When I awoke, I saw a brilliant rainbow, brighter than I have ever seen before. I could actually see it from my bed.
2.My youngest daughter asked for a sign the day her Dad died. Her special ring, which we had given her for her 21st birthday, disappeared, although she was convinced that she had been wearing it. It turned up under her pillow later that day.
3.My middle daughter also asked for a sign. A book fell off her shelf half an hour later and opened at a significant page.
4.I asked for a sign and received an email from my darling’s email with just a 'X' for a message.
5.I received a letter from an insurance company to our current address, we both did (ie one to me and one to DH), saying that they believed that we lived here, but to contact them to update our contact details in respect of a policy (unspecified) with them. I called them and found out that there was a substantial joint life policy, taken out 20 years ago, which I had forgotten about, and the last address they had for us was at a house we left 16 years ago. It was as though DH was trying to look after us from beyond the grave!
6.I played a track on YouTube on my 'phone, then went downstairs to answer the door, and was talking to my daughters for a while. I went back upstairs, and YouTube had stopped at the beginning of ‘I’m Your Man’. It then played ‘Dance me to the End of Love’, followed by ‘Brothers in Arms’, all very poignant and meaningful, before going back to the original track I had put on.
7.On Valentine’s Day, there was a large white feather inside my handbag, which definitely wasn’t there before.
8.On Valentine’s Day morning, reading the Times online, I was alerted to read a previous posted by my darling 26 months earlier, which described how he was happy with the choices which he had made in life, including his family.
9.I was walking in the street in London when I heard the theme from the Godfather being played (DH's favourite film), as though by a busker, but when I turned round it stopped and there was nobody there. At exactly the same time, a perfect white feather floated by the window at my home in Kent, in front of my middle daughter. She also had a perfect white feather fall in front of her, when walking to a medical appointment which she was worried about. There were many feathers seen by us in the weeks before my darling’s death, including one in my middle daughter's coffee mug. I found a feather inside the wine rack. There is no way it could have got there that I can think of. We don't have feather pillows or cushions, because of allergies.
10. On another occasion, a few days after my darling died, my middle daughter found a Godfather themed chopping board in our favourite charity shop, which is linked to the hospice which helped my love. The Godfather was his favourite film, and my husband was legendary in his skills at chopping veg etc, and making sure everything was ‘mise en place’. I have never seen anything Godfather related in the shop, either before or since.
11. All of these signs were received when we were missing our beloved, as though he knew that we needed him. When it was my middle daughter's birthday, I was sorting out his wallet and found one rail ticket, just one, dated the 26th February ie my middle daughter's birthday, not for that year, but from a couple of years ago. She was 26 that year, so it was as though he were wishing her a happy 26th birthday.
12. I was vacuuming in the dining room, thinking of him and missing him intensely, when the vacuum cleaner made an odd noise, so I switched it off, turned it over, and a silver heart fell into my hand. It did not belong to either of my daughters who were staying with me, who said that they had never seen it before, and I had vacuumed and mopped in the dining room on multiple occasions without finding it. A week later, I found another tiny silver heart on the kitchen floor, although I had also vacuumed and mopped the floor that very day. I also found a silver pentagon at the back of a drawer in the dining room, which nobody recognised or knew where it had come from, but which I feel strongly was sent by my father to comfort me.
13. Before my darling died, at the exact time he was diagnosed, the small longcase clock started chiming loudly, even though it doesn’t normally work. It also chimed after my father died.
14. On my darling’s birthday, a sunflower bloomed. It had actually grown out of a wall outside the kitchen widow and just above my youngest daughter's bedroom. I don't know how the seed could have got inside a brick wall. Sunflowers are particularly significant because we planted them and they grew in our garden during that final summer, including one giant one, which we celebrated with a sunflower party, where we wore sunflower costumes and I made a sunflower cake.